• Fearless Girl Cums For Illegal Immigrant

    Fearless Girl Cums For Illegal Immigrant

    He's twice her age, sports a level 10 pedostache and drives a 93' Suzuki, Rapevan Edition. Most girls would fear for their lives. But her? The dripping wet twat speaks for itself: slosh slosh slosh slosh slosh slosh.

    Date: 05/27/14 Views: 290,526 Category: Public

  • Sloppy Sex Has A Disgusting Ending

    Sloppy Sex Has A Disgusting Ending

    She's built like Despicable Me, and dude's shorter than the closet twink from Hunger Games. It's a sexual miscombination, and it's one that goes from moderately bad to fucking ewwwww! very quickly. (1 min. mark)

    Date: 05/01/14 Views: 338,228 Category: Public

  • Firefighter Ridiculed By Hostile Pornstar

    Firefighter Ridiculed By Hostile Pornstar

    Think your Fridays are fun? Time to reevaluate, faggot. This babe does it all, and by all I mean A.) exposes her turtling prolapse to patrons @ Starbucks B.) compares a fireman's penis to that of a lapdog. 20 times in a row.

    Date: 04/11/14 Views: 115,509 Category: Public

  • Female Millionaire Has A Perfect Pussy

    Female Millionaire Has A Perfect Pussy

    and a beautiful face. and amazing tits. But how about the personality? Probably less depth than a gerbil's vagina. I like you, I'll pleasure myself to you, but the pedestal remains reserved for Veronica Mars.

    Date: 04/06/14 Views: 336,164 Category: Public

  • Cute Girl, Sweaty Asshole

    Cute Girl, Sweaty Asshole


    Date: 05/08/13 Views: 286,136 Category: Public

  • Meanwhile in Greece...

    Meanwhile in Greece...

    Good taste in women (read: victims). Poor taste in beach attire though. Two words: Pacific Sunwear. Join the rest of the evolved population and buy a pair of board shorts, you unfashionable scumbag fuck.

    Date: 03/11/13 Views: 384,616 Category: Public

  • The Dildo Bike

    The Dildo Bike

    Genius idea, poor execution. People want to see a petite Hispanic with a greasy asshole ride that bike through a swap meet. Not Ned Flanders in Fuckstick, Tennessee. Now apologize to your Walmart denim.

    Date: 02/04/13 Views: 262,112 Category: Public

  • Security Guard Of The Year

    Security Guard Of The Year

    Oscar Delamos - loving husband, father of 20, and official badboy of Best Western's security/janitorial department. Dude straight swaps free rooms in exchange for crackwhore pussy.

    Date: 11/09/11 Views: 375,414 Category: Public

  • How To Dry Out Your Vagina

    How To Dry Out Your Vagina

    Maybe you've already seen this? Seems to have spread across the web faster than genital warts at an ICP concert. It's really not that special IMHO. Better in-flight fuckery HERE and HERE. /shameless plug.

    Date: 10/15/11 Views: 167,766 Category: Public

  • Attention Whore Pwnd By Cops

    Attention Whore Pwnd By Cops

    Inebriated skank giving an unwanted strip show gets knocked flat on her ass by the fine civil servants of Poland. Sorry fatty, Ordinance 245-B33 specifically prohibits sea elephants from dancing like Madonna.

    Date: 10/14/11 Views: 100,048 Category: Public

  • Addicted To Pussy Flashing

    Addicted To Pussy Flashing

    She literally cant walk more than 10 feet without having to stop, bend over and pry open her crusty gash for all midday traffic to see. It's a condition. Us folks in the medical community call it Whorosis.

    Date: 10/04/11 Views: 90,264 Category: Public

  • Tiny Tim Strikes Again

    Tiny Tim Strikes Again

    Congratulations dinky dick. You've mastered the art of defacing windows belonging to dental clinics. Now I want you to think long and hard about the migrant workers that get paid in Chalupas to clean that shit up. Cesar Chavez does not approve.

    Date: 05/13/11 Views: 157,180 Category: Public

  • Why Milfs Dont Visit Beaches

    Why Milfs Dont Visit Beaches

    The unwritten rules of a nude beach: a.) see with your eyes, not your hands b.) travel in packs, you'll feel like less of a douchebag and c.) always bury your jizz. Common courtesy bro.

    Date: 05/05/11 Views: 233,251 Category: Public

  • He Cant Afford Hookers

    He Cant Afford Hookers

    I've seen this turd in a few vids now. Same shit every time. He poses as a potential customer.. but in reality.. he's just buying some time to beat off and talk dirty with a member of the opposite sex. Ballin on a budget.

    Date: 04/01/11 Views: 163,210 Category: Public

  • Huge Ass, Huge Stains

    Huge Ass, Huge Stains

    Black people go buck wild for asses like this. I wonder if that pool of ass juice dripping from her spandex would be much of a deterrent? Probably smells like dog turd baking under the sun.

    Date: 01/05/11 Views: 152,288 Category: Public

  • Look But Dont Touch

    Look But Dont Touch

    This oriental fruitcake heads to the mens bathroom for a round of public handball, attracting the attention of a horny businessman who gets continuously rejected. It's quite the show.

    Date: 07/07/10 Views: 103,730 Category: Public

  • Fuck Off Im Trying To Masturbate

    Fuck Off Im Trying To Masturbate

    A young guy trying to beat off in his car gets harassed by an elderly man seeking a live show. I would've maced the motherfucker and I'm sure you can guess where I would've blown my load!

    Date: 09/17/08 Views: 123,109 Category: Public

  • Hooker Demands Sex In Public

    Hooker Demands Sex In Public

    So that's what a prostitute looks like in Russia? People actually pay to bury their wiener in that pig? No thanks, I'll just stick to jacking off in the mirror.

    Date: 06/03/08 Views: 115,558 Category: Public

  • Handjob During Math Class

    Handjob During Math Class

    I did the same thing during math class, except it was just me jacking off solo. All the girls were too scared to touch my goliath penis.

    Date: 02/25/08 Views: 236,288 Category: Public