• Amateur Pornstar Fucks Her Biggest Fan

    Amateur Pornstar Fucks Her Biggest Fan

    Don't be bamboozled by the Himalayan mongooses under her Charlotte Russe polyester. She may be DTF but her choice in partners... well... you'll see, HAHA

    Date: 04/26/17 Views: 32,124 Category: Freaks

  • It's an Emotional Subject

    It's an Emotional Subject

    Certainly no Scarlett Johnanson. But what she lacks in beauty and natural born talent, she makes up for in... well... jack shit. Girl is useless. Bitch acts like she's being forced to watch Amy Schumer do standup at gunpoint.

    Date: 04/26/17 Views: 33,641 Category: Amateur

  • WTF Orgasm of the Month

    WTF Orgasm of the Month


    Date: 04/25/17 Views: 42,301 Category: WTF

  • 18. Stacked. PERFECT.

    18. Stacked. PERFECT.

    If there's one thing that never fails to get a metric fuckton of clicks, it's 3-day legal squeeze bags. So here's 42 seconds of the best ones you'll see all week. That's right, 42. As in the number of times I need to wipe after Panda Express.

    Date: 04/25/17 Views: 58,566 Category: Teen

  • Getting the Last Laugh

    Getting the Last Laugh

    Possibly the most deplorable attempt at sexual assault to ever grace my 13" Amiga computer monitor. Remember, this is coming from a man that's seen more than 18 straight minutes of an Adam Sandler movie. My voice counts.

    Date: 04/24/17 Views: 59,898 Category: Small Cocks

  • Stealth Cumshot of the Year

    Stealth Cumshot of the Year

    wut the fuck

    Date: 04/24/17 Views: 47,239 Category: Fappers

  • Immediately Regrets BBC Cuckold

    Immediately Regrets BBC Cuckold

    He's got twice the girth, and triple the length of anything she's had in the past. Most girls would fear for their lives... but her? I'll let the stroke speak for itself.

    Date: 04/23/17 Views: 100,410 Category: Cuck

  • "BUT... I CAN'T DO ANAL!"

    "BUT... I CAN'T DO ANAL!"

    Average Joes aren't the only ones facing resistance when trying to smash the cadburys. Semi-pro pornstars have occupational hazards of their own. Oh well. As long as human toilet paper isn't on the list, German girls are still my bae.

    Date: 04/23/17 Views: 71,177 Category: Anal

  • 6 Minutes, 4 Cumshots (WTF)

    6 Minutes, 4 Cumshots (WTF)

    To label him a 'minute man' would be the compliment of the decade. Betty Jo Lou Lynn can't even shift into 4th gear before getting splattered. 1 Mexican avalanche after another, and he's spazzing out like a white girl at Coachella.

    Date: 04/22/17 Views: 91,962 Category: Impressive

  • "You're not done yet!"

    "You're not done yet!"

    LIFE LESSON #182: If branches of your family tree intersect, keep your sex at home & off camera. Instagram friends are temporary. A war-torn face is 4eva.

    Date: 04/22/17 Views: 77,730 Category: Amateur

  • United Airlines Damage Control?

    United Airlines Damage Control?

    If you're the kinda dude that can enjoy 10+ minutes of nothing more than a corporation actually giving back to their customers, this is for you. Don't give a fuck about jigglin C-cup titties? Maybe another video suits your needs better.

    Date: 04/21/17 Views: 89,193 Category: Fappers

  • Don't do this IRL. Seriously

    Don't do this IRL. Seriously

    What happens when you mix modern-day technology, with south east Asia's most desperate? THIS hungry hippopotamus. AND the world's first virtual double-bagger. This needs a theatrical release like Bill O'Reilly needs a hairline.

    Date: 04/21/17 Views: 75,541 Category: Asians

  • That's your breaking point? REALLY?

    That's your breaking point? REALLY?

    Confusion begins @ 2:15

    Date: 04/20/17 Views: 121,608 Category: Derp

  • There is no title for this.

    There is no title for this.

    The more colors in her hair, the crazier the bitch is. A straightforward concept... and one that's officially reinforced thanks to this 97lb puddle slut farming the fuck out. Put it this way: Just watching her gave me Hep-C. It's that serious.

    Date: 04/19/17 Views: 95,410 Category: WTF

  • They Lasted 10 Seconds

    They Lasted 10 Seconds


    Date: 04/19/17 Views: 128,397 Category: Fail



    Husky pair of LGBTQHFMXZAER troglodykes get the utter shit slapped out of them after trying to post up in the wrong hood. Lesson Learned: When it comes to teaching gender equality, don't fuck with the black people.

    Date: 04/19/17 Views: 73,103 Category: Justice

  • How to Spend $40 in Thailand

    How to Spend $40 in Thailand

    He looks like the kinda guy that sells propane and propane accessories when not preoccupied with WWF pay-per-views, but I shouldn't hate. He has sex with women. I'm still stuck in the tube sock/cottage cheese matrix.

    Date: 04/18/17 Views: 84,099 Category: Anal

  • Legend in 60 Seconds

    Legend in 60 Seconds

    How this guy lasted even a minute with her is beyond me. The watermelons are in season, the face is youthful, and gravity hasn't even started turning them into throw rugs yet. Is this what true love feels like?

    Date: 04/18/17 Views: 110,932 Category: Hot

  • REAL: Camgirl Takes Virginity. AGAIN

    REAL: Camgirl Takes Virginity. AGAIN

    This is what happens when your e-stock starts hitting the shitter. Cherries are popped, jealousies are fueled - all because some goofy bitch can't quit her Overwatch addiction & go pro already. Oh and, this isn't her 1st charitable act.

    Date: 04/17/17 Views: 90,537 Category: Virgins

  • Watch this one until the end

    Watch this one until the end

    After 12+ mins of stuffing the muffin, she starts crying about the finale. Equally as entertaining are her facial expressions and choice of vocabulary... with hits likes "do i have to taste it?" and my personal favorite: "ghrghaahghbokadad".

    Date: 04/17/17 Views: 78,873 Category: Amateur