• 18 and Destroyed

    18 and Destroyed

    LIFE LESSON #387: If your name ends in Gomez, Garcia or Gonzales - stay the fuck away from Craigslist ads with the words interesting trades in them. The 50 pesos are temporary. A disfigured esophagus is forever, BROTHER.

    Date: 06/10/18 Views: 170,272 Category: Rekt

  • Don't do this to a Girl

    Don't do this to a Girl

    like really tho

    Date: 06/11/18 Views: 169,112 Category: Teen

  • REAL: Wife for Hire

    REAL: Wife for Hire

    Increasingly disturbing fetish keeps picks up more steam, but this time the female is a total swipe-right. Her snargleburger gets more attention than a Worldcup overtime game & all I can do is wonder why. New Jersey's finest.

    Date: 06/21/18 Views: 165,968 Category: Cuck

  • Educating a Nervous Virgin

    Educating a Nervous Virgin

    18 & doesn't know what an orgasm is. But here, all that matters is the size of your imagination... and truthfully speaking, dude got a fat one. Emphasis on proportions. That clit looks like a deflated water balloon glued to straw...

    Date: 06/20/18 Views: 165,475 Category: LMAO

  • Actually Talked Her into it

    Actually Talked Her into it

    Date: 07/03/18 Views: 165,071 Category: Public

  • How to Seduce a Woman

    How to Seduce a Woman


    Date: 05/12/18 Views: 164,695 Category: Amateur

  • Amateur of the FUCKING YEAR

    Amateur of the FUCKING YEAR


    Date: 05/29/18 Views: 164,125 Category: Gallery

  • Netflix and CHILL THE FUCK OUT!

    Netflix and CHILL THE FUCK OUT!

    Whoever she is, I hope ignoring the 3rd season of The Sopranos just to be glory-fucked by Charlie Sheen light was worth the 15 minutes of pleasure.

    Date: 05/22/18 Views: 163,828 Category: Alphas

  • You Won't Last 60 Seconds

    You Won't Last 60 Seconds

    How many times have I said "sweet mother of Hulk fucking Hogan, this Asian girl just turned me off to the entire female gender"? Ninety seven. How many times did I actually mean it? ZERO. Until today. #TRIGGERED

    Date: 06/07/18 Views: 157,256 Category: WAT

  • Results of Dating a Sociopath

    Results of Dating a Sociopath

    Defined as: "a person with a psychopathic personality whose behavior is antisocial, often criminal, and lacks a sense of moral responsibility or social conscience" And that's just ONE paragraph of his Plenty of Fish profile.

    Date: 05/30/18 Views: 154,775 Category: LMAO

  • Literally Half His Age

    Literally Half His Age

    Unwritten rules of the practicing date rapist: #1 Lack of hygiene, #2 Look as much like George Lopez as possible and #3 Outdoing WWE's last PPV n both precision and dynamic move sets. Looks like this scumquat is 3 for 3.

    Date: 06/12/18 Views: 154,644 Category: Alphas

  • Twitch Streamer Exposes Herself

    Twitch Streamer Exposes Herself

    cx in the chat, goblin exposed, game over

    Date: 06/09/18 Views: 151,454 Category: Public

  • Insecure Girl Does MDMA

    Insecure Girl Does MDMA

    You know you're in the golden age of social media when Flock of Seagulls is narrating your third blowjob of the evening. Excellent choice m'ladyskank.

    Date: 06/01/18 Views: 151,072 Category: Drugs

  • Blacklisted From Walmart

    Blacklisted From Walmart

    Cute Girls + Public Exploration: It's a combo 2nd only to Souplantation and Charmin Ultra Soft. Add the rush of getting caught busting one out next to Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, and you got wife material my friend.

    Date: 06/14/18 Views: 150,166 Category: GIF




    Date: 05/20/18 Views: 149,547 Category: Anal

  • "fuck me or you're racist!"

    "fuck me or you're racist!"

    2018 in a nutshell. Vote KODOS.

    Date: 06/22/18 Views: 144,388 Category: Wiggers

  • Never Doing THAT Again

    Never Doing THAT Again

    I understand your quest to be submerged in as much teenage sphincter as possible - but when it takes more negotiations than the first half of the NBA draft, your twat officially gets sent to back of the lunch line. yahurdmeh?

    Date: 06/17/18 Views: 143,619 Category: Bitches

  • Cute Girl, Strange Obsession

    Cute Girl, Strange Obsession

    The one time that solid 5 on Tinder isn't catfishing you, she turns around and demands you do more abhorrent shit than an episode of The View. I'd continue this rant, but I have unfinished business with a bottle of Pert Plus.

    Date: 05/27/18 Views: 142,550 Category: WTF

  • L E A K E D

    L E A K E D


    Date: 07/12/18 Views: 139,846 Category: Amateur

  • Mom Molester

    Mom Molester

    Downside of being 36 & still livin at home? Besides the 8AM line for toaster strudels, every time u wanna expand your sex life, you gotta come up with degenerate fuckery like this that gets exposed mid-Thanksgiving dinner.

    Date: 07/01/18 Views: 137,177 Category: MILF

  • WTF: Husband Ditched for 7 Strangers

    WTF: Husband Ditched for 7 Strangers

    And then they all shared the bill at IHOB.

    Date: 06/15/18 Views: 136,689 Category: Cuck



    This guy might as well be the Brock Lesnar of gentlemanly restraint, and today he's teaching chivalry 101. Simply adopt his "Moscow Scratch n' Sniff" method & I promise, the blue-haired Twitter twats will never bother u again.

    Date: 07/09/18 Views: 134,312 Category: Drunk

  • The White Gurls Compilation II

    The White Gurls Compilation II

    App-order your frappuccinos and fire up the Katy Perry playlist. It's time for us all to go down that vanilla-flavored rabbit hole once again. #holdme

    Date: 07/07/18 Views: 133,662 Category: Compilations

  • 12-Inch Lethal Weapon

    12-Inch Lethal Weapon

    Meet casalteenspoa. Roughly translated to Americano it means widow maker. This genetically-superior sumbitch can't leave his house without a permit... but need to demolish some section-8 housing? He got u covered.

    Date: 06/30/18 Views: 130,217 Category: Big Dicks

  • Boyfriend FAIL

    Boyfriend FAIL

    Bet? Debt? Leeching Instagram followers? I don't know the reason why a semi-attractive girl willingly releases a sex tape with a North American Yeti, but safe to assume Cheetos-scented deodorant has nothing to do with it.

    Date: 06/29/18 Views: 126,317 Category: Fatties

  • Been There, Done That

    Been There, Done That


    Date: 07/04/18 Views: 126,148 Category: Compilations

  • UBER Driver Whips it Out

    UBER Driver Whips it Out

    Actually he might not be a chauffeur at all. But that handful of good wood & her look of disgust are legit. Probably the most offensive thing she's seen since Whole Foods forgot to use the right pronouns on their avocados haha

    Date: 06/28/18 Views: 116,223 Category: Beefy

  • "i fuck a different guy every day"

    "i fuck a different guy every day"

    These comments tho lol. Kimmy Gibbler lookin ass

    Date: 07/01/18 Views: 112,414 Category: Slutty

  • Fragile Girls & Porn Don't Mix

    Fragile Girls & Porn Don't Mix

    These ladies are having serious self-confidence issues, of the seminal variety. Their defense? Their partners shoot enough pearl jam to get a booth at the farmer's market. Uh huh. I know where this is going...

    Date: 06/27/18 Views: 111,702 Category: Compilations

  • "pls help me"

    "pls help me"


    Date: 07/10/18 Views: 111,667 Category: WTF