• Real Incest?

    Real Incest?


    Date: 02/09/17 Views: 440,007 Category: Incest

  • He's Proud of This?

    He's Proud of This?

    I've heard a lot of guys say a lot of audacious shit just to keep their dick submerged in A-tier whisker biscuit. But to fan-fiction your way through divorce court? That's a level of dedication I never wanted to know.

    Date: 03/16/17 Views: 331,420 Category: Cringe

  • Soldier's Girlfriend Ruins Relationship

    Soldier's Girlfriend Ruins Relationship

    [full story] [1st video ]

    Date: 03/05/17 Views: 313,357 Category: Busted

  • Bad Timing

    Bad Timing

    ha ha ha

    Date: 01/08/17 Views: 302,139 Category: Busted

  • And the Oscar goes to...

    And the Oscar goes to...

    It's all about method acting. Conquer that, and nothing shall come between your crotchwaffle and pornographic stardom... save for a possible Rohypnol addiction.

    Date: 02/15/17 Views: 299,644 Category: Porn

  • Bull Dozer

    Bull Dozer

    See the epic eye roll @6:03? I know that look. It's the fuck, i shouldn't have married a guy that voted Bernie look. No kidding lady. A) Free college is a myth. 2) Your uterus wouldnt have turned into a chapter of the YMCA

    Date: 01/16/17 Views: 298,410 Category: Cuck

  • "My Girlfriend vs. 30 Guys"

    "My Girlfriend vs. 30 Guys"

    Some women require foreplay to get off. Others, Chili's 2 for $20 menu. And then there's Delma Dickstorm, who takes no less than 11 taco hammers to reach her O-face. That's marriage material if I've ever seen it.

    Date: 01/18/17 Views: 291,756 Category: Slutty

  • We got a KEEPER!

    We got a KEEPER!

    All intimate activities usually come to an end the moment you try dancing the chocolate cha-cha... but not when you're dating this bulletproof butthole. I think FORD TOUGH just unearthed its new spokeswoman.

    Date: 01/04/17 Views: 279,695 Category: Ouch

  • BBC vs. Honor Student

    BBC vs. Honor Student

    Ever seen a girl question the elasticity of her vagina, and future as a NASA engineer at the same time? Good. Now we have two things in common.

    Date: 04/09/17 Views: 271,358 Category: Big Dicks

  • How to Find the G-Spot

    How to Find the G-Spot

    Ever seen a girl go from :) to :o to >:O in 2 seconds flat? Lemme tell ya... it's all fun and games until you make contact with the fallopian tubes at 27 MPH.

    Date: 03/04/17 Views: 262,468 Category: Teen

  • You wouldn't last 8 seconds...

    You wouldn't last 8 seconds...

    She twerks like her uterus is having a seizure until dude blows 3-cheese Velveeta... then continues. Chances of feeling this IRL? Zero. But the jealousy is legit. Some serious physics happening on that ass. How the fuck...

    Date: 01/02/17 Views: 256,680 Category: Impressive

  • 20 Girls that Should Have Said "NO"

    20 Girls that Should Have Said "NO"

    Nothing gets the clicks up quite like an unexpected ride on the gooch train: So here's a 20-pack. TWENTY. As in the number of times I have to flush a low-flow public toilet after a spirited afternoon at Olive Garden.

    Date: 02/28/17 Views: 249,078 Category: Compilations

  • REAL? Housewife Seduces Repairman

    REAL? Housewife Seduces Repairman

    Downside of marrying prostitutes from russiabride.com? Every dick in a three-mile radius is using your 9-5 to unload some nut sac gazpacho on your S/O. And don't even get me started on those ridiculous storage fees.

    Date: 01/05/17 Views: 240,552 Category: Slutty

  • Gorgeous Girl, UGLY SECRET (0:56)

    Gorgeous Girl, UGLY SECRET (0:56)

    Props to guy laying pipe. I haven't heard a teenager whine that ambiguously since the time I was caught defecating in the Blockbuster drop box in protest to late fees on my rental of Waterworld. FULL SCENE

    Date: 01/10/17 Views: 236,078 Category: WTF

  • Triple-D's at age 19

    Triple-D's at age 19

    I should warn you: Gravity has already won the war. I guess there's still life behind those nipples... but in 3 years TOPS, these things will have no use outside of being stunt doubles in the 3D reboot of Good Burger.

