Some things black people love: #1 - Fitted Caps [w/ tags]. #2 - race riots. #3 - Jordan's and solid colored t-shirts. And finally, #4 thing black people love... Dry fucking everything.

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This naive/young girl just got caught sucking her boyfriend's dick by her mom. But the only thing the mom's mad about is how lousy her daughter is at giving head. Time for a mother to pass on some tricks by example. All I ever get from girls mom is an ultimatum.

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Fun times in the former Soviet Russia. Vladimir Putin himself would shake this mans hand for such a an outstanding act of fellatio.

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Casting couch guy found a pretty hot milf off tinder, the new dating mobile app that allows you to make poor life choices easier and more socially acceptable than ever before. Just a matter of time until horror stories start flooding the news.

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She looks like the kinda girl you could proudly introduce to mom. Adorable, well maintained but she has a secret. A secret that sets her one above the rest, she has no gag reflex and happily deep throats cock with a smile. Beautiful.

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That skinny excuse of a man there just cheated on his wife (the girl in black) and got busted! The young pretty mistress in the back just watches the drama unfold while the wife attempts to beat his ass as he just tries to smoke his cigarette.

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I can only show you the way. You have to see it for yourself...

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Meet Brittnay (how she spells it), her CEO dad would be like totally pissed if he found out this is what her daughters been up to when he's off with in Tokyo with lady boy strippers and cocaine.

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It's hard being a single mom, after the drug addicted father of her retarded son took off, she just doesn't have any time to herself. So when it comes to mommy getting her dick, she does it while keeping an eye on her little bundle of special.

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When white people aren't out paying taxes and fucking their dog, they're doing fucked up shit like this in their bedrooms.

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Foreign girl with a set of all natural tits hurting for cash. The scene's staged but best believe she's desperate for the cash because no hard working independent chick is gonna suck off Igor the camera guy for lulz.

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If a guy did this, he would be imprisoned and put on a sex offender list. I mean, she's masturbating in public, flashing people, and broadcasting her felonies online to a buncha pervert... but, since she has a vagina it's totally cool. I'd like to see some feminists fight for equal rights on this one.

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Yeah, that's a title that hurt me to type out. Anyways, the north korean Augustus Gloop didn't want to be fat anymore... Infact he didn't want be a boy anymore either and like a caterpillar that fat little asian kid became a boner inducing butterfly. WTF.

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Do you have a teenager you want to save for later? Just wrap that bitch in saran wrap, to ensure your jail bait will not be able to move or be tainted by outside pollutants or penises.

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Rocco and his token black friend totally put this girl through the ringer, by the end she looks like she endured a cock tsunami. There's nothing like enjoying a nice day by the lake, just hanging out with friends getting some sun and some sucky-fucky.

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Check out this adorable little white girl that loves being a cam whore. If she got any more excited she would piss herself and scream. Only thing is if she did that, my dick would get so hard I'd prolly break a blood vessel and die of aids.

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It's pretty horrible what women will do to be accepted and keep up with cultural beauty standards. But with that said, pretty much the entire before side can go kick rocks and the right side is welcome over for pizza at my place any time.

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From moans of joy to tears of pain. It's almost a shame to watch this guy wreck that beautiful little brown eye. Although she love's it for the most part, she really just isn't ready for a cock that big to go colon pounding on her tiny frame.

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To these kids, whiskey dick is what mommy's kisses smell like. I'm sure most of these are single moms that probably waitress or strip for work. Some will attain neck tattoos and forever display their ratchetness.

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Five foot nothing and 90 pounds, her interests include league of legends, dubstep and taking dick meant for women with hips better built for cock/children. I'd marry this one.

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