• Still Learning?

    Still Learning?

    Never seen a guy struggle to have sexual intercourse so confidently before. Its as if his portfolio of previous partners includes Pringles cans & Bill Cosby.

    Date: 06/06/17 Views: 126,568 Category: Amateur

  • "I've only had sex with 1 boy"

    "I've only had sex with 1 boy"

    44 fucking minutes of footage, and I still don't know if this girl is a dwarf or I'm getting hoodwinked my creative camera angles again. Luckily, my family-sized jug of coconut oil has run dry and I've already stopped caring.

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    No sound, but I got you covered playa. Click this while watching.

    Date: 06/05/17 Views: 134,385 Category: Lesbians

  • Look at me, I have the 10 incher now

    Look at me, I have the 10 incher now

    My gut instinct tells me this technology isn't going away anytime soon... but I do find the idea of beating Slovakian hookers to death with this thing in Grand Theft Auto 7: 3D VR compelling. Consider me pre-ordered, Rockstar.

    Date: 06/04/17 Views: 114,901 Category: Porn

  • The New Face of Regret

    The New Face of Regret

    Much like the Fast and Furious franchise, this went from mildly amusing to, "it's time to stop" pretty damn quickly. Tipping point involves an ass to mouth audible plan B rejection after failing to fly the dick ship to Uranus.

    Date: 06/03/17 Views: 130,708 Category: Anal

  • Roommate WANTS them to watch

    Roommate WANTS them to watch

    This is actually standard British "I can't be arsed to dig up 17£ for my own hooker, so I'm gonna watch you do it for free" syndrome. Fortunately, this time we have a gentleman showing us the ropes. u da man Sebastian

    Date: 06/03/17 Views: 128,605 Category: Busted

  • How Did it Fit?

    How Did it Fit?

    So what do we have here? Stunned by the feels of reverse birth, or the start of a snuff film? Dunno, but 1 thing's certain: if anal is in her future, she best have a solid insurance plan. I'm talkin rectal trauma, of the prolapse variety.

    Date: 06/02/17 Views: 176,413 Category: Beefy

  • Worst shit you'll see today. Promise

    Worst shit you'll see today. Promise

    Pregnant sisters, overly-hung midgets and a race to outdo dad's cum stains. I don't know if I'm jerking off to porn, or a Charlie Sheen family reunion.

    Date: 06/02/17 Views: 224,872 Category: WTF

  • Autistic Loses His Virginity

    Autistic Loses His Virginity

    Mental disorders pardon all: test scores, bad hygiene, Kathy Griffin. But hes got chromosomes like Tiger Woods has hangovers & I dont know to laugh, or press charges for stealing my patented 'no-handed buzzsaw' seen @18:48

    Date: 06/01/17 Views: 147,340 Category: Amateur

  • Lowest of the Low

    Lowest of the Low

    Hey, no one said you had to like it. Just sit back, keep a firm grip on that vinegar flavored oyster bag and think about all the 360 no-scopes you'll be hitting as soon as you're done. That's what gets me to the end of the week.

    Date: 05/31/17 Views: 112,820 Category: Gamers

  • Relationships in 2017

    Relationships in 2017

    At first I was like wow, this guy is an asshole for letting a roommate go crab appling in his girlfriend's butthole, unprotected. I was actually worried until I realized what year it is. Five words y'all: still better than fidget spinning.

    Date: 05/31/17 Views: 144,827 Category: Cuck

  • "my brothers big fat dick"

    "my brothers big fat dick"

    yeaaa, I'm thinking it might be best if you just leave the incestual fantasies to the experts. Your acting is 2/10 at best, and that thing you got between your legs looks like something even a Jewish butcher wouldn't discount.

    Date: 05/30/17 Views: 125,711 Category: Derp




    Date: 05/30/17 Views: 122,663 Category: Bloopers

  • Smooth Talker Seduces Cousin?

    Smooth Talker Seduces Cousin?

    The All in the Family reboot is lookin good.

    Date: 05/29/17 Views: 214,090 Category: Incest

  • More you watch, worse it gets

    More you watch, worse it gets

    Middle-age hit her like a sack of 80's exercise vids, & she needs cash. How can life get worse? If u guessed being told to suck dick by the Dane Cook of porn directors, you just won my limited edition Power Ranger Kevlar vest.

