• UBER Driver Whips it Out

    UBER Driver Whips it Out

    Actually he might not be a chauffeur at all. But that handful of good wood & her look of disgust are legit. Probably the most offensive thing she's seen since Whole Foods forgot to use the right pronouns on their avocados haha

    Date: 06/29/18 Views: 160,668 Category: Beefy



    Today we learn three crucial things, so grab your colored pencils and pay attention: #1: Voyeurism is alive and well #2: Sexual misconduct is always negotiable. And #3: Lifetime bans from Macy's aren't a big deal. Lets get it.

    Date: 08/13/18 Views: 158,173 Category: Amateur

  • Waving Goodbye to a Legend

    Waving Goodbye to a Legend

    Shame she doesn't make videos anymore. A damn crying shame. Never again will we see this level of excitement when it comes to colonizing the dark planet. EDIT: she's actually still alive/active. more here and here

    Date: 08/31/18 Views: 156,724 Category: Anal

  • Literally WIFE MATERIAL

    Literally WIFE MATERIAL

    Revenge of the Brown Sith

    Date: 09/05/18 Views: 156,637 Category: Anal

  • Never Doing THAT Again

    Never Doing THAT Again

    I understand your quest to be submerged in as much teenage sphincter as possible - but when it takes more negotiations than the first half of the NBA draft, your twat officially gets sent to back of the lunch line. yahurdmeh?

    Date: 06/17/18 Views: 155,292 Category: Bitches

  • Yup, That's a First

    Yup, That's a First

    son of a... thats the furriest cornhole I've seen outside of a petting zoo. Time to start shaving with a flame thrower you fuckin butt-tarantula lookin bitch.

    Date: 08/09/18 Views: 153,288 Category: WAT




    Date: 08/15/18 Views: 152,934 Category: Ouch

  • P-E-R-F-E-C-T-I-O-N


    Date: 08/19/18 Views: 151,165 Category: Impressive

  • Easy Access

    Easy Access

    Alright Ned Flanders (0:07 mark), it's time to noodely oodely diddly STOP.

    Date: 07/30/18 Views: 148,316 Category: Assholes

  • Sexually Assaulting Hotel Maids

    Sexually Assaulting Hotel Maids

    These men have truly mastered the art of sexually harassing migrant workers. Bravo. But I do believe it's time to take that next step forward - The Ritz Carlton. All white maids with 34D titties. Make daddy proud.

    Date: 08/20/18 Views: 147,528 Category: Assholes

  • Tinder in Russia

    Tinder in Russia

    It's a shame they didn't take this a step further and use their natural resistance to pain and turn her crusty doughnut into a cut of roast beef the diameter of a Mazda Miatia. Then maybe I could have ejaculated today...

    Date: 06/15/18 Views: 147,184 Category: Drunk

  • Unexpected Gangbang Ending

    Unexpected Gangbang Ending

    Somewhere between chivalry & the main star having a more objectionable gunt than the NFL draft, I've lost the desire to masturbate. But one thing is for sure: Buzzfeed's loathsome content has officially been 1-upped today.

    Date: 08/28/18 Views: 140,217 Category: Groups

  • "trying new things"

    "trying new things"

    16+ mins of homemade experimenting. So faptastic I canceled my lunch date @ White Castle just so I could re-fap with a clearer mind. TIP: I cancel bags of onion rings for nobody. THAT'S how much potential this girl has.

    Date: 09/07/18 Views: 137,262 Category: Amateur

  • Girlfriend of the Fucking YEAR '18

    Girlfriend of the Fucking YEAR '18

    This girl's vageen suffers more abuse than a stolen credit card in the hands of an African American at Chukchansi Gold Casino. Additional WUT? at the 10:09 mark.

    Date: 09/17/18 Views: 137,182 Category: Impressive

  • Threesome of the Century

    Threesome of the Century

    The BLONDE
    The VIEWER

    Date: 09/08/18 Views: 137,134 Category: Hot

  • Not Prepared For 20+ Inches

    Not Prepared For 20+ Inches

    It might be best you rethink your own personal border control policy & start vetting guys before letting them cross over. That thing you got between your legs is 1 casting couch away from Tom Holland's Night Fright reboot.

    Date: 08/25/18 Views: 136,414 Category: Big Dicks

  • Deranged Daughter

    Deranged Daughter

    This is what happens when your competition pushes you too far. Bloodlines are contaminated, confused boners are erected - all because some kooky bitch couldn't keep her hands on her own tits. Watch the full show HERE

    Date: 09/10/18 Views: 136,197 Category: Slutty

  • MILF'ing Done Right

    MILF'ing Done Right

    the clown is down.

    Date: 08/24/18 Views: 132,753 Category: Hot



    that's some funny shit

    Date: 09/16/18 Views: 127,724 Category: LMAO

  • Cuckold Malpractice

    Cuckold Malpractice


    Date: 09/15/18 Views: 126,211 Category: Cuck



    Now if only he put as much effort into his camerawork, as she did making me regret every woman I've slipped the 'ole waffle dolphin inside of (see: 3.5 regrets) maybe we wouldn't be expecting a directors cut of this fine fuckery.

    Date: 09/12/18 Views: 123,670 Category: Hot

  • How to Traumatize a Teenager

    How to Traumatize a Teenager

    Not since the Olsen twin eating disorders have I seen such misuse of a white girl. The niche for being beaten unconscious is a limited one, but you better fucking believe it's gatekeeped by Odette Delacroix. More abnormal erections HERE

    Date: 09/20/18 Views: 117,141 Category: Rekt

  • "i waited until she was 18"

    "i waited until she was 18"

    [this sums it up]

    Date: 08/31/18 Views: 117,088 Category: WAT

  • Being Scared Makes Her Cum

    Being Scared Makes Her Cum

    All-Terrain Vehicle Porn - It's the stepping stone in becoming tube sock material in 2018. Most women have little issue adapting, while I'm sitting here waiting for the video where Gizmoduck hate-fucks a zebra titled: Dick Tales: Woo-oo

    Date: 09/14/18 Views: 115,416 Category: Public

  • Unexpected Visitor

    Unexpected Visitor

    Molly Ringwald is about 3.5 seconds away from blooming her onion when daddy comes-a-knockin. Fake? Yes. Do I play the Breakfast Club soundtrack and spill hand mayonnaise on the floor like the McDonald's night-shift anyway? Yes.

    Date: 09/19/18 Views: 104,276 Category: Busted

  • RARE: Allison Parker Anal

    RARE: Allison Parker Anal


    Date: 09/18/18 Views: 103,159 Category: Anal

  • There's 2 Kinds of Women

    There's 2 Kinds of Women

    Date: 09/22/18 Views: 68,191 Category: Drunk

  • "was that sexual assault? IDK!"

    "was that sexual assault? IDK!"

    Oodles of college br0s gather for a simulated lynching. Shit gets kooky when Qualeek and Co. expose her C-cups, erecting all mongoose dicks in a 20 mile radius. Oddly enough, she leaves with a smile. Unlike this unfortunate specimen

    Date: 09/21/18 Views: 66,577 Category: Voyeur

  • DAMN! Mom is PACKIN'

    DAMN! Mom is PACKIN'

    Jacked Mac from IASIP navigates his way through the kind of vagina rappers always lie to you about. In other words: make this one a Netflix kinda night.

    Date: 09/22/18 Views: 57,587 Category: MILF



    oh boi oh boi

    Date: 09/23/18 Views: 51,794 Category: Teen