2 rules: Don't touch the ink. And don't beat the shit out of her face. Talk about high standards. But this fire-eyed hose hog isn't fucking around . One costar decides to test her anyway, resulting in a brief but epic departure.

    Date: 11/12/17 Views: 155,439 Category: Quitters

  • Butt Ripped, I QUIT!

    Butt Ripped, I QUIT!

    Everyone has a gift. Rocco Siffredi's is the ability to talk genital-damaged, emotionally-bankrupt women right back into the buttfuck scene that broke 'em in the first place. Watch in amazement how fast he works.

    Date: 11/22/15 Views: 228,664 Category: Quitters



    A new generation of hardcore fuckery is born. This one is referred to as the "cum until you die" technique. Fine tuned by the nervous system of 1 Gen Padova. Don't know her? You're missing out, my well-scrubbed friends.

    Date: 10/10/15 Views: 191,088 Category: Quitters

  • White Girl Taps Out

    White Girl Taps Out

    Starbuck's barista of the month accepts defeat and calls an audible after a meager 4 minutes on Labron's pocket mongoose. In other words: the unavoidable end result of seeking vaginal salvation on blacksingles.com

    Date: 07/14/15 Views: 333,392 Category: Quitters

  • 'Juno' Girl Tries Porn (and fails!)

    'Juno' Girl Tries Porn (and fails!)

    Okay she's no Ellen Page, but what she lacks in fame & forehead, she makes up for in... well, actually nothing. This girl is literally fucking useless. She kills the scene at the 5.05 mark and I have zero idea why.

    Date: 07/07/14 Views: 317,240 Category: Quitters

  • Bad Times @ The Anal Gangbang

    Bad Times @ The Anal Gangbang

    Julie Knight has an extended FML moment after realizing ATM is kinda/sorta "fucking disgusting". Fortunately she's pro at handling her feelings like an adult. And by "adult" I mean raging cunt. Famous last words @ 1.35.

    Date: 06/04/14 Views: 293,013 Category: Quitters

  • Blowjob Causes Emotional Breakdown

    Blowjob Causes Emotional Breakdown

    Fresh out of highschool and new to the slut scene, this little brat whines herself straight into unemployment after deciding she cant/wont do BJ's. No worries you beautiful bitch, I gotcha covered: careers.walmart.com

    Date: 05/12/14 Views: 162,093 Category: Quitters