    Date: 05/28/17 Views: 165,369 Category: MILF

  • Guess the Drug

    Guess the Drug

    And our official comment of the day goes to: "When she moves slightly to the side and you accidentally nut to Paul Blart" - Memeking6969

    Date: 05/28/17 Views: 152,995 Category: Amateur

  • Escort TAPS OUT

    Escort TAPS OUT

    See that face at the 3:40 mark? I'm familiar with that face. It's the why the fuck did I leave my tenure at IHOP for this? face. lol no shit lady. 1.) Butter Pecan syrup is FIRE 2.) You wouldn't be the new poster girl for feminism.

    Date: 05/27/17 Views: 158,474 Category: LMAO

  • i came.

    i came.

    Not since 1982's The Thing have I seen a remake outdo the original in every way. She's stacked like a Denny's Grand Slam, fucks all over the place and makes Jessica Alba look/smell like Sarah Jessica Parker. #oscarworthy

    Date: 05/27/17 Views: 165,994 Category: Porn

  • Kidney Damage CONFIRMED

    Kidney Damage CONFIRMED

    Early-model pornstar, and anal apprenticeship not required. Just find an open-minded member of a local sanctuary city, lure him in with promises of kentucky fried gift cards and let the surgical repair of vital organs begin.

    Date: 05/26/17 Views: 130,062 Category: Big Dicks

  • Sexual Assault... FOR JUSTICE!

    Sexual Assault... FOR JUSTICE!


    Date: 05/26/17 Views: 205,725 Category: Shocking



    Here it is: The greatest attempt at eroticism to ever grace western culture. The struggles are relatable, his investigative skills are second to none, and the vagina... Well, the vagina taste like soap. Get the Oscar nomination.

    Date: 05/25/17 Views: 114,066 Category: Asians

  • Mom HATES it, Dad Doesn't (LMAO)

    Mom HATES it, Dad Doesn't (LMAO)

    Downside to MILFS having a mid-life crisis? Every time you try reliving her youth, the menopausal bitch fest comes roaring through. Then there's the other end of the spectrum: Mom's with foot-longs, but no time to use 'em.

    Date: 05/25/17 Views: 170,199 Category: Anal

  • Real Deflowering?

    Real Deflowering?

    There's something endearing about a girl that has the pain tolerance of an NFL linebacker. Her talents scream give me 6 months, and my butthole will be a footlocker for Mexican cartels. Clearly we're looking at wife material.

    Date: 05/24/17 Views: 126,310 Category: Virgins

  • The Most Stunning Girl of 2017

    The Most Stunning Girl of 2017

    Athena Faris. [full version]

    Date: 05/24/17 Views: 172,491 Category: Hot

  • He Got Arrested for This

    He Got Arrested for This

    Story HERE

    Date: 05/23/17 Views: 209,915 Category: Assholes



    Nothing says 'Hood Pass' quite like champagne pink underwear, and a girl with enough cellulite to join The View. Let's just say... Lavar dun goofed.

    Date: 05/22/17 Views: 159,343 Category: Gay

  • "I can take 10 guys at once"

    "I can take 10 guys at once"

    Ya just got done telling the world your crotch sees more activity than the YMCA... is it really a time for giggles? Sit in a tub of peroxide & think it over.

    Date: 05/22/17 Views: 167,251 Category: Slutty

  • Legit 13-Incher

    Legit 13-Incher

    This is ridiculous. Not lol-ridiculous like a chunk of society identifying as non-binary lesbian attack helicopters. She has zero reaction to being gutted like a sturgeon, and I keep waiting for David Attenborough's explanation.

    Date: 05/20/17 Views: 126,751 Category: Big Dicks



    I don't know what's worse: #1's future as a dolphin whisperer, or #4's daddy issues being the hottest thing about her. One more kodak moment HERE.

    Date: 05/20/17 Views: 136,551 Category: LMAO

  • Slight Age Difference

    Slight Age Difference

    Mr. Wilson, nooooooo!

    Date: 05/19/17 Views: 176,680 Category: Seniors