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Stunning teen ends her life w/ a 12 gauge just weeks after doing her first/last porno. Apparently some slut-shaming faggots pushed her over the edge via Twitter trolling. SEE THE PORN VID HERE. For Science.

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Sociopath games a soft 6 with a night of miniature golf & Olive Garden, only to slip 27,000 mg's of Ex-Lax into her coveted Tour of Italy. The end result? A record defining, first ever "Auto-Spacedock".

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Manwhore of the millennium proudly struts his self-described "distended horse cunt", an unfortunately accurate title for what's probably the most WTF-inducing video you'll see all day. Or not.

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Scheming skank puts the heterosexuality of Miami Beach to the ultimate test, with a novel game of Would You Still Fuck Me Even If I Had Testicles. I vote sequel. One where you shut-up and get naked. Yeah? Yeah.

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Overly curious youtuber abandons her default bate material (justin_bieber_urinating_into_bucket.avi) in search of some real porn. And by "real porn" I mean #wifeymaterial

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Self proclaimed "BBW whisperer" & "pimp of the parking lot", Mario from da Barrio goes to pound-town on a token fatty, as her 2 best friends supervise and provide invaluable advice like "choke her but don't kill her".

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