• Max Hardcore Is BACK

    Max Hardcore Is BACK

    There's a 25 second preroll ad. That's kinda gay. But what's not gay is peeing on women while wearing a cowboy hat. So raise your can of Diet Shasta and welcome home the man that invented just that.

    Date: 02/09/12 Views: 151,440 Category: News

  • This Resulted In Prison Time

    This Resulted In Prison Time

    Dude got tired of wanking off to fantasies of Missy Elliot rolling around in a 2 story bowl of Kraft macaroni & cheese and went for the next best thing - raping a horse. Enjoy death row you monster.

    Date: 11/03/11 Views: 319,095 Category: News

  • Milf Sentenced 9 Years

    Milf Sentenced 9 Years

    Remember the woman that used myspace to track down her biological son and ultimately fucked him in some cheap motel? Well, she got 9 to 30 years in the slammer. Read HERE.

    Date: 05/10/11 Views: 289,354 Category: News

  • Her Virginity Is For Sale

    Her Virginity Is For Sale

    Yeah I actually read in the paper she's hoping to get 1 million for it. Holy shit this bitch is dumb. I'd pay $50 tops, and only if it was a 2 for 1 combo. I want that anal cherry just as much but I'm on a budget boys!

    Date: 09/17/08 Views: 127,345 Category: News

  • Convicted Of Ass Raping A Dog

    Convicted Of Ass Raping A Dog

    I didn't realize Rottweilers were so submissive when it comes to sodomy. Most dogs would just bite your fucking cock off!

    Date: 03/24/08 Views: 109,018 Category: News