Big Dicks

  • Your Penis Shouldn't do That

    Your Penis Shouldn't do That

    5:35 is the mark. He starts off strong, only to have his erection look like something off the Wienerschnitzel menu. And yet he presses on, braving the vagina that literally turned his cocoa puff into the number seven.

    Date: 07/27/15 Views: 220,252 Category: Big Dicks

  • His Father Was Part Horse

    His Father Was Part Horse

    Pegleg McGreggor is packing enough meat to start a slaughterhouse. Naturally his first course of action is to find the nearest Asian female and attempt snicker bar seppuku. Me thinks he was responsible for this as well.

    Date: 07/12/15 Views: 266,145 Category: Big Dicks

  • Death Wisher

    Death Wisher

    Tupac loads up his Indominus Rex and lays waste to an orifice that's seen more wide load traffic than the GW Bridge. Better yet: Ever set off an M-80 in a zucchini? That's the kind of labia majora we're dealing with here.

    Date: 05/02/15 Views: 217,589 Category: Big Dicks

  • Survivor: Oakland, CA

    Survivor: Oakland, CA

    Meet Bree Olson: O.G. p-star gone average YouTuber, and afrocock aficionado. She wasn't the type to run from a challenge, even when Jarquerius and Tyshawn attempted to tag-team her ass into early retirement.

    Date: 03/29/15 Views: 212,684 Category: Big Dicks

  • Destruction by BBC

    Destruction by BBC

    3:00AM cuckolding session goes from good idea to I think I need a gynecologist as Darius Williams the 3rd repeatedly bulldozes Becky's reproductive system. Award-winning cries of fear @ 1:30, 7:16 and 16:55.

    Date: 10/24/14 Views: 271,560 Category: Big Dicks

  • Valentina's Ass REKT by Black Cock

    Valentina's Ass REKT by Black Cock

    Rocco and his token black friend totally put this girl through the ringer, by the end she looks like she endured a cock tsunami. There's nothing like enjoying a nice day by the lake, just hanging out with friends getting some sun and some sucky-fucky.

    Date: 09/15/14 Views: 218,304 Category: Big Dicks

  • How Is This Even Possible?

    How Is This Even Possible?


    Date: 12/14/12 Views: 393,373 Category: Big Dicks

  • His GF Lasts 3 Seconds

    His GF Lasts 3 Seconds

    gat daym

    Date: 03/01/12 Views: 531,530 Category: Big Dicks

  • Anorexic Girl Split In Half

    Anorexic Girl Split In Half

    Kennedy Kressler - the only "pornstar" whose name I've ever actually bothered to remember. Why? because she's 18, anorexic and has the face of Sabrina the Teenage Witch, minus the googly eye. Marry me.

    Date: 01/28/12 Views: 352,531 Category: Big Dicks