• Young and SHAMELESS

    Young and SHAMELESS

    More here

    Date: 08/16/17 Views: 22,683 Category: Slutty

  • 25% Consensual

    25% Consensual

    This chumpo prefers his women to be on the defensive, specifically ones that have the best set of knockers I've seen this side of Walmart's customer service line. I promise, its the greatest ICP-fan sex tape you'll fap to today.

    Date: 08/16/17 Views: 25,884 Category: Hot

  • You Can't Break Her

    You Can't Break Her

    How many times have I said "mother of fuckin' AC Fucking Slater, this dude's custard cannon weighs more than her entire body" ? Sixty four. How many times did I actually mean it in the literal sense? Zero. UNTIL NOW.

    Date: 08/15/17 Views: 47,346 Category: Big Dicks



    HotKinkyJo staying relevant by once again cramming the unthinkable up the street with no dead end, if anything at all to make us believe in the art of practical special effects. She's the David Blaine of all things internal.

    Date: 08/15/17 Views: 34,076 Category: GIF

  • Okay... what the FUCK is this?

    Okay... what the FUCK is this?

    Dude must've spent a good portion of his life being blue-balled, leaving him with only 1 pathway to sex outside of the zoo. He deals with fornication the same way I dealt with Battletoads on NES... buttnaked and confused.

    Date: 08/14/17 Views: 74,027 Category: Bizarre

  • Disturbingly Realistic

    Disturbingly Realistic

    Kenzie Reeves. aka porn's newest 78 pound answer to the most important question of 2017: "how far can we go with incestuous storylines?" A sexual Joanna Lannister if you will. More ridiculous facial expressions HERE.

    Date: 08/14/17 Views: 62,766 Category: Porn

  • The Gentleman's Guide to Anal Sex

    The Gentleman's Guide to Anal Sex

    This guy might as well be the Conor McGregor of butthole dysfunction, and today he's teaching Relationships 101. Adopt his patented "Oklahoma whiff n' dip", and I promise, ur lady will never think about crying misogyny again.

    Date: 08/13/17 Views: 81,520 Category: Assholes

  • She's a Fighter

    She's a Fighter

    @avoidingthepuddle, breakdown these just-frames for me.

    Date: 08/13/17 Views: 62,099 Category: Cosplay

  • Damaged Goods at 19 Y/O

    Damaged Goods at 19 Y/O

    Bad translation, or a new wave of feminism? I don't know, but her days of leading roles are over. It'd be like casting Dwayne Johnson in a drama about physically handicapped transgenders. Some things just can't be pulled off.

    Date: 08/12/17 Views: 71,904 Category: Fail

  • LOL That's All You Got?

    LOL That's All You Got?

    Humiliating defeat.

    Date: 08/12/17 Views: 83,319 Category: Premature

  • SURPRISE at the Glory Hole

    SURPRISE at the Glory Hole

    As if whoring his girlfriend out to multiple strangers on Tinder isn't bad enough, this roody poo cuckaboo discovers a new way to bloom in the garden of STD's. Except this time, they're actually out of their element, lol.

    Date: 08/11/17 Views: 89,339 Category: WTF




    Date: 08/11/17 Views: 99,286 Category: MILF

  • Shit Just Got Real!

    Shit Just Got Real!

    Camgirl? Pro? More like Jennifer Lawrence 27 trips to Burning Man later. Whoever she is, I hope sacrificing complete control over her rectal muscles was worth the 50 tokens. Interesting approach to spearfishing seen @8:58.

    Date: 08/10/17 Views: 97,981 Category: Anal

  • Twisted Sisters

    Twisted Sisters

    This is perverse. More perverse than that time I took advantage of free chimichanga day at a local taco hut before a colonoscopy. Wait no, that was hilarious. In other words: 'i made it rain'. More public depravity videos HERE.

    Date: 08/10/17 Views: 82,486 Category: Incest

  • I'll NEVER trust porn again

    I'll NEVER trust porn again

    No one will notice, right?

    Date: 08/09/17 Views: 101,611 Category: Busted



    Most erections flat line after being denied so aggressively, maybe translate into a domestic violence case or 3. Not this guy. He refuses to take no for an answer, and the result is more physical therapy than physical attraction.

