$4 and a zip folder of sexually suggestive photos of House M.D. says this dude gets recognized. Sorry friend, the glory days of you wearing your daughters underwear as a Mexican wrestling mask are over.

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and mildly retarded. Really not sure what else to say. It's just another one of those geeky broads that's taken their fascination with Happy Feet way too fucking far.

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There's 2 things I simply will not do: 1.) eat Pistachio flavored ice cream 2.) bullshit my users. That said, this video is pretty uneventful. But hey, the genitals are youthful & the anal is dry. Good enough for me.

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An unflinching look into the sex life of a 54 y/o entry level Kinkos employee suffering from Papa Johns customer loyalty and male pattern baldness. Strauss-Kahn + Milton from Office Space = this studly fuck.

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Glad to see CGI has finally found a proper purpose in the adult industry. If anyone has the slighest clue as to where this masterpiece originated from, feel free to write: inhumanity1@gmail.com

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and by 'gangbang' I mean one sexually inept man losing his virginity while Carlos Mencia's 72 cousins spectate. The only thing missing is a Mariachi band and one token black guy repeatedly screaming "worldstar".

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Good call on the medical grade latex gloves. Those wheelchair-bound, mentally incapacitated boys are notorious for their legions of sexual partners. You just dodged herpes, AIDS, maybe even breast cancer.

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Kinda funny how she's griping about the instability of her implant. I'd be more concerned with the fact that even when it's correctly in place... it still looks like something out of an episode of Masters of Horror.

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First the kid that fucks chickens and now this turd. Apparently he's the Wilt Chamberlain of raping donkeys. having bedded over 100 of em. Revolting. He needs castration like Quentin Tarantino needs a hairline.

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Sarah, Plain & Cunty does the absolute unforgivable: she takes a load in the mouth but instead of treating her stomach to 17 g's of farm fresh protein, she fucking hocks it in her BF's face. I vote public execution.

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What's that saying again? Once you go black you... lose your job, get criminally investigated and end up on 3,409 different porn sites? Cause that's exactly what happened to this floppy titted beauty. Shit's fucked up.

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Public masturbation. Doesn't bother to take off her pants. Doesn't care to put down her cigarette. This girl couldn't possibly give a fuck less and I love it. Apathy porn. That needs to be a thing.

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This is bad. This is horrible. You simply don't do this type of shit to women. Especially women that look like Vasquez from James Cameron's 1986 film Aliens. The cashier at my Del Taco will be hearing about this.

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Madea raises hell after catching her sons, Darius & DeAndre DeDouche, making love to the neighborhood crack-ho on her emerald green sectional - which, amazingly, was not encased in plastic.

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4 seconds of dick sucking, 6 seconds of pipe laying, and a good 50 seconds of Hulk Hogan bitching about his supper. I think it's pretty safe to say One Night In Chyna just got dethroned, yeah? yeah.

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If you're the type that can enjoy 5 minutes of nothing more than jiggling G-cup titties, this video is for you. Don't give a fuck about no jiggling G-cup titties? Feel free to watch THIS instead.

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About as probable as John Travolta's heterosexuality. Nice rainbow colored stockings though. I love girls that sport rainbow colored stockings. Grape Kool-Aid themed hair... not so much.

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