Anyone know her name? or if she's ever done any other porn videos? preferably ones without an introverted cameraman whose idea of 'sexy talk' is whispering "can you stink up a bathroom?". EDIT: found one!

Date: 07/14/14 | Views: 295960 | Category: Poo Poo

Lupe tries to single-handedly start up her own "occupy" movement down in Tijuana... by shitting out a week's worth of chimichangas right on the floor and hurling at all of those that oppose her revolution. God bless.

Date: 12/11/11 | Views: 117874 | Category: Poo Poo

This will kill any cougar fantasies you might've once had. It'll also peak your curiosity as to how a woman could end up with shit stains at the top of her underwear.

Date: 09/15/11 | Views: 151017 | Category: Poo Poo

Hilarity strikes when a cute Russian with chronic IBS gets into an elevator and feels the sudden urge to drop a deuce. Fuck waiting 18 seconds to walk to the bathroom. This princess cuts a turd right where she stands and leaves it for the Mexicans.

Date: 02/18/11 | Views: 113538 | Category: Poo Poo

Talk about death from above. This soulless bitch unleashes the remnants of a 2 pound chili dog on a crowd of unsuspecting tourists. How's that for a fucking souvenir? LOL.

Date: 10/28/10 | Views: 110794 | Category: Poo Poo

He has really awesome friends.

Date: 02/01/10 | Views: 120749 | Category: Poo Poo

Pretty gross but you gotta admit... that Jap bitch makes for a mighty fine poo receptacle.

Date: 12/07/09 | Views: 156055 | Category: Poo Poo

and THAT my friends is the human body's natural defense against potential sexual predators. Who the fuck needs mace when you can just shit your pants.

Date: 11/09/09 | Views: 149810 | Category: Poo Poo

Oh hai guyz, pardon me while I defecate on your face. The womenz restroom was outta order. lolz.

Date: 11/07/09 | Views: 127517 | Category: Poo Poo

This is a companion piece to a similar video I posted on eFukt last week. Same girl, same feces, different position. I like the inclusion of Family Guy at the end... looks so strangely familiar....

Date: 09/23/09 | Views: 126602 | Category: Poo Poo