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I'm afraid anything less than 16 inches is inadequate in this day and time. This is an occupation best left to the horse cock niggas.

Date: 08/03/09 | Views: 129273 | Category: Small Cocks

Just pretend his penis is a twinkie and that's the cream filling. You'll be in hog heaven, ya fat bitch.

Date: 07/28/09 | Views: 119386 | Category: Fatties

Well thank god for the Spanish subtitles. Wouldn't want any of my loyal Hispanic followers to miss out on this one!

Date: 07/26/09 | Views: 133633 | Category: Anal

Nice tits. Not too sure about the interior decorating though. These things matter.

Date: 07/18/09 | Views: 147597 | Category: Parents

Have you no decency? You're supposed to wait till marriage to fuck your sister, you stupid son of a bitch.

Date: 07/15/09 | Views: 127801 | Category: Fights

Jesus... and I thought my premature ejaculation problem was bad! LOL. Full story HERE.

Date: 07/14/09 | Views: 246950 | Category: Animals

Personally, I prefer masturbating to the original. Not a fan of these pornographic remakes.

Date: 07/05/09 | Views: 107581 | Category: Freaks

Fat people just can't resist being on television. The second they see a camera they pursue it like Wienerschnitzel chili dog. Makes me sick.

Date: 07/02/09 | Views: 102862 | Category: News

Neat trick but I fear that might void the warranty. Play it safe and stick with stick 2 liter Mountain Dew bottles. Always feels good to recycle.

Date: 06/30/09 | Views: 111853 | Category: Objects

You guys should see my Myspace head shots. I beat these bitches at their own game. Thanks to the blend tool, I look like one of the Jonas brothers and I'm pulling in 300 friend requests a day. Mostly older men but I'm not one too complain.

Date: 06/25/09 | Views: 135392 | Category: Picture

For a minute there I figured this was the opening to a rape-porn. That fucking keyboard cat has killed my erection one too many times.

Date: 06/19/09 | Views: 136746 | Category: LMAO

Looks exhilarating but not worth the risk of penile decapitation. That bitch is just aching to clamp down.

Date: 06/09/09 | Views: 153115 | Category: Big Dicks

Never poke anything that's capable of poking back. Standard procedure when engaging in intercourse.

Date: 06/09/09 | Views: 133938 | Category: Freaks

Nothing like a little floppy penis to break the ice.

Date: 06/06/09 | Views: 132858 | Category: LMAO

Damn. I'd say Bruno's gonna have blue balls for at least a week now. Sounds like animal cruelty to me.

Date: 05/31/09 | Views: 190093 | Category: Animals

Hey now. I fully support your unwillingness to fund Al Qaeda via paying that towel head's $10 fare, but don't ever fucking drop the "R" word just to get your way. That shit aint cool bitch.

Date: 05/27/09 | Views: 134918 | Category: News

This took place in Stockholm. I remember reading up on the incident extensively as research for my own bum porn project. Most 20 year olds go to college and learn trigonometry. Me - I moved to skidrow and documented hobos smoking meth and performing rimjobs. It was a revolutionary concept at the time.

Date: 05/27/09 | Views: 147581 | Category: Gallery

It surprisingly doesn't involve any poop. Yeah, I can see the disappointment on your face already. Fret not you shit lover, this outtake will make you LOL all the same.

Date: 05/25/09 | Views: 177257 | Category: Bloopers

Peanut butter not required.

Date: 05/20/09 | Views: 121285 | Category: Animals