• The Great Outdoors

    The Great Outdoors

    This is why a carry a bottle of Jergens Ultra Moisturizer in my fanny pack at all times. Ya never know when you just might have an opportunity to have a 'good samaritan' fap session to the sight of Gianna Michaels getting fucked in public.

    Date: 02/04/09 Views: 141,755 Category: Public

  • Fuck Off Im Trying To Masturbate

    Fuck Off Im Trying To Masturbate

    A young guy trying to beat off in his car gets harassed by an elderly man seeking a live show. I would've maced the motherfucker and I'm sure you can guess where I would've blown my load!

    Date: 09/17/08 Views: 122,477 Category: Public

  • Hooker Demands Sex In Public

    Hooker Demands Sex In Public

    So that's what a prostitute looks like in Russia? People actually pay to bury their wiener in that pig? No thanks, I'll just stick to jacking off in the mirror.

    Date: 06/03/08 Views: 114,966 Category: Public

  • Handjob During Math Class

    Handjob During Math Class

    I did the same thing during math class, except it was just me jacking off solo. All the girls were too scared to touch my goliath penis.

    Date: 02/25/08 Views: 233,520 Category: Public