If he's at all the same nationality as herself, what the fuck does she expect. Be happy with your 3 inch bell pepper and STFU.

Date: 08/20/09 | Views: 142307 | Category: Small Cocks

This show would be so much better if they just said fuck TV and went XXX. Surely I'm not the only one that wants to see Meg get ass fucked by the pet dog that always makes witty remarks.

Date: 08/16/09 | Views: 129411 | Category: Anime

Insert a "HUMILIATING DEFEAT" sound bite at the 33 second mark and this clip would be golden.

Date: 08/10/09 | Views: 189744 | Category: Premature


Date: 08/05/09 | Views: 108049 | Category: Objects

I'm afraid anything less than 16 inches is inadequate in this day and time. This is an occupation best left to the horse cock niggas.

Date: 08/03/09 | Views: 129481 | Category: Small Cocks

Just pretend his penis is a twinkie and that's the cream filling. You'll be in hog heaven, ya fat bitch.

Date: 07/28/09 | Views: 119483 | Category: Fatties

Well thank god for the Spanish subtitles. Wouldn't want any of my loyal Hispanic followers to miss out on this one!

Date: 07/26/09 | Views: 133818 | Category: Anal

Nice tits. Not too sure about the interior decorating though. These things matter.

Date: 07/18/09 | Views: 147816 | Category: Parents

Have you no decency? You're supposed to wait till marriage to fuck your sister, you stupid son of a bitch.

Date: 07/15/09 | Views: 127919 | Category: Fights

Jesus... and I thought my premature ejaculation problem was bad! LOL. Full story HERE.

Date: 07/14/09 | Views: 247383 | Category: Animals

Personally, I prefer masturbating to the original. Not a fan of these pornographic remakes.

Date: 07/05/09 | Views: 107633 | Category: Freaks

Fat people just can't resist being on television. The second they see a camera they pursue it like Wienerschnitzel chili dog. Makes me sick.

Date: 07/02/09 | Views: 102904 | Category: News

Neat trick but I fear that might void the warranty. Play it safe and stick with stick 2 liter Mountain Dew bottles. Always feels good to recycle.

Date: 06/30/09 | Views: 111931 | Category: Objects

You guys should see my Myspace head shots. I beat these bitches at their own game. Thanks to the blend tool, I look like one of the Jonas brothers and I'm pulling in 300 friend requests a day. Mostly older men but I'm not one too complain.

Date: 06/25/09 | Views: 135518 | Category: Picture

For a minute there I figured this was the opening to a rape-porn. That fucking keyboard cat has killed my erection one too many times.

Date: 06/19/09 | Views: 136918 | Category: LMAO

Looks exhilarating but not worth the risk of penile decapitation. That bitch is just aching to clamp down.

Date: 06/09/09 | Views: 153341 | Category: Big Dicks

Never poke anything that's capable of poking back. Standard procedure when engaging in intercourse.

Date: 06/09/09 | Views: 134065 | Category: Freaks

Nothing like a little floppy penis to break the ice.

Date: 06/06/09 | Views: 133004 | Category: LMAO

Damn. I'd say Bruno's gonna have blue balls for at least a week now. Sounds like animal cruelty to me.

Date: 05/31/09 | Views: 190419 | Category: Animals

Hey now. I fully support your unwillingness to fund Al Qaeda via paying that towel head's $10 fare, but don't ever fucking drop the "R" word just to get your way. That shit aint cool bitch.

Date: 05/27/09 | Views: 135066 | Category: News