This is Kennedy Kressler. I like her, but she's paler than a corpse and built like an Ethiopian. This is basically a head-of-hair away from being Teenager Stage 4 Cancer Porn. I should patent that. More HERE + HERE.

Date: 04/23/14 | Views: 5607 | Category: Amateur

Domingo & Co drop their chimichangas and head to the rooftop for some ol' fashioned Salvadoran fun: dropping 4 gallons of asparagus-enriched urine onto 2 lovers, mid-buttfuck. #domingo #asparagus #worldofpain

Date: 04/22/14 | Views: 31482 | Category: Assholes

This girl is special. Her face says "I shop at Trader Joes and dance to Harry Potter-inspired techno music" but from the neck down she has the body of a pornstar. Oh.. and she masturbates in front of mom. #marryme.

Date: 04/21/14 | Views: 65490 | Category: Webcams

Some of these clips suck. Others will generate increased blood flow to your nether regions. Dispense mom's Cherry-Almond Jergens moisturizer accordingly.

Date: 04/19/14 | Views: 81501 | Category: Amateur

CGI? Butt implants? Life-long addiction to Taco Bell Pintos & Cheese? I don't even care. Just imagine her arching out and doing the frog squat on your Slim Jim. You'll cum so hard your semen will pelt the ceiling.

Date: 04/19/14 | Views: 40557 | Category: Picture

More like Steve Martin, 45,000 Sloppy Joes later. Whoever he is, I hope liquidating your 401k just to glory-fuck a Suicide Girls reject was worth the 4 minutes and 38 seconds of extramarital pleasure.

Date: 04/17/14 | Views: 52979 | Category: Seniors

This girl's physique is absolutely insane. Subservient, low-functioning personality too. I want to hug her. I want to kiss her. I want to eat seasonal fruit and vanilla bean Pinkberry out her asshole. In that order.

Date: 04/16/14 | Views: 83382 | Category: Anal

Someone kindly ask Paul Ryan/Slenderman to zip up his Chinos and put away the skin tag. If you wanna flash moderately attractive 19 y/o's in front of Forever 21, cool. But you need to have a cock. It's a prerequisite.

Date: 04/14/14 | Views: 66467 | Category: Picture

Gingerpuss youtube's an incredibly dumb/erotic video of her drooling onto her own twat, which I'd like to add is amazingly bulbous. McDonald's hamburger status. Turn your head sideways and you'll understand.

Date: 04/13/14 | Views: 73117 | Category: WTF

Think your Fridays are fun? Time to reevaluate, faggot. This babe does it all, and by all I mean A.) exposes her turtling prolapse to patrons @ Starbucks B.) compares a fireman's penis to that of a lapdog. 20 times in a row.

Date: 04/11/14 | Views: 44808 | Category: Public

Undoubtedly fake (dat belly button) but still pretty abhorrent IMO. I will say though - nobody was hurt, everyone was paid, and a special someone did land a pretty cool IMDB credit: Fetus Punching Victim #3.

Date: 04/10/14 | Views: 65021 | Category: GIF

Vigorous ass-dildoing churns an unforeseen dookie into mashed pooptatoes, as her entire chatroom watches in disgust. She ends up totally mortified. I end up totally erect. Fun starts @ .45 mark. MORE VIDEOS HERE.

Date: 04/10/14 | Views: 84379 | Category: Webcams

Why does he decline? Why does she offer? Was it a genuine offer or a trap? Email me ur thoughts. Haven't been this fascinated since the discovery of my VCR's slow-mo function + Kevin Bacon's penis in Wild Things.

Date: 04/08/14 | Views: 106364 | Category: WTF

Chuck & Buck combine penile forces and quite literally fuck the basic motor function out of this washed up skank biscuit. The mere suggestion of resuming intercourse frightens her (2.50 mark). #GrabTheJergens

Date: 04/07/14 | Views: 95343 | Category: Anal

and a beautiful face. and amazing tits. But how about the personality? Probably less depth than a gerbil's vagina. I like you, I'll pleasure myself to you, but the pedestal remains reserved for Veronica Mars.

Date: 04/06/14 | Views: 116428 | Category: Public

Newly divorced mother of 6 gets the menopause fucked out of her after discovering The smell of the crusty one-night-stand will eventually fade, but the sound of mom cumming is forever.

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Not-so-little Lupe goes balls deep on a cock thicker than her forearm and blacker than Don Cheadle's asshole. Pretty impressive stuff, but again, blacker than Don Cheadle's asshole.

Date: 04/04/14 | Views: 184049 | Category: Big Dicks

I can forgive the potato-grade camcorder quality. I can look past the fatass's synthetic stunt cock. But the inexplicable use of French's mustard as an anal lubricant? 0/10, you premature balding, slovenly fuck.

Date: 04/04/14 | Views: 58778 | Category: WTF

Pretty hot, amiright? Too bad she's no amateur. This is pornstar Jessie Rogers. Never heard of her? Lemme put it this way. That vadge has serviced more cocks than a public urinal in New Delhi. #buzzkill.

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Armani Almondjoy takes one to the cranium from a gun about as big as Shaquille O'Neal's penis. Flaccid. Pretty creative way to bite the dust, but a far cry compared to Fucked-To-Death-By-1000-Pound-Stallion.

Date: 04/03/14 | Views: 58890 | Category: Terrorism