• Okay... what the FUCK is this?

    Okay... what the FUCK is this?

    Dude must've spent a good portion of his life being blue-balled, leaving him with only 1 pathway to sex outside of the zoo. He deals with fornication the same way I dealt with Battletoads on NES... buttnaked and confused.

    Date: 08/14/17 Views: 74,061 Category: Bizarre

  • The $1 Blowjob

    The $1 Blowjob


    Date: 02/16/16 Views: 193,655 Category: Bizarre

  • OFFICIAL: I can't jack off to this

    OFFICIAL: I can't jack off to this

    My gut instinct tells me the era of slasher movies is undoubtedly dead when the practical effects guys take jobs like this. Freddy vs. Jason was bad... but it wasn't turn my fucking torso into a 3' tall penis fly trap bad.

    Date: 11/03/15 Views: 111,868 Category: Bizarre

  • The Power of 2 Vaginas

    The Power of 2 Vaginas

    You know you're in the golden age of porn when someone hires Tom Savini for a scene. Too bad the novelty of a 3rd hole wears off pretty quick when it's got the height-to-width ratio of a paper shredder.

    Date: 01/20/15 Views: 209,320 Category: Bizarre

  • I'm Not Handicap, I'm Handicapable!

    I'm Not Handicap, I'm Handicapable!

    It's all fun and games until you've had sexual intercourse with a pirate. Shit gets real when Captain Barbossa snaps off his prosthesis and makes a b-line for her v-hole... but there's no backing down here.

    Date: 12/26/14 Views: 125,027 Category: Bizarre

  • Worst Cock Ever

    Worst Cock Ever

    Everybody is born with a gift. Clearly his is having the Optimus Prime of genitalia. Watch in utter amazement as nothing more than a single-handed choke hold transforms his Oscar Mayer into a portobello mushroom.

    Date: 11/09/14 Views: 230,025 Category: Bizarre

  • Beta Male of the Year

    Beta Male of the Year

    Bro, you're supposed to fuck your girl, she's not supposed to fuck you. For real his chick is grabbing his ass having her way with it. WTF MAN!?

    Date: 10/10/14 Views: 133,952 Category: Bizarre

  • Magic Retard Moment @ 1:51

    Magic Retard Moment @ 1:51

    She's pretty cute right up until her orgasm. Her face and noises kill the majestic boner she had created just seconds earlier. Also, don't worry, it's cool guys, they checked her identification card and we're free to fap.

    Date: 08/21/14 Views: 274,702 Category: Bizarre

  • Nurse of the Year?

    Nurse of the Year?

    Good call on the medical grade latex gloves. Those wheelchair-bound, mentally incapacitated boys are notorious for their legions of sexual partners. You just dodged herpes, AIDS, maybe even breast cancer.

    Date: 12/14/12 Views: 385,215 Category: Bizarre

  • Skip to the 20.25 Mark

    Skip to the 20.25 Mark

    and check them titties. Looks like 2 grapefruits topped with disproportionate amounts of Nickelodeon Gak. And to think... those funbags probably set her back 7k, or in whore economics - roughly 47 rimjobs. Jeepers.

    Date: 08/30/12 Views: 167,583 Category: Bizarre

  • WTF Orgasm Of The Year

    WTF Orgasm Of The Year

    This is wrong. More wrong than the time I defecated a weeks worth of BK value meals into the VHS case of Honey, I Shrunk The Kids and slipped it down a Blockbuster drop-box. Actually no, that was hilarious.

    Date: 04/10/12 Views: 450,041 Category: Bizarre

  • Cement Girl

    Cement Girl

    Chick gets gangbanged after being encased in a box of cement, with holes left for each orifice. Pretty sure that's fake as fuck but bonus points for the novel idea.

    Date: 08/30/10 Views: 188,658 Category: Bizarre

  • Severely Mangled Vajayjay

    Severely Mangled Vajayjay

    Drop by Arbys and order the Beef N' Cheddar. Proceed by removing the premium roast beef and passing it through your paper shredder. Retrieve all remnants and carefully mold em together. Bingo! You now have a 1:1 replica of this woman's vagina. Class dismissed.

    Date: 04/12/09 Views: 130,119 Category: Bizarre

  • Reverse Creampie

    Reverse Creampie

    That's about as bad as eating your own shit... except eating your own shit doesn't make you gay. Scat for the win.

    Date: 04/01/09 Views: 138,777 Category: Bizarre

  • I Want Dick Cancer

    I Want Dick Cancer

    Do yourself a favor and skip this one. Seriously. I hope his cock gets emphysema and rots off.

    Date: 02/05/09 Views: 132,549 Category: Bizarre

  • Bark Like A Dog

    Bark Like A Dog

    This is what happen when your only sexual companion is your pet. When you finally fuck a real woman you just can't handle it. Hmmm this actually explains the 'squeal like a pig' scene out of Deliverance. I'm on to something here.

    Date: 10/08/08 Views: 148,227 Category: Bizarre

  • No Vacancy

    No Vacancy

    Sorry, unfortunately her asshole is booked solid for the next 30 minutes... but her vagina on the other hand is currently availabe. Sir I must remind you this is quite a rarity, I suggest you go with the 2 for 1 special while it still lasts.

    Date: 10/07/08 Views: 146,229 Category: Bizarre

  • Stoned Off Her Ass

    Stoned Off Her Ass


    Date: 09/04/08 Views: 136,868 Category: Bizarre

  • Bulimic Girl Shows Off Her Disability

    Bulimic Girl Shows Off Her Disability

    This poor poor girl. If she pukes up everything she eats, then she's probably never felt the wonders of going poop. She must feel so deprived.

    Date: 07/22/08 Views: 147,574 Category: Bizarre

  • Girl Eats Her Own Pussy

    Girl Eats Her Own Pussy

    This is called "autolingus". There is a fetish for it but not a whole lot of content to back it up. One of these days I hope to change that, with the aid of a video camera and a Russian contortionist.

    Date: 05/16/08 Views: 152,071 Category: Bizarre

  • She Can Eat Her Own Pussy

    She Can Eat Her Own Pussy

    This girl can eat herself out... kinda like a dog. I wanna give her a messy creampie and watch her clean herself with her tongue haha.

    Date: 01/06/08 Views: 180,959 Category: Bizarre