• Bull Dozer

    Bull Dozer

    See the epic eye roll @6:03? I know that look. It's the fuck, i shouldn't have married a guy that voted Bernie look. No kidding lady. A) Free college is a myth. 2) Your uterus wouldnt have turned into a chapter of the YMCA

    Date: 01/16/17 Views: 298,374 Category: Cuck

  • "hey mom, guess what i'm doing"

    "hey mom, guess what i'm doing"

    The modern camgirl can't go 1 day without involving innocent bystanders in their gash smash power hour. It's a condition us folks refer to as token-osis, and this bug-eyed bitch is closing in on stage 4. Inoperable.

    Date: 01/15/17 Views: 195,397 Category: Webcams

  • Mr. Nice Guy

    Mr. Nice Guy

    How to make ur silly fetish porn better? Feature a guy over 5' tall & get some closeups. Thats what we really want: sexual assault vicariously through the Internet. Not watch Johnny Shortdick stumble through puberty.

    Date: 01/14/17 Views: 151,743 Category: Drunk



    We're only two weeks into 2017, but I feel confident in my assessment of her particular set of skills & 4 outta 5 pornographic connoisseurs would agree. You know what that means? 1 of them is a fucking idiot. That's what.

    Date: 01/13/17 Views: 218,592 Category: Impressive

  • All in the Family

    All in the Family

    Don't let the location fool you. This Putana's tough girl persona is as real as KFC's hand-washing policy. Such as illustrated after her 'brother's' attempt at literally fucking the tears out of her. P.S. WTF @ 1:25 LOL

    Date: 01/11/17 Views: 206,673 Category: Incest

  • Gorgeous Girl, UGLY SECRET (0:56)

    Gorgeous Girl, UGLY SECRET (0:56)

    Props to guy laying pipe. I haven't heard a teenager whine that ambiguously since the time I was caught defecating in the Blockbuster drop box in protest to late fees on my rental of Waterworld. FULL SCENE

    Date: 01/10/17 Views: 236,052 Category: WTF

  • Sodomy Sneak Attack

    Sodomy Sneak Attack

    A good boyfriend always greases the scud duck with essential oils from Jarkata prior to admittance. Then there's this alpha bastard... who treats his cock like a great white shark on feeding day. Way to kill the trend.

    Date: 01/09/17 Views: 200,950 Category: Anal

  • Bad Timing

    Bad Timing

    ha ha ha

    Date: 01/08/17 Views: 302,119 Category: Busted

  • She almost lasted 48 seconds

    She almost lasted 48 seconds

    Crystal-Lynn Danni Shania Duggan takes one in the eye after making an all-too common mistake: Going down the N-road with a black woman. Sorry pal, but the result is always the fucking same. #RONDAROUSEY'D

    Date: 01/07/17 Views: 160,880 Category: Rekt

  • Cuck Gets More than He Bargained For

    Cuck Gets More than He Bargained For

    Today's Lessons: Bottom is never better, queefs are always funny, unleashing seminal tidal waves is socially acceptable in the right application, and everybody that resembles Freddie Mercury is gay. Class dismissed.

    Date: 01/06/17 Views: 210,274 Category: Cringe

  • REAL? Housewife Seduces Repairman

    REAL? Housewife Seduces Repairman

    Downside of marrying prostitutes from russiabride.com? Every dick in a three-mile radius is using your 9-5 to unload some nut sac gazpacho on your S/O. And don't even get me started on those ridiculous storage fees.

    Date: 01/05/17 Views: 240,527 Category: Slutty

  • We got a KEEPER!

    We got a KEEPER!

    All intimate activities usually come to an end the moment you try dancing the chocolate cha-cha... but not when you're dating this bulletproof butthole. I think FORD TOUGH just unearthed its new spokeswoman.

    Date: 01/04/17 Views: 279,669 Category: Ouch

  • American Idol

    American Idol

    Not since using that glory hole in a Carl's Jr. bathroom have I witnessed a girl with such brilliant multitasking ability. She's got grace man. Know who doesn't have grace? THIS DYKE. Home Depot that hoe, jack to this.

    Date: 01/03/17 Views: 137,756 Category: Webcams

  • You wouldn't last 8 seconds...

    You wouldn't last 8 seconds...

    She twerks like her uterus is having a seizure until dude blows 3-cheese Velveeta... then continues. Chances of feeling this IRL? Zero. But the jealousy is legit. Some serious physics happening on that ass. How the fuck...

    Date: 01/02/17 Views: 256,640 Category: Impressive

  • Purging a Persian

    Purging a Persian

    Olive oil-based hair gel, tit jewelry, all-gold-everything: You'd think a girl with this degree of stereotyping would like pain. TIP: she dont. teh dingdong hits her sphincter like a sac of Aladdin VHS tapes, and then it's ADIOS $$.

