• That's Legal in Russia II

    That's Legal in Russia II

    The long anticipated sequel to this gem, or gang initiation? I don't know, but maybe my logic is flawed to begin with: If it's not going in through the top, it probably has no business going in through the bottom ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Date: 11/22/17 Views: 191,539 Category: Russia

  • That's Legal in Russia

    That's Legal in Russia


    Date: 07/17/17 Views: 232,685 Category: Russia

  • Hypnotized by Stranger's Penis

    Hypnotized by Stranger's Penis

    It's all about the element of surprise. Conquer that, and nothing shall come between ur dipstick & a twat with more mileage on it than a '66 El Dorado.

    Date: 06/29/17 Views: 158,351 Category: Russia

  • Lighten Up Buttercup

    Lighten Up Buttercup

    Porn? or ode to a serial killing? One never knows when it comes to Russia, but this is about facial expressions. Especially ones telling a story. Specifically her "u fuck like dead bear" and his "best 27 rubles i ever made".

    Date: 09/04/15 Views: 147,750 Category: Russia