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  • Violated in Front of 3,400 Strangers

    Violated in Front of 3,400 Strangers

    This is what happens when you let nerds interact with women in a live environment. Safe spaces are destroyed, genitals exposed - all cause some marvelous bastard found a way to add gangrape DLC to GTA5. HILARIOUS.

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    Intimate look at what's happening on LGBTQIAXL2^POOPEMOJI-friendly college campuses across planet. No filters, just the top of a cheerleader and bottom of Warren Buffet comin for dem tendies. The human race is dead.

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  • Mom For Hire

    Mom For Hire

    Gut instinct tells me this technology is here to stay. Being able to dodge the menopause minefield & come out the other side not smelling like vasoline? That's the kind of science I want to invest in. To the moon bois. :rocket:

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  • Did they just rape a guy?

    Did they just rape a guy?

    There was only one way out of this. Ya dun goofed, Bohdan.

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  • The Pulsating MILF

    The Pulsating MILF

    Not even 30 seconds of clitoral stimulation and this housewife's pork chop piss flaps start dancing like a damn trash compactor. I'm talking vaginal contractions, YUGE ones. So big even her sphincter joins in the macarena.

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  • CLASSIC: "Too thick, I QUIT!"

    CLASSIC: "Too thick, I QUIT!"

    Her body language alone made the P-to-B transaction less probable than Bob Barker headlining UFC 215. Best she sticks to stuff she's good at. Like shopping at Warby Parker & picketing Chipotle. 'straight to A' isnt her thing.

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  • Butthole Brutality (what the fuck)

    Butthole Brutality (what the fuck)

    There's something captivating about a man that approaches cornholing the way a lumberjack does a tree. Itscreams "i did hard time in San Quentin". Definitely a legend. Definitely worthy of his own category at ExpertVillage.

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  • Half Italian, ALL Stallion

    Half Italian, ALL Stallion

    If dicks size plays a role in judging personality, I'd guesstimate this chick is floating between the Emma Watson fantasy and Robert Downy Jr's ex-coke addiction. And yet she handles the pipe like her name is Luigi. #HESPEC

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    ha ha ha

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    He's balls-deep into hiking the vagalachian trail, and she's one degree away from Amy Schumer entertainment levels. She's also in need of acting classes. Badly. Skip to the 2:06 mark for pornographic dialogue at it's finest.

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  • Marry Her

    Marry Her

    Great face. Nice body. But what really got me on board was the complete lack of logic. Look closely. No brains, no thoughts. So cute you'd almost forget this happens when they get more than half a can into their mouths.

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  • The Donkey Brothers

    The Donkey Brothers

    2 homeboys packing more red meat than a Texas dairy farm tag-team a MILF into catastrophic failure. Who would have thought a combined 19 inches could be dangerous? Clearly not Margret "life support" Stroker.

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  • WTF Happened to August Ames?

    WTF Happened to August Ames?

    Interesting transformation. But was it done out of industry pressure... or is Halloween a weekly holiday now? Pause on any closeup & you'll understand

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  • The 10 Best Sex Positions EVER

    The 10 Best Sex Positions EVER

    song [ HERE ]

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  • Public Flashing, UNEXPECTED Ending

    Public Flashing, UNEXPECTED Ending

    Tina Belcher's safe space gets invaded by some dude taking his mushroom to the park, but accidentally found love instead. Does she: 1) Call da police 2) trade gazpacho recipes or c) take Shia Ladork's advice. This ones easy.

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  • Miley Cyrus: After the Cocaine

    Miley Cyrus: After the Cocaine

    Is that really Smiley Miley in the video? No. But what you should really be wondering is: If Katy Perry was to suffer a serious head injury, would the extra chromosomes actually fall out? Asking the important questions here.

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  • Still a Virgin

    Still a Virgin

    Bobbie Sue-Lynn sure is eager to witness the poppage of her BFF's Pringle can, but her cheerleading isn't enough to get the job done. FREE TIP: Try greasing with spicy mayonnaise first. It's called 'The Fire Drill'. I invented it.

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  • "HEY! stop fuckin my daughter!"

    "HEY! stop fuckin my daughter!"

    Interruption @10:06. And whats our heroes reaction? Going Wayne & Garth on his bashful costar. Don't feel too bad lady. Seeing as I just beat off to the 8 seconds of your howler monkey mother, you're still a star in my book.

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  • REAL: Stud Bangs Desperate Landlord

    REAL: Stud Bangs Desperate Landlord

    A once thought to be lost classic resurfaces. Community college bro gets a pass on rent in exchange for clearing out the cobwebs from his landlady's minge, complete with awkward small talk and blacked.com fuck positions.

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  • That one time...

    That one time...

    ...at band camp

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  • Bachelor Party - Inhumanity style

    Bachelor Party - Inhumanity style

    No better way to celebrate your final day of freedom than by cramming a bottle of Pepsi's finest in the tuna mitten of a $14 hooker. They went for an assisted goal, but she insisted max capacity was already reached. UH HUH.

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  • "i can't cum, his cock is too big"

    "i can't cum, his cock is too big"

    It might be best if she avoided all things hotdog related for the next few days. Only two things should reroute the female orgasm so effectively, and I don't see Shia LaBeouf or a Reddit meetup anywhere in this video.

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  • HA HA, Dad Doesn't Give 1 Fuck

    HA HA, Dad Doesn't Give 1 Fuck

    Gotta respect a guy that's more interested in his 50% Off Panda Express coupon, than questioning why his 18-year-old daughter is naked in front of the family webcam. Balancing priorities are an integral part of fatherhood.

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  • The 76th Gender

    The 76th Gender

    Modern society can't walk more than 6 feet without tearing the phone out, and frantically telling the population how different they are from it. It's a srs disorder, and let me tell you: identifying as a toilet is as good as it gets folks.

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  • Yup, that's inbreeding

    Yup, that's inbreeding


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  • I Believe It

    I Believe It

    Gender-bending haircuts, legit physical similarities, possible inbreeding... all in the name of passing off 'brother and sister video #2391" as authentic. Quite unsettling. I'd say A&E's fetish for adult diapers has met it's match.

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  • "i can't do this"

    "i can't do this"

    kinda disappointed fam

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  • Unexpected Penis

    Unexpected Penis

    Did flashing interns at the local 7-11 becoming a challenge or something? Apparently this winner prefers cleaning ladies. Specifically the types that have to bleachthe shit stains out of Walmart porcelain. C - L - A - S - S - Y

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  • Hooker Surprises Herself

    Hooker Surprises Herself

    Don't let that lack of muscle tone fool you: She's a protein assassin. We all have a calling in life... and after skull-fucking the basic multiplication skills out of herself, I think we all know what her future holds. ยป networking.

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