• There's NO EXCUSE for This

    There's NO EXCUSE for This

    How does one earn such a title? First, be Serenity Haze. Then sign up for porn. Then refuse to do porn stuff. Finally, accuse the producer of rape and get caught lying over and over.

    Date: 10/18/18 Views: 19,392 Category: Bitches

  • White Girl Wednesdays

    White Girl Wednesdays

    "this is somebody elses girlfriend" lol

    Date: 10/17/18 Views: 45,554 Category: Alphas

  • Horrible Roommate

    Horrible Roommate

    This girl has really nice tits. So nice you'd almost completely forget the double layer of huggies you'd have to rip through in order to access the clitoris. #PASS

    Date: 10/16/18 Views: 70,986 Category: Nasty

  • 12... IN A ROW?

    12... IN A ROW?

    Interesting approach to entertainment. It's like Robot Chicken lost it's virginity to a Vietnamese midget. note: This site makes this kind of compilation every update (among all their other efukt-inspired edits) and that's not just cool... it's frosty.

    Date: 10/15/18 Views: 99,461 Category: Fail

  • One Night in Oklahoma

    One Night in Oklahoma

    8 seconds of watching this tells me this is about as common for her as it is for sound cloud rappers to have "lil" on their birth certificates... but I do find her enthusiasm extraordinary. Fetch my White Lion loin cloth, I wish to masturbate.

    Date: 10/15/18 Views: 104,893 Category: Drunk

  • 18-year-old Overloaded

    18-year-old Overloaded

    Firