• Butt Ripped, I QUIT!

    Butt Ripped, I QUIT!

    Everyone has a gift. Rocco Siffredi's is the ability to talk genital-damaged, emotionally-bankrupt women right back into the buttfuck scene that broke 'em in the first place. Watch in amazement how fast he works.

    Date: 11/22/15 Views: 214,606 Category: Quitters

  • White Girl Taps Out

    White Girl Taps Out

    Starbuck's barista of the month accepts defeat and calls an audible after a meager 4 minutes on Labron's pocket mongoose. In other words: the unavoidable end result of seeking vaginal salvation on blacksingles.com

    Date: 07/14/15 Views: 319,683 Category: Quitters

  • 'Juno' Girl Tries Porn (and fails!)

    'Juno' Girl Tries Porn (and fails!)

    Okay she's no Ellen Page, but what she lacks in fame & forehead, she makes up for in... well, actually nothing. This girl is literally fucking useless. She kills the scene at the 5.05 mark and I have zero idea why.

    Date: 07/07/14 Views: 308,064 Category: Quitters

  • I Feel Guilty For Masturbating To This

    I Feel Guilty For Masturbating To This

    Not since ejaculating to Nicolas Cage's death scene in The Wicker Man have I felt this much remorse. They throatfuck her to tears and Hulk Smash her pussy like it's WWF pay-per-view. sadface.jpg [full vid here]

    Date: 07/01/14 Views: 492,243 Category: Quitters

  • Bad Times @ The Anal Gangbang

    Bad Times @ The Anal Gangbang

    Julie Knight has an extended FML moment after realizing ATM is kinda/sorta "fucking disgusting". Fortunately she's pro at handling her feelings like an adult. And by "adult" I mean raging cunt. Famous last words @ 1.35.

    Date: 06/04/14 Views: 281,197 Category: Quitters

  • 18 Y/O Quits Porn After 90 Seconds

    18 Y/O Quits Porn After 90 Seconds

    Hopelessly vapid stripper/escort tries her whore-hand at pornography, declaring herself 'a fan of rough sex' - a tall-tale that gets promptly Mythbusted in throatfuck or die fashion. The ending is priceless. FULL VID HERE.

    Date: 05/28/14 Views: 512,407 Category: Quitters

  • Blowjob Causes Emotional Breakdown

    Blowjob Causes Emotional Breakdown

    Fresh out of highschool and new to the slut scene, this little brat whines herself straight into unemployment after deciding she cant/wont do BJ's. No worries you beautiful bitch, I gotcha covered: careers.walmart.com

    Date: 05/12/14 Views: 156,049 Category: Quitters

  • A Breakdown During Painal

    A Breakdown During Painal

    Blondie has an emo moment after a brief round of blunt force trauma to the anal sphincter. The director kindly grants clemency and the scene then advances to the money shot.. which she also fucks up. Time to go back to Ihop lady. It's more your speed.

    Date: 02/06/11 Views: 146,647 Category: Quitters

  • Crying Pornstar

    Crying Pornstar

    I don't know why she's crying but I'm just gonna assume it's because she finally realized she's a worthless whore and no one will ever love her.

    Date: 02/26/08 Views: 141,741 Category: Quitters