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Community college bro gets a pass on rent in exchange for clearing out the cobwebs from his landlady's moldy minge, complete with painfully awkward small talk and BangBus-worthy fuck positions. MORE: 1 2 3 4.

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Deadbeat mom zones out the screams of her special-needs son so that she can focus on far more important matters, I.E. giving some random a handjob (and a dismal one at that). Mediocre parent, mediocre slut.

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Scheming skank puts the heterosexuality of Miami Beach to the ultimate test, with a novel game of Would You Still Fuck Me Even If I Had Testicles. I vote sequel. One where you shut-up and get naked. Yeah? Yeah.

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Overly curious youtuber abandons her default bate material (justin_bieber_urinating_into_bucket.avi) in search of some real porn. And by "real porn" I mean #wifeymaterial

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Self proclaimed "BBW whisperer" & "pimp of the parking lot", Mario from da Barrio goes to pound-town on a token fatty, as her 2 best friends supervise and provide invaluable advice like "choke her but don't kill her".

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2 A.M. booty call goes from sensuous to fuck my life as DeAndre DeDouche repeatedly slides his butterfinger into no-mans-land: her acne-ridden, possibly-virgin asshole. She cries. He laughs. I bookmark.

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Fresh out of highschool and new to the slut scene, this little brat whines herself straight into unemployment after deciding she cant/wont do BJ's. No worries you beautiful bitch, I gotcha covered:

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Skip to the end. The part where he goes all Golden Retriever on her zombie crotch. If those lesions don't scream "i've had sexual relations with dogs, donkeys and/or John McAfee", I really don't know what does.

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This is Luna Grey. She's hot. and expensive. One-time Snapchat? $30. Meet n' greet @ Applebees? $5000. Draining your Mrs. Buttersworth to a vid of her sexing some ceramic tile? That one's free. You're welcome.

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I like how camwhoring has rapidly evolved from basic flirting/flashing into a cutthroat industry of who can fit a Mini Cooper inside their vagina first. This isn't porn. This is advance preparation for childbirth. 10/10.

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Don't be deceived by the "i collect exotic cheese & am saving my no-no spot for Captain Picard" appearance. She may be of Canuck blood, but this is no sex noob. Check for 100% unphased, care-free sodomy at 38.00

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Alpha bro makes like a homoerotic Pinocchio & straps a plastic penis to his head before hitting the stage. This is his chance to show all those faggots in the audience how a real man pleasures a girl. PROTIP: it's not a girl.

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Much like Adele after mistakenly ingesting a reduced fat potato chip, you can quite literally see fear in this girl's eyes. Emphasis @ 10.40 mark with the commencement of non-lubricated, deer-in-headlights anal. More HERE.

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She's built like Despicable Me, and dude's shorter than the closet twink from Hunger Games. It's a sexual miscombination, and it's one that goes from moderately bad to fucking ewwwww! very quickly. (1 min. mark)

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This girl has really nice boobs. So nice that the internet collectively declared them IRL photoshopped. Enter Dr. Curry Cock, groper of young women + sole proprietor of Natties-or-Not LLC. This is his quest for truth.

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Not since the porno renaissance of the 1980's have I seen an incest vid with such curiously high production value. I dig this. A lot. It has integrity. You know who doesn't have integrity? THIS GUY. Kill him, fap to this.

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Meet Esmeralda, devoted mother of 20 and "yolo" aficionado. She's not the type to shy away from one night stands or secondhand underwear, but today that carefree philosophy is about to get Scott Peterson'ed.

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