Hot shit. I posted an outtake from this video on eFukt like 3 years ago. I always wondered what porno it was from. Must've fapped to it 150+ times by now. There's just something about them tears of anal misery.... always gives me a boner-gone-wild.

Date: 04/23/09 | Views: 178312 | Category: Anal

I would've decapitated the motherfucker, for real. Taking a fatty's Nutter Butter bar is a cardinal sin, worse than rape.

Date: 04/18/09 | Views: 101017 | Category: Picture

Drop by Arbys and order the Beef N' Cheddar. Proceed by removing the premium roast beef and passing it through your paper shredder. Retrieve all remnants and carefully mold em together. Bingo! You now have a 1:1 replica of this woman's vagina. Class dismissed.

Date: 04/12/09 | Views: 124131 | Category: Bizarre

Really brings out the red in your lower intestine. Not too sure about the shaved head though. Girls always seem to find that look kinda intimidating. Best to just grow it out.

Date: 04/10/09 | Views: 107784 | Category: Picture

Now it's legs are broken... good job fatty! You just destroyed Hashmir's only form of transportation, which also just happened to be his sole remaining sexual partner. Errr scratch that - forgot about his daughter.

Date: 04/10/09 | Views: 103846 | Category: Animals

Cute, but I think it's best I stick with the Listerine though. Pussy juice wouldn't do much for my gingivitis.

Date: 04/08/09 | Views: 140116 | Category: Squirting

That's about as bad as eating your own shit... except eating your own shit doesn't make you gay. Scat for the win.

Date: 04/01/09 | Views: 130422 | Category: Bizarre

Why the frown Charlie Brown? Lemme guess - you were promised a Tempur-Pedic mattress with that sensational new memory foam, but they cheaped out and got a generic one instead? Yeah... I'd be pissed too.

Date: 03/31/09 | Views: 169970 | Category: Amateur

A clever concept that never took off. Their content was too extreme, so they were unable to get credit card processing for their site. Visa and Mastercard control what you buy and see and you don't even know it. I blame the jews.

Date: 03/30/09 | Views: 133191 | Category: Racism

Average penis size of an Asian male = 2.7 inches. Some things are better left unseen.

Date: 03/30/09 | Views: 118067 | Category: Asians

Luigi from Mario Brothers? I think yes.

Date: 03/20/09 | Views: 113346 | Category: Fisting

There's a huge fetish for ugly chicks. No joke. This snaggle-toothed wonder woman could make millions.

Date: 03/17/09 | Views: 127563 | Category: Picture

This made me laugh. Really really hard.

Date: 03/06/09 | Views: 118695 | Category: Picture

No toilet paper? No problem. Sit on my face. We'll have you cleaned up in a jiffy.

Date: 03/03/09 | Views: 151792 | Category: Picture

I'm having a hard time distinguishing his cock from his ball sack. The whole package just looks like a shriveled up potato.

Date: 03/01/09 | Views: 104816 | Category: LMAO

They always let the fatties fall to their deaths. But if it's got tits and a slim figure, Jesus Christ himself will intervene.

Date: 02/28/09 | Views: 118572 | Category: TV

Daddy school starts soon. Where's my lucky pencil? Haha eat lead motherfucker.

Date: 02/18/09 | Views: 99561 | Category: Ouch

That device and it's creator must be destroyed. Weapons of mass anal destruction are a threat to us all. Do something god damn you.

Date: 02/11/09 | Views: 115732 | Category: Prolapse

Some nice titties on this one... but the face could use some work. Start with the unibrow and work your way down to the mustache. Then maybe, just maybe, you'll be worthy of my ivory yogurt slinger.

Date: 02/11/09 | Views: 151717 | Category: Virgins

Do yourself a favor and skip this one. Seriously. I hope his cock gets emphysema and rots off.

Date: 02/05/09 | Views: 125714 | Category: Bizarre