This one's too easy. You see Victor De La Lomas in the background there with the socks pulled up like shin guards? I'd do a sneak attack decapitation via samurai sword on him, for failing to assist the victim. Then I'd move on to that rat-faced cunt and administer a taser gun to the vagina for her crimes against subhumanity. There will be peace on my streets.

Date: 01/29/09 | Views: 138003 | Category: Fights

Okay so he's got be me beat by half an inch. But where I lack in size, I make up for in mobility. Bet you a hundred bucks that dwarf is incapable of doing my signature 'reverse pile driver' sex move. So beat that, motherfucker.

Date: 01/17/09 | Views: 131513 | Category: Midgets

When a woman is impaled by a schlong of that magnitude, they tend to cry harder than a red-headed step child getting the belt. This Aryan princess doesn't make a peep. I'm betting she shot her pussy up with novocain right before the shoot. That's called planning ahead. Very good my slutty, make daddy proud.

Date: 01/14/09 | Views: 171195 | Category: Big Dicks

It's okay if their cocks touch like that, so long as it's for the greater good of tearing up a woman's vagina. The reward outweighs the risk.

Date: 01/12/09 | Views: 120167 | Category: Gay

Woah. The brief interview with Simon Birch describing his moms titties kinda made me physically uncomfortable. Kill it with fire.

Date: 01/07/09 | Views: 117668 | Category: News

"I was sittin in there, havin a drink, eatin dinner... and you decided to fuckin molest me. Period motherfucker."

Date: 01/07/09 | Views: 122510 | Category: LMAO

The jizz spews out like a fountain of semen, even gets on the camera. There's probably some more in there that couldn't find it's way out. Don't worry, as she heads home gravity will take its course and her asshole will start to leak the remaining man juice on to the seat of her PT Cruiser.

Date: 01/04/09 | Views: 118796 | Category: Prolapse

Elephantiasis is a disease that causes the skin and underlying tissues to dramatically thicken. In this case it appears to be affecting the cock n balls... which means that this isn't a disease at all. It's a cure... a cure for small penis syndrome. Now someone infect me plz.

Date: 12/31/08 | Views: 120089 | Category: Big Dicks

Either she just took the worlds fattest shit or someone ass fucked her with a wooden baseball bat. I'm leaning towards option number one.

Date: 12/31/08 | Views: 108350 | Category: Prolapse

If you're a guy, masturbating in public bathrooms can be a lot of fun. You get the opportunity to mark your territory in more ways than one. Jizz on the toilet seat, piss on the toilet paper and shit on the floor. It's a lot more effective than sharpie markers.

Date: 12/29/08 | Views: 197833 | Category: Public

She's no Sarah Palin but I still fapped.

Date: 12/23/08 | Views: 111814 | Category: Celebrities

Even if she tells you she's clean don't believe her. Defecation is unpredictable. Even basic anal penetration alone is capable of triggering a hot splooge of diarrhea. Put the safety of your urethra first and always wear a condom.

Date: 12/23/08 | Views: 129395 | Category: Anal

Don't worry, I've alerted child services. This bitch's titties will never see the light of day again.

Date: 12/22/08 | Views: 154871 | Category: Parents

I made the exact same expression when I was baptized. For real, that shit burned.

Date: 12/16/08 | Views: 110797 | Category: Bloopers

I know this is just another one of those stupid fake Jap videos... but it touches on an interesting subject. Honestly, I wonder what percentage of doctors have taken advantage of their patients? Kinda makes me wanna go back to med school.

Date: 12/12/08 | Views: 157410 | Category: Asians

If I had a penis that big and a girlfriend that small, I'd be kinda concerned about potentially causing internal damage. With my luck, my cock would take a wrong turn and go through her chest like one of those little fuckers in the Alien movies.

Date: 12/11/08 | Views: 151061 | Category: Midgets

I think I've seen it all now. I know I said the same thing after I watched that giraffe porn video but this time I really mean it. Muscular dystrophy porn was honestly the last thing on the list. Can I stop updating this website now?

Date: 12/08/08 | Views: 146878 | Category: Freaks

Haven't seen bubbles come out of an orifice like that since my best friend's grandma had a seizure and went into convulsions. I fapped them and I'm fapping now.

Date: 12/08/08 | Views: 146256 | Category: Midgets

Come on Rocky, punch that pussy! Or even better... tag team me in! I got a right hook that'll knock the herpes out of her!

Date: 12/07/08 | Views: 115462 | Category: Fisting

Congratulations you shirtless faggot, you've discovered that with the element of surprise, you can defeat virtually any person half your size. You are the win.

Date: 12/02/08 | Views: 167955 | Category: Fights