    Date: 12/31/16 Views: 198,535 Category: Anal

  • Unexpected ASS-to-Mouth

    Unexpected ASS-to-Mouth

    Antonio gets a little too caught up in the moment and tries to double-down his money with a nimble A-T-M maneuver. Turns out the poo poo a la carte is not much appreciated by his lady friend. Mission success.

    Date: 12/30/16 Views: 184,156 Category: Surprise

  • Don't Even Try

    Don't Even Try

    Only 28% in, & his cock folds like Esmeralda on laundry day. Can someone .GIF the 3 secs when his penis is at a full 90 degrees? Its time I made a PSA on the dangers having sex with more limp than Hulk Hogan's rap solo.

    Date: 12/28/16 Views: 144,786 Category: Fail



    If only she put as much effort into real porn as she did into the Full House of scripted prank TV, maybe I'd feel proud about filling up that 6 pack of tube socks with homemade ranch dressing. But I don't. FULL VERSION

    Date: 12/27/16 Views: 204,968 Category: Public

  • I fapped... TWICE

    I fapped... TWICE

    The pinnacle of cinematography.

    Date: 12/26/16 Views: 235,349 Category: Hot

  • Revenge of the Delivery Boy

    Revenge of the Delivery Boy

    1 Little Ceaser's employee attempt to take a stand against camwhore exploitation doesn't go as planned. He went for the fuzzy doughnut, he was stripped and sent home instead. Another win for the token twins.

    Date: 12/25/16 Views: 228,284 Category: Pizza

  • FACT: Anorexic Girls are Tighter

    FACT: Anorexic Girls are Tighter

    Another incident where some introductory pornstar is left with a smoking O-ring cause she failed to follow the #1 rule of dancing the B-hole Boogaloo: Grease keeps the peace. Member that, and you'll always be 'aight.

    Date: 12/24/16 Views: 253,385 Category: Anal

  • A different 'Happy Ending'

    A different 'Happy Ending'

    One of Chernobyl's second generation offspring proudly displays his self-described one-eyed tuna trawler, an unfortunately authentic title for what might be the most WTF-worthy video you'll see today. Or not...

    Date: 12/23/16 Views: 180,845 Category: WTF

  • 50% Horse

    50% Horse

    Son of a bitch has a kielbasa the size of my forearm. He should spend less time penetrating, and more time dominating. I'm talking blunt force trauma, BLM style. It would triple the entertainment value of the movement.

    Date: 12/22/16 Views: 244,728 Category: Big Dicks

  • Always Check Your Surroundings

    Always Check Your Surroundings

    The geyser has reached max pressure and not 1 heck is given. She jams, she crams, she marks that bench like her bloodline has cocker spaniel in it. It's going good until Captain DickSchwinn makes an appearance. (3:03)

    Date: 12/21/16 Views: 194,261 Category: Busted



    Pigs flying, A Manson Family Hanukkah special and clean underwear after all-you-can-eat Chinese food. These are all things I expected to see long before an authentic Texas Chili Bowl. I stand fucking corrected.

    Date: 12/19/16 Views: 247,812 Category: Fights

  • "it's too big"

    "it's too big"

    Everybody is born with a talent. His is the ability to persuade stubborn females into offering up the dribbling dangus with nothing more than a pocket full of Abe Lincolns, and a cordial "fuck you". Original video HERE.

    Date: 12/18/16 Views: 192,830 Category: Anal

  • Cuckold Ends a Marriage

    Cuckold Ends a Marriage

    She's trying to enjoy every inch of Mutunza's sperm worm, but teh S/O won't shut up. It's supposed to be his fetish, but she just pulled the Montreal Screwjob Part II. Kinda hot. Kinda see alimony in her future.

    Date: 12/17/16 Views: 275,029 Category: Cuck

  • Outwitting a Hooker: SURPRISE CREAMPIE

    Outwitting a Hooker: SURPRISE CREAMPIE

    Increasing the protein count of a prosti's hot pocket without warning, and getting the response to it: These are the best things you can live vicariously through the Internet. Today, 2 birds get killed with 1 Russian boner.

    Date: 12/16/16 Views: 175,181 Category: Bitches

  • REAL: 5 Strangers in 1 Day

    REAL: 5 Strangers in 1 Day

    Deprived girl volunteers her noodle bowl on Craigslist to anyone w/ legs, free of charge. But instead of spacing out the locally unemployed, she hits one after another w/o as much as a Summer's Eve bath in between. #RIP

    Date: 12/15/16 Views: 195,571 Category: Slutty

  • Soccer Mom Faces Reality

    Soccer Mom Faces Reality

    [my response]

    Date: 12/14/16 Views: 280,178 Category: LMAO