Good work officer. He's surely learned his lesson now - riding a bicycle and trying not to pollute the air is simply unacceptable in New York!

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Unlike 99% of the 'monster cock' videos floating around the web, this actually looks pretty real. His cock reminds me of Dan Ackroyd's head in the film Coneheads. It's remarkable really.

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This is what happen when your only sexual companion is your pet. When you finally fuck a real woman you just can't handle it. Hmmm this actually explains the 'squeal like a pig' scene out of Deliverance. I'm on to something here.

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Sorry, unfortunately her asshole is booked solid for the next 30 minutes... but her vagina on the other hand is currently availabe. Sir I must remind you this is quite a rarity, I suggest you go with the 2 for 1 special while it still lasts.

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Okay let me guess. The boy with the shotgun is probably some surfer dude who recently lost his tiny dick and maybe a few fingers in a shark attack, and now this is his revenge? Kill all the sharks you want brah, you'll still be dickless.

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She cut in front of him in line. Dear god woman, are you retarded? Never get in the way of a black man and his chicken McNuggets. Bitch had a death wish.

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Choose your words carefully junior. Piss off the black man and he'll impale you with his cock until you look like a character out of Cannibal Holocaust!

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McCain is 3 years over his life expectancy. He'll most likely die before even completing his first term. That would make Sarah Palin America's most supreme pussy.

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It's her first anal and she isn't sure what to do, so she confides in the gay homosexual cameraman for tips on taking cock up the ass. He's had enough experience he could write a book on it.

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A young guy trying to beat off in his car gets harassed by an elderly man seeking a live show. I would've maced the motherfucker and I'm sure you can guess where I would've blown my load!

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Cocks like they should be illegal, punishable by castration. They'll poke your eye out, prolapse your ass and leave with you a cocktail of STD's.

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Hopefully whoever took a shit in that toilet last remembered to flush haha.

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I'm just curious as to where he planned on blowing his load. In his pants? On the rocks? Or in that dudes face to left of him?

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Guess the lion wasn't in the mood for bacon, otherwise that pig would've got torn a new asshole.

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Stick your cock all the way in there and you'll hit her spine. Hit her spine hard enough and you'll be the first person ever to paralyze a woman via penis.

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