    Date: 08/09/17 Views: 88,847 Category: Anal



    Full story here

    Date: 08/08/17 Views: 89,515 Category: Cops

  • "That was my 1st orgasm ever"

    "That was my 1st orgasm ever"

    Do I believe her? Nope. Not because she's purposely lying. More because she fucks like a sloth on life support. If homeboy was these recruiting girls through the Internet, I'd say this was the sexual equivalent of a Groupon.

    Date: 08/08/17 Views: 74,264 Category: Virgins

  • The Master of Not Giving a Fuck

    The Master of Not Giving a Fuck

    My gut instinct tells me this guy's basement being free of dead bodies is almost as probable as Kanye West becoming president in 2020... but I do find his no-filter approach to breaking the ice compelling. Your thoughts?

    Date: 08/07/17 Views: 93,334 Category: Freaks

  • "that's not cum... is it?"

    "that's not cum... is it?"

    Newb works feverishly to bring her BFF to climax, only to question/smell the sour cream that gets ejected out. Best of luck in the LGBT community gals. A sea of promising high school gym teacher careers awaits you.

    Date: 08/07/17 Views: 96,206 Category: Derp

  • BAD Place to Fuck Your Girlfriend

    BAD Place to Fuck Your Girlfriend

    Great taste in women, poor taste in location. Two words homie: Chipotle Bathroom. At least in there indeterminable body fluids are a common sight, and it doesn't ruin the ending of Moby Dick you abhorrent, free-balling fuck.

    Date: 08/06/17 Views: 99,533 Category: Busted

  • How Feminism Starts

    How Feminism Starts

    It's the same platypus lookin mother fucker that combined autism and sexual assault into 1 revolting video. Your already asking "how do you top dat?" Answer: You can't. But making Nancy Grace Jr. watch is a close 2nd.

    Date: 08/06/17 Views: 88,907 Category: Assholes




    Date: 08/05/17 Views: 87,735 Category: Gamers

  • World's Most Awkward 'Happy Ending'

    World's Most Awkward 'Happy Ending'

    I like how the girl at the end does some Power Ranger hand movements on his dick, keeping things professional and massage-like, rather than giving him a straight up stroke job. In her mind, she's only half a whore. Adorable.

    Date: 08/05/17 Views: 85,507 Category: Cringe

  • So Bold, So Brave

    So Bold, So Brave

    Riley Reyes. Maybe you've heard of her? She has a strict "no escorting cuz dats degrading" policy, but turning her anus into Pablo Picasso is a-okay. Imagine combining Iggy Azalea's waistline with Tumblr. This is the result.

    Date: 08/04/17 Views: 117,703 Category: Anal

  • Bad Way to Start Your Twitch Career

    Bad Way to Start Your Twitch Career

    Fully functioning adult and doesn't know what flammable means. But on this site, all that matters is the size of bits bucket... and proportionately speaking, I'm willing to bet she's got her Tampax paid through retirement.

    Date: 08/04/17 Views: 94,714 Category: LMAO

  • I Lasted 37 Seconds

    I Lasted 37 Seconds

    More videos HERE
    Get banned by her HERE

    Date: 08/03/17 Views: 154,622 Category: Hot

  • Amazing Girl, UGLY SECRET (0:56)

    Amazing Girl, UGLY SECRET (0:56)

    Props to guy laying pipe. I haven't heard a teenager whine that ambiguously since that time I was caught defecating in the Blockbuster drop-box in protest to late fees on my rental of Johnny Mnemonic. FULL SCENE HERE

    Date: 08/03/17 Views: 236,536 Category: WTF

  • Best. UBER. Passenger. Ever.

    Best. UBER. Passenger. Ever.

    Don't let the heart-shaped buttplug fool you. This girl has zero love for strangers and their upholstery. Such as illustrated after she downtowns her charlie brown... which the driver somehow is totally unaware of. Hilarious.

    Date: 08/02/17 Views: 235,272 Category: Fappers

  • Overwhelmed by Anal

    Overwhelmed by Anal

    You can't actually tell what orifice is being breached from this angle, but I'm gonna go ahead and confirm rectal infiltration. Only 2 things make a girl scowl like THAT, and I didn't see Mel Gibson anywhere. So... #CONFIRMED

    Date: 08/02/17 Views: 102,463 Category: Ouch