• Revenge of the Delivery Boy

    Revenge of the Delivery Boy

    1 Little Ceaser's employee attempt to take a stand against camwhore exploitation doesn't go as planned. He went for the fuzzy doughnut, he was stripped and sent home instead. Another win for the token twins.

    Date: 12/25/16 Views: 228,284 Category: Pizza

  • "I didn't order sausage mother fucker"

    "I didn't order sausage mother fucker"

    Large thin crust: $11.99
    Tipping the driver: $2.00
    Upgrade to a meat lovers: On the house.

    Date: 09/27/16 Views: 184,089 Category: Pizza

  • Delivery Boy Stunt BACKFIRES

    Delivery Boy Stunt BACKFIRES

    I'm all for women using their genitals to barter for pepperoni but for real, like G.I. Joe PSA kinda real, having your gooch rank lower on Abdul's priority list than a $3.00 tip has gotta hurt the feelies a little bit.

    Date: 08/28/16 Views: 194,888 Category: Pizza

  • It Finally Happened: Pizza Guy SCORES

    It Finally Happened: Pizza Guy SCORES

    He's having good luck of the blowjob variety, and it's all caught on webcam. Her reason? Token flow is low and she has to get an edge on all the other pizza sluts. Uh huh. I see her future now... and its wearing Depends.

    Date: 09/07/15 Views: 157,516 Category: Pizza

  • Narrowly Avoiding Butt R4P3

    Narrowly Avoiding Butt R4P3

    This def. isn't Oksana's first rodeo. No sir, this bitch is single-handedly running the Make-a-Wish foundation for delivery men across the third world. Awww yisss.

    Date: 12/08/14 Views: 162,931 Category: Pizza

  • Hey, wanna see my vagina?

    Hey, wanna see my vagina?

    3 minute compilation of various women exposing themselves to a grab-bag of minimum wage mopes, featuring more acts of human desperation than Pauly Shore's twitter feed on a Saturday night.

    Date: 06/24/14 Views: 241,721 Category: Pizza

  • Unwanted Fingerbang!

    Unwanted Fingerbang!

    It's all fun and games until you give a 35 year old Papa John's employee an atomic boner. He was offered a hug, he went for the clit. Some call it sexual assault, I prefer the term '2nd base'.

    Date: 05/07/13 Views: 338,670 Category: Pizza

  • Pizza Guy Hides His Boner

    Pizza Guy Hides His Boner

    Another slut, spreading her pussy lips for all the world to see in exchange for menial pocket change. Apparently ordering Papa John's while naked gives them a competitive edge. Love it.

    Date: 01/11/12 Views: 278,452 Category: Pizza