This is pretty disturbing, and I don't mean haha-disturbing, like when Amy Winehouse OD'ed on alcohol and died. This woman is frail, malnourished and being forced to do Crossfit at gunpoint. I don't know whether to cringe or nominate her for an AVN award.

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Nice tits. Real nice. But when I adjust my head 2 inches North all I see is a Owen Wilson... minus the crooked nose and plus a whole lot of down syndrome. Oversized sunglasses lady, and fast.

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It's all fun and games until you give a 35 year old Papa John's employee an atomic boner. He was offered a hug, he went for the clit. Some call it sexual assault, I prefer the term '2nd base'.

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Antonio, you stupid fuck. There are 2 things you simply don't fuck with in life: 1.) Sean Penn during his menstruation cycle and 2.) Crocodilians. Save the playing-in-the-mud for when you illegally enter the US.

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and suddenly I'm out of compliments. I do have one question though: your tits look like pantyhose stuffed with two fucked up, magnetically repelled Nerf balls. Protip: I don't actually have any questions.

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Throat fucking, fish hooking, oxygen depriving, dirty A2M... don't be fooled by the Bilbo Baggins hairdo. This man's a certified destroyer of vagina, and consequently my new idol. Goodbye Mark-Paul Gosselaar.

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Infuckingcredible. I'd eat the Saag Paneer from her Islamic shithole just to get within reach of those calcium loaded funbags. Actually, I don't think they eat Saag Paneer in the Middle East. Their loss.

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Good taste in women (read: victims). Poor taste in beach attire though. Two words: Pacific Sunwear. Join the rest of the evolved population and buy a pair of board shorts, you unfashionable scumbag fuck.

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Fisting: a practice generally reserved for aging degenerates that wanna spice up their sex life without having to invite 7 African Americans into their bedroom. The chicks are ALWAYS beat. Here's an exception.

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The 90's. An era best defined by shitty music, a philandering president, and the final days of plot-based pornography. Keyword: PLOT. This has one that'd make Michael Bay shit his pants in envy.

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Interesting surname. Was it chosen out of love for the search engine... or the busboy at the Panda Express where she clearly binge ate chicken chow mein tridaily? Scroll down, watch last video and you'll understand.

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Genius idea, poor execution. People want to see a petite Hispanic with a greasy asshole ride that bike through a swap meet. Not Ned Flanders in Fuckstick, Tennessee. Now apologize to your Walmart denim.

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This is Jodi Arias - the girl that sucked off her ex-bf and then decapitated him in the shower an hour later. Vagina looks a little top-heavy but still a very cute girl. She'll be hearing from me on

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$4 and a zip folder of sexually suggestive photos of House M.D. says this dude gets recognized. Sorry friend, the glory days of you wearing your daughters underwear as a Mexican wrestling mask are over.

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and mildly retarded. Really not sure what else to say. It's just another one of those geeky broads that's taken their fascination with Happy Feet way too fucking far.

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There's 2 things I simply will not do: 1.) eat Pistachio flavored ice cream 2.) bullshit my users. That said, this video is pretty uneventful. But hey, the genitals are youthful & the anal is dry. Good enough for me.

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An unflinching look into the sex life of a 54 y/o entry level Kinkos employee suffering from Papa Johns customer loyalty and male pattern baldness. Strauss-Kahn + Milton from Office Space = this studly fuck.

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