• Sexual Assault... FOR JUSTICE!

    Sexual Assault... FOR JUSTICE!


    Date: 05/25/17 Views: 11,703 Category: Assholes

  • Mom HATES it, Dad Doesn't (LMAO)

    Mom HATES it, Dad Doesn't (LMAO)

    Downside to MILFS having a mid-life crisis? Every time you try reliving her youth, the menopausal bitch fest comes roaring through. Then there's the other end of the spectrum: Mom's with foot-longs, but no time to use 'em.

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  • Real Deflowering?

    Real Deflowering?

    There's something endearing about a girl that has the pain tolerance of an NFL linebacker. Her talents scream give me 6 months, and my butthole will be a footlocker for Mexican cartels. Clearly we're looking at wife material.

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  • The Most Stunning Girl of 2017

    The Most Stunning Girl of 2017

    Athena Faris. [full version]

    Date: 05/24/17 Views: 39,038 Category: Hot

  • Guy Fucks 18 Y/O Hooker with Syphilis

    Guy Fucks 18 Y/O Hooker with Syphilis

    Skip to the 0:22 mark. The part where he goes Golden Retriever on her zombie crotch. If those lesions don't scream "i've had sexual relations with dogs, donkeys and/or Katy Perry", I really can't tell you what does.

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  • He Got Arrested for This

    He Got Arrested for This

    Story HERE

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  • Shoulda finished high school!

    Shoulda finished high school!

    How this girl was convinced to double fuck half the cast of No Country For Old Men is beyond me, but I bet my bottom shilling it had something to do with maxed out credit cards, and an unorthodox addiction to Cialis. GG

    Date: 05/22/17 Views: 77,153 Category: Seniors

  • "I can take 10 guys at once"

    "I can take 10 guys at once"

    Ya just got done telling the world your crotch sees more activity than the YMCA... is it really a time for giggles? Sit in a tub of peroxide & think it over.

    Date: 05/21/17 Views: 82,687 Category: Slutty

  • Legit 13-Incher

    Legit 13-Incher

    This is ridiculous. Not lol-ridiculous like a chunk of society identifying as non-binary lesbian attack helicopters. She has zero reaction to being gutted like a sturgeon, and I keep waiting for David Attenborough's explanation.

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    I don't know what's worse: #1's future as a dolphin whisperer, or #4's daddy issues being the hottest thing about her. One more kodak moment HERE.

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  • Slight Age Difference

    Slight Age Difference

    Mr. Wilson, nooooooo!

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    Dare give your pocket change to a girl with one of these things crammed up her barking walrus, and you'll be rewarded with more shakes than an epileptic with a day pass to Six Flags. SPOILER ALERT: Bitches be faking.

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  • Instagram Model Does Porn (AMAZING)

    Instagram Model Does Porn (AMAZING)


    Date: 05/18/17 Views: 96,888 Category: Impressive

  • TBT: Roommate Wants to Watch

    TBT: Roommate Wants to Watch

    Reminds me of the time I finally gamed that redhead at Baskin Robbins with the clubbed foot, and miscalculated my mother's arrival time. Not since Forest Gump, have I seen someone with a disability run so damn fast.

    Date: 05/18/17 Views: 109,524 Category: Amateur

  • REAL: Stranger Crashes Porn Shoot

    REAL: Stranger Crashes Porn Shoot

    Hilarity strikes when a day-laborer notices two triple-D's swinging in the distance, and feels the sudden urge to flog the dolphin. Fuck the customer service line at Walmart, this deviant just found his target audience HAHA.

    Date: 05/17/17 Views: 103,208 Category: Cringe

  • Recipe for Destruction

    Recipe for Destruction

    No rectal penetration... but trust when I say anal stimulation was achieved faggit. Lavar's elephant tusk makes contact with all erogenous zones, no matter the entry point. That's the primary benefit of weighing 71.5 lbs.

    Date: 05/17/17 Views: 83,418 Category: Flexible



    Take your average Old Navy cashier, incentivize her with 4 minutes of Facebook Live fame and 2 complimentary strains of HPV, and this is what you get. Apply all yogurt-based lubricants and gift cards accordingly.

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  • Welp, that escalated quickly...

    Welp, that escalated quickly...


    Date: 05/16/17 Views: 81,499 Category: LMAO



    Really brings me back.

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  • Crying makes him cum??

    Crying makes him cum??

    Wife has second thoughts about the butthole boogaloo, right as he's about to shoot some tadpoles at the moon. But there's no escape, she voluntarily submits. In other words: This is a PSA on the importance of communication.

    Date: 05/15/17 Views: 102,785 Category: WTF

  • Too Tight

    Too Tight

    0:50: "keep going!"
    0:51: fffffghaarrrrgghh
    1:01: "did u really ju-?"

    Date: 05/14/17 Views: 167,922 Category: Premature

  • Well... you tried your best

    Well... you tried your best

    There's initiative, I'll give her that. But she's got shitty acting skills like WWE fans have male pattern baldness, & I'm dedicating both hands to her for it.

    Date: 05/14/17 Views: 39,653 Category: Porn

  • That wasn't on your TINDER profile!

    That wasn't on your TINDER profile!

    110% cock teaser.

    Date: 05/13/17 Views: 105,626 Category: GIF

  • Jungle Fever

    Jungle Fever

    I'll forgive the lack of tits in this video. I understand your need for attention. But cutting off the petting zoo fantasy BEFORE stepping foot into the Madagascar exhibit? ZERO STARS, you blue-balling, distrustful shit pigeon.

    Date: 05/13/17 Views: 73,497 Category: Animals

  • Ballsy Girl Calls Mom

    Ballsy Girl Calls Mom

    A black guy banging wrecking her pink wrinkle, and they're having a conversation about chocolate peanut butter? Fan-fuckin-tastic.

    Date: 05/12/17 Views: 101,878 Category: LMAO

  • Surprise of the Month

    Surprise of the Month

    WOW. Between having the penis of a guinea pig, and the hairline of Danny Devito, I don't know what this Idaho spud fuck was thinking. Whattaya guess he titled this for home use? 'Caterpillar Cock Campaign #3'?? HAHA

    Date: 05/12/17 Views: 98,849 Category: Public

  • Saying Goodbye to a Legend

    Saying Goodbye to a Legend

    Shame this girl doesn't make videos anymore. A damn crying shame. Never again will we see this level of excitement when it comes to colonizing the brown planet. Today's fap will be followed by a moment of silence. RIP.

    Date: 05/11/17 Views: 149,508 Category: Anal



    These guys are one of the best porn site databases, with detailed reviews of porn sites. It's almost like an IMDB for porno. 10/10, would fap again.

    Date: 05/11/17 Views: 24,755 Category: Advertisement

  • 1 Girl, 12 Guys, NO FEAR

    1 Girl, 12 Guys, NO FEAR

    Consider this a pleasant reminder that if you think you're really good at something, an Asian is already doing it better. Especially ones that can multitask a 4.0 GPA and more sausage than a birthday party in New Jersey.

    Date: 05/10/17 Views: 156,522 Category: Slutty