    Date: 02/20/17 Views: 233,745 Category: Anal

  • The Horse Whisperer

    The Horse Whisperer

    If proportions at all play a role in judging a girl's personality, I'd guesstimate this little wonton is floating between Emma Watson and Robert Downy Jr. And yet she handles the pipe like her name is Luigi. #RESPEKT

    Date: 01/26/17 Views: 226,850 Category: Big Dicks

  • Intro to Double Penetration

    Intro to Double Penetration

    Damn, she's bangin. So bangin I'd give up my limited edition Taylor Swift coffee enema system just to have a lick of her waistline after a 5K. Feel free to redden those cheeks bitch, it's the compliment of a lifetime.

    Date: 03/13/17 Views: 225,639 Category: Amateur



    Looks pretty predictable to me. She's got the tolerance of 1 ply toilet paper, and he's hung like a walrus tusk. Uncertainty & swollen lymph nodes should be expected.

    Date: 02/18/17 Views: 221,047 Category: Big Dicks

  • Ecuadorian Teen Gangbang

    Ecuadorian Teen Gangbang

    And by gangbang I mean 1 sexually inept man losing his virginity while Oscar De Lahoya's 2 cousins spectate. Only thing missing is a Mariachi band and one token black guy repeatedly screaming "wurlstar". (RIP Q)

    Date: 01/28/17 Views: 220,406 Category: Amateur



    We're only two weeks into 2017, but I feel confident in my assessment of her particular set of skills & 4 outta 5 pornographic connoisseurs would agree. You know what that means? 1 of them is a fucking idiot. That's what.

    Date: 01/13/17 Views: 218,606 Category: Impressive

  • Calling an Audible

    Calling an Audible

    02:53 - "You can fuck the shit out of me now!"
    03:05 - [INSTANT REGRET]
    03:09 - " I WANT U 2 CUM"

    Date: 02/14/17 Views: 217,346 Category: Anal

  • How to Flirt in Oklahoma

    How to Flirt in Oklahoma


    Date: 03/21/17 Views: 216,901 Category: Lesbians

  • Boned, Stoned and Sent Home

    Boned, Stoned and Sent Home

    Impressive tolerance on her part TBH. She's got that my uncle and dad are the same person, so I listen to System of a Down on vinyl look down pat. Just curious: Does chlamydia cancel itself out if you get it twice or?

    Date: 01/31/17 Views: 211,623 Category: Drunk

  • All in the Family

    All in the Family

    Don't let the location fool you. This Putana's tough girl persona is as real as KFC's hand-washing policy. Such as illustrated after her 'brother's' attempt at literally fucking the tears out of her. P.S. WTF @ 1:25 LOL

    Date: 01/11/17 Views: 206,681 Category: Incest



    If only she put as much effort into real porn as she did into the Full House of scripted prank TV, maybe I'd feel proud about filling up that 6 pack of tube socks with homemade ranch dressing. But I don't. FULL VERSION

    Date: 12/27/16 Views: 205,000 Category: Public



    Incestial overtones, moose-like oral sex and a webcam pre-dating the 1st season of Power Rangers. This has it all, and Miss Giggles earned bonus points @ 3:25. Not even D & B swag can swing her out of this family tree.

    Date: 02/06/17 Views: 203,326 Category: Incest

  • Sexy Time Surprise

    Sexy Time Surprise


    Date: 02/04/17 Views: 202,574 Category: Busted

  • Purging a Persian

    Purging a Persian

    Olive oil-based hair gel, tit jewelry, all-gold-everything: You'd think a girl with this degree of stereotyping would like pain. TIP: she dont. teh dingdong hits her sphincter like a sac of Aladdin VHS tapes, and then it's ADIOS $$.

    Date: 12/31/16 Views: 198,557 Category: Anal

  • "hey mom, guess what i'm doing"

    "hey mom, guess what i'm doing"

    The modern camgirl can't go 1 day without involving innocent bystanders in their gash smash power hour. It's a condition us folks refer to as token-osis, and this bug-eyed bitch is closing in on stage 4. Inoperable.

    Date: 01/15/17 Views: 195,402 Category: Webcams

  • Bigger Than She Thought

    Bigger Than She Thought

    Who? Alina West. The only pornstar I remember by name. Why? Cute, low-maintenance, & if you uppercut her cervix just right, she develops a speech impediment like Stan's twat of a sister on South Park. #FAPGASM.

    Date: 03/26/17 Views: 193,210 Category: Big Dicks