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  • Giving Her Ass to Strangers

    Giving Her Ass to Strangers

    California's finest group of vagrants get a whiff of something they haven't seen since MySpace was cool: Disease-free butthole. Some laugh, some cry, but all get thrown head-first into the faggot pile for not carpe diem'ing.

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  • Delivery Boy Wants More

    Delivery Boy Wants More

    1 mans quest to be cucked by a guy who gets paid in Wendy's coupons ends w/ a lustrous rub n' grub in a type of video I thought we've seen the last of. It's hard to turn a blind eye to the cellulite factor... but hey, at least it's real.

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  • "I'm ready for ana...oh FUKKKK"

    "I'm ready for ana...oh FUKKKK"

    New Jersey: Some go to acquire a competitive STD. Others, to pound the Staten Island outta locals. He prefers to do both... probably. First he canes the brown growler, then he full-on parks it in her poop port. DELIGHTFUL

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  • i don't believe you.

    i don't believe you.

    There's a thin line between 'homosexual curiosity' and 'Trap of the Century'. Where that line exists, I do not know. But I can sure as fuck tell you this bannana-slugged transsexual just crossed it. oh it's true. it's DAMN true

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  • This is Why I Have Trust Issues

    This is Why I Have Trust Issues

    There's a good reason why this one prefers stepping inside the squished muffin over traditional sex. A damn good reason indeed. $7 dollars, and my vintage Regis Philbin (signed) penis pump to anyone that can guess why.

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  • Expectation vs. Reality

    Expectation vs. Reality

    It's always a little depressing to disgust a girl that considers grasshoppers a staple food group. Consider it a toll for having the cock of an antelope.

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    This is kinda odd... I mean, she got caught spelunking in both holes and doesn't even try to cover it up. No embarrassment. No shame. Just me sitting here baffled, trying to figure out if this is the final stage of veganism.

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  • Is that legal in Russia? (FUCKED UP)

    Is that legal in Russia? (FUCKED UP)


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  • How to Ruin an 18-year-old

    How to Ruin an 18-year-old

    Reminds me of something my grammy would say: Don't hate the player with the deflated balloon knot, hate the game. Not since the reboot of Karate Kid have I been disgusted with men over the age of 50-years-old.

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  • Wait for it....

    Wait for it....

    Today's Learnings: Cute face ≠ Cute vagina.

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  • We've Got a KEEPER!

    We've Got a KEEPER!

    Fact: Everybody is born with a gift. Hers is the ability to convince complete strangers, through the Internet, that marriage is the best option. Now where do I, and the $7.50 left on this McDonald's gift card go to propose?

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  • Rejected by a Horse

    Rejected by a Horse

    I'll be surprised if this post doesn't get a lot of clicks. Suggestive beastality (aka speed dating in Arkansas) works wonders if the girl is decent enough.

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    Her hip-to-waist ratio is insane. But mother of fuckin' Iggy Pop... not even a Chinese plastic surgeon could Ctrl+Alt+Del the Stalone from that face. Impressive body tho.... I dub thee '#1 girl I'd be sodomized in the dark by'.

    Date: 07/14/17 Views: 133,038 Category: Amateur

  • 85lb Nerd Caught (again)

    85lb Nerd Caught (again)

    I remember her. I never held her hand. I never smelled her hair. And now it looks like she skipped middle age & jumped right to menopause. WTF YO?

    Date: 07/14/17 Views: 98,179 Category: Asians

  • 3 Minutes, 40 Orgasms

    3 Minutes, 40 Orgasms

    There's something genuinely intriguing about a girl who climaxes like there's solar panels wired to her fallopian tubes This is the kind of talent that screams "i backpacked through Nigeria and lived to tell the tale".

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  • How I Lost my Virginity in 2017

    How I Lost my Virginity in 2017

    This site taught me two important things today. a) discounted prostitutes with physical deformities are a relic of the past. and 2) Human contact will not be necessary for future ejaculations. VR's got me & my wallet covered.

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  • Wife Can't Escape!

    Wife Can't Escape!

    Russia: Some go for the stroganoff. Others go to stir up enough friction to earn a campfire badge. This guy does both. 1st he loads up on Leninade, then he hits that dirty squirrel like life depends on it. A role model, if u will.

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  • Ocscar-Worthy Performance

    Ocscar-Worthy Performance

    Actually, forget about her bachelors degree from Hulk Hogan School of Acting for a second and focus on that fucking sarlacc between her legs (15:20). I can't be the only one who's seeing the resemblance here right?

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  • Almost Scarred a Tourist for Life

    Almost Scarred a Tourist for Life

    A penis that needs it's own life boat, and an insanely high tolerance for pain. If there ever was an instructional video on why to lock the fucking door in public places, I'd declare these two just laid the groundwork for a sequel.

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  • Kim Kardashion Sex Tape: Part 2!

    Kim Kardashion Sex Tape: Part 2!

    Don't forget to check our Mr. Porn Geek's exclusive Best HD Porn Sites. His place is great at categorizing, and you'd be directly supporting Inhumanity.

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  • The Colossus

    The Colossus


    Date: 07/10/17 Views: 107,143 Category: Big Dicks

  • Rise of the Machines

    Rise of the Machines

    Cyberdyne's plan is clearer now

    Date: 07/10/17 Views: 78,138 Category: Webcams

  • There's no real reason for this

    There's no real reason for this

    Some goofy fuck pulled a Spielberg and remastered his entire discography of dick flicks ala Windows Movie Maker. One clip is relatively harmless... but a 30+ combo exhibition video? Nice, but try that on my Magneto function.

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  • "that was it?"

    "that was it?"

    Scroll to 2:46 for her official statement. A sad moment indeed. Not really as depressing as Amy Schumer getting theatrical movie releases . I'd say more along the lines of depressing like when Adam West died. ya feel me dawg?

    Date: 07/09/17 Views: 114,141 Category: Premature

  • Teacher of the Decade

    Teacher of the Decade

    Certainly not the first time an educator has turned her tuna dugout into the extra credit project, but she is one of the hottest. Rarely do I say this, but she's one cunt hair away from a supersize on my dime. Call me in 5-10?

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  • The Smooth Talker

    The Smooth Talker

    Same story every time: girl wants to brown the sausage, but she's about as good at taking it up the ass as I am at convincing super heavyweights on Tinder that my semen taste like Cold Stone cake batter. (2% success rate)

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  • Dad's Gonna Love Her

    Dad's Gonna Love Her

    If you listen closely, you can hear wedding bells in the background.

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  • Wait... they really were sisters?

    Wait... they really were sisters?

    u know you did something right when people start perusing biology just to prove which nipple you sucked 10 yrs ago was the wrong one. Join in HERE

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