• Teen Destroyed by 400lb Man

    Teen Destroyed by 400lb Man

    Anyone recognize this human avalanche? Kinda looks like that cheese walrus from the movie Gamer to me. Shit man, how about sharing your secret with us? 17,000 McNuggets later & you still smash like the G.O.A.T.

    Date: 09/21/17 Views: 118,233 Category: Fatties

  • Beauty and the Beast

    Beauty and the Beast

    This is xXxfuukaxXx, but I prefer the moniker teh Mahatma Gandhi of amateur porn. She's here to show you that real beauty is skin deep. Right underneath the two #7's at Del Taco and 38 ounces of smooth Dr. Pep.

    Date: 12/26/15 Views: 177,462 Category: Fatties

  • Regretful Girl is Regretful

    Regretful Girl is Regretful

    Speculation time: Rent due? Lost a bet? We may never know how many trips to the ATM it took for this Crisco ambassador to game a solid 7, but one thing is certain: His constant apologizing isn't softening the blow LOL.

    Date: 12/14/15 Views: 404,587 Category: Fatties

  • Your New Hero

    Your New Hero

    Today's Menu: 1) Man proudly shows his devotion to death metal and Nutella cheesecake. 2) Eros.com's white glove service. 3) The finest 3.5 minutes of sex Mastercard can buy. Fallout 4: You've been replaced.

    Date: 11/17/15 Views: 180,637 Category: Fatties

  • Opposite Day

    Opposite Day

    Self-proclaimed Pokemon Master adds another accolade to his resume in the form of BEAST SLAYER. An unforutantely accurate title in what will surely be the biggest "Should I call PETA?" video you'll see today.

    Date: 03/02/15 Views: 242,342 Category: Fatties

  • WTF happened to Carmella Bing?

    WTF happened to Carmella Bing?

    Interesting surname. Was it chosen out of love for the search engine... or the busboy at the Panda Express where she clearly binge ate chicken chow mein tridaily? Scroll down, watch last video and you'll understand.

    Date: 02/06/13 Views: 278,299 Category: Fatties

  • Breast Reduction At 18

    Breast Reduction At 18

    Lose weight and let your breast naturally decrease in size... OR.. be a lazy cunt and pay a doctor 30k to do it for you? I wonder...

    Date: 06/29/10 Views: 130,409 Category: Fatties

  • Striptease From Fucking Hell!

    Striptease From Fucking Hell!

    Guaranteed to not only kill your erection, but invert your cock for 2 weeks minimum. Puke.

    Date: 06/21/10 Views: 76,585 Category: Fatties