Average penis size of an Asian male = 2.7 inches. Some things are better left unseen.

Date: 03/30/09 | Views: 117669 | Category: Asians

Luigi from Mario Brothers? I think yes.

Date: 03/20/09 | Views: 113143 | Category: Fisting

There's a huge fetish for ugly chicks. No joke. This snaggle-toothed wonder woman could make millions.

Date: 03/17/09 | Views: 127211 | Category: Picture

This made me laugh. Really really hard.

Date: 03/06/09 | Views: 118493 | Category: Picture

No toilet paper? No problem. Sit on my face. We'll have you cleaned up in a jiffy.

Date: 03/03/09 | Views: 151354 | Category: Picture

I'm having a hard time distinguishing his cock from his ball sack. The whole package just looks like a shriveled up potato.

Date: 03/01/09 | Views: 104670 | Category: LMAO

They always let the fatties fall to their deaths. But if it's got tits and a slim figure, Jesus Christ himself will intervene.

Date: 02/28/09 | Views: 118305 | Category: TV

Daddy school starts soon. Where's my lucky pencil? Haha eat lead motherfucker.

Date: 02/18/09 | Views: 99475 | Category: Ouch

That device and it's creator must be destroyed. Weapons of mass anal destruction are a threat to us all. Do something god damn you.

Date: 02/11/09 | Views: 115511 | Category: Prolapse

Some nice titties on this one... but the face could use some work. Start with the unibrow and work your way down to the mustache. Then maybe, just maybe, you'll be worthy of my ivory yogurt slinger.

Date: 02/11/09 | Views: 151112 | Category: Virgins

Do yourself a favor and skip this one. Seriously. I hope his cock gets emphysema and rots off.

Date: 02/05/09 | Views: 125449 | Category: Bizarre

I dunno. I suppose it's possible that she's just really strung out on crack, but her sporadic head movements are nearly identical to that of Marty McFly. I definitely wouldn't put my dick anywhere near her chompers. That'd be like getting a bobo from a bobble head.

Date: 02/04/09 | Views: 143969 | Category: Hookers

This is why a carry a bottle of Jergens Ultra Moisturizer in my fanny pack at all times. Ya never know when you just might have an opportunity to have a 'good samaritan' fap session to the sight of Gianna Michaels getting fucked in public.

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You ever see Donnie Darko? Remember the bitchy older sister? Wanna see her get violated by a Chinaman suffering from small penis complex? Don't worry, I'll bring the popcorn.

Date: 02/03/09 | Views: 142979 | Category: Celebrities

Mr. Lopez, you have now been upgraded from a broken leg to full paraplegia. Would you like a churro?

Date: 01/30/09 | Views: 101882 | Category: Ouch

She doesn't seem to realize than when you accept money in exchange for sexual intercourse, you officially become a semen receptacle. You will accept my sloppy goo nuts wherever I may choose to plant em. It's not multiple choice.

Date: 01/30/09 | Views: 138153 | Category: Bloopers

This one's too easy. You see Victor De La Lomas in the background there with the socks pulled up like shin guards? I'd do a sneak attack decapitation via samurai sword on him, for failing to assist the victim. Then I'd move on to that rat-faced cunt and administer a taser gun to the vagina for her crimes against subhumanity. There will be peace on my streets.

Date: 01/29/09 | Views: 139194 | Category: Fights

Okay so he's got be me beat by half an inch. But where I lack in size, I make up for in mobility. Bet you a hundred bucks that dwarf is incapable of doing my signature 'reverse pile driver' sex move. So beat that, motherfucker.

Date: 01/17/09 | Views: 132370 | Category: Midgets

When a woman is impaled by a schlong of that magnitude, they tend to cry harder than a red-headed step child getting the belt. This Aryan princess doesn't make a peep. I'm betting she shot her pussy up with novocain right before the shoot. That's called planning ahead. Very good my slutty, make daddy proud.

Date: 01/14/09 | Views: 173515 | Category: Big Dicks

It's okay if their cocks touch like that, so long as it's for the greater good of tearing up a woman's vagina. The reward outweighs the risk.

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