• 40 Years for Fucking Students

    40 Years for Fucking Students


    Date: 11/23/17 Views: 3,150 Category: Teachers

  • That's Legal in Russia II

    That's Legal in Russia II

    The long anticipated sequel to this gem, or gang initiation? I don't know, but maybe my logic is flawed to begin with: If it's not going in through the top, it probably has no business going in through the bottom ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Date: 11/22/17 Views: 38,938 Category: Russia

  • Community Service?

    Community Service?

    She's got Maybelline's bolt-on tits and doesn't give a fuck. They flirt, they grope, they jerk off like the Titanic is going down. Shit's goin good... till u realize it's just some Buzzfeed journalist living out a feminist wet dream.

    Date: 11/21/17 Views: 51,303 Category: Voyeur

  • Jessi Rogers Wants to Die

    Jessi Rogers Wants to Die

    Scroll to 10:00 mark. #annihilated

    Date: 11/21/17 Views: 66,028 Category: Groups

  • Casting Couch IRL

    Casting Couch IRL

    She may be short on words, but those facial expressions definitely tell a story. Specifically 'this is my life now', 'i hope i get Instagram followers' and my favorite: 'why do i fuck like a piece of expired celery?'. P.S. NICE ASS

    Date: 11/20/17 Views: 67,908 Category: Rekt

  • The 'CAUGHT!' Compilation

    The 'CAUGHT!' Compilation

    It's all fun n' games until your pre-planned window of jack off time gets commandeered. Humiliation hits these tards like a sac of Power Rangers VHS tapes, but some of them refuse to quit. Essentially redefining 'integrity'.

    Date: 11/20/17 Views: 121,365 Category: Busted

  • Exposing a Friend

    Exposing a Friend

    Goofy bitch works frantically to endanger her un-housebroken BFF... and seemingly succeeds thanks to a few zer0 fux givens and Instagram live.

    Date: 11/19/17 Views: 62,338 Category: Public

  • You were warned.

    You were warned.

    Here's a few staple rules to live your life by: 1) Don't copy what you see on the Internet. 2) Never stick your baby carrot in crazy. Both situations tend to have the same lopsided risk/reward ratio attached to the them. #warned

    Date: 11/19/17 Views: 59,698 Category: Freaks



    Meet 22-year-old Serenity. She has a knack for rejecting everything and anything resembling sexual contact during a porn scene. This video is an example of what happens to producers when The Cuntinator gets her way.

    Date: 11/18/17 Views: 125,279 Category: Bitches

  • Hulk, SMASHED

    Hulk, SMASHED

    dam son

    Date: 11/17/17 Views: 137,556 Category: Big Dicks

  • 5 Minutes in Paradise

    5 Minutes in Paradise

    Broski turns his sloot's vag into a personal CrossFit gym, busting all kinds of unsanctioned power moves that are guaranteed to reconfigure a few labias.

    Date: 11/17/17 Views: 96,600 Category: Rekt

  • The Legend of Buenos Aires

    The Legend of Buenos Aires

    Everybody has a gift. His is convincing solid 7's to double up on his bald headed field mouse while simultaneously crossing sexual orientation lines. A beautiful moment before being dropkicked back to the strawberry fields.

    Date: 11/16/17 Views: 97,996 Category: Amateur

  • REAL: Pornstar Bangs Instagram Fan

    REAL: Pornstar Bangs Instagram Fan

    Steven Tyler Nicole Aniston giving the gift that keeps on giving.

    Date: 11/16/17 Views: 112,665 Category: Alphas

  • Family Picnic

    Family Picnic

    I enjoy the finer things in life: like Burger King's Suicide Burger (look it up), director cuts of Nick Cage movies and oblivious acts of public intimacy. But as far as family values go... this group just dethroned The Brady Bunch.

    Date: 11/15/17 Views: 89,816 Category: Stripped

  • why?


    Meet 2017's newest sexual preference: virtual bladder busting. I prefer the scientific name RKS: Short for R. Kelly Syndrome. What a time to be alive.

    Date: 11/15/17 Views: 83,754 Category: Freaks

  • Dreams DO Come True

    Dreams DO Come True

    Want indisputable proof that Americans are all about philanthropy? Look no further my skeptical friends. Our boy wheels gets the handout of a lifetime, effectively erecting all jealous boners in a quarter mile radius.

    Date: 11/14/17 Views: 99,990 Category: WAT

  • Me Gusta Argentina

    Me Gusta Argentina

    More homemade empanada polishing HERE

    Date: 11/14/17 Views: 118,551 Category: Hot

  • OOPS! Sorry I ruined your blowjob

    OOPS! Sorry I ruined your blowjob

    Don't know who to blame, but judging by her reaction it's safe to say this happens more often than Usher hands out STD's. Combine that with his mouth-breathing friends going apeshit & boner time is officially cancelled.

    Date: 11/13/17 Views: 103,495 Category: Assholes



    2 rules: Don't touch the ink. And don't beat the shit out of her face. Talk about high standards. But this fire-eyed hose hog isn't fucking around . One costar decides to test her anyway, resulting in a brief but epic departure.

    Date: 11/12/17 Views: 99,772 Category: Quitters

  • Unexpected Cuckold Ending

    Unexpected Cuckold Ending

    Original plan was for Stewart to turn this triple decker into a 4way. Instead, he has an intimate moment with the Shitmaster 2000: Hyper Flush Edition.

    Date: 11/11/17 Views: 115,049 Category: Fail

  • My Kinda Woman

    My Kinda Woman

    #2017 #feminism #flirting #kentucky

    Date: 11/11/17 Views: 101,341 Category: Drunk

  • YouTuber Meets Pornhub

    YouTuber Meets Pornhub

    I'm really expecting this banana bimbo to have one of those corn beef gash vaginas... not an inconspicuous coin slot. Still hot I guess. Just scatter some corn seed around the room before intercourse and she'll feel right at home.

    Date: 11/10/17 Views: 95,278 Category: Cringe

  • Annnd she was never seen again

    Annnd she was never seen again

    Contrary to stereotypes, gOiNg wILd isn't really this ones specialty. She has sex like a confused chihuahua. Calling her back for a sequel is out of the question... but that's all okay when you look like 2003 Scarlett Johansson.

    Date: 11/10/17 Views: 121,738 Category: Porn

  • Wrong Times, Wrong Places

    Wrong Times, Wrong Places

    Watching girls live off the pocket change of degenerates usually sucks, but it's not without perks. I once saw a girl single-handedly stop the rise of the machines. But as far as precious memories go thats all up to these Jezebels.

    Date: 11/09/17 Views: 99,167 Category: Webcams

  • The Simultaneous Creampie

    The Simultaneous Creampie

    4 outa 5 heterosexuals agree this is gayer than San Fransisco after dark. But perma jock itch & urinary tract infections dont bother these 2. #helltotheno

    Date: 11/09/17 Views: 113,320 Category: WTF

  • Fearless Teen Mom

    Fearless Teen Mom

    I'm all for refusing to spend the extra $7.00 on a 3 pack of Magnums, but for real: if she doesn't start scouting better company eventually she'll end up on Maury Povich... and then it's "MISSION FAILED" a la Metal Gear Solid.

    Date: 11/08/17 Views: 164,083 Category: Slutty

  • Yes, she's 18

    Yes, she's 18

    Local miscreant suffering from the combo of anorexia & Fresh Prince of Bel Air fashion sense seeks out the easiest way to make tree fiddy: The leading role in a skin flick that even Kevin Spacey wouldn't be caught jacking off to.

    Date: 11/07/17 Views: 186,442 Category: Asians



    'Twitch Personality' ? I prefer the moniker 'Confused Prostitute'. Her only claim to fame is seducing rent money outta hopeless fucks that consider deodorant 'high fashion'. And then, the universe makes this happen...

    Date: 11/07/17 Views: 81,016 Category: Gamers




    Date: 11/06/17 Views: 90,651 Category: Cringe

  • THROWBACK: Sodomy of Horse-Face Girl

    THROWBACK: Sodomy of Horse-Face Girl

    I said it once, I'll say it again: sweet fuckin Mr. Bean, not even a Vietnamese plastic surgeon could Ctrl+Alt+Del the Clydesdale from this face. Decent body though. I shall dub u " fugliest ho i'd still go down on ". Run with that.

    Date: 11/06/17 Views: 115,015 Category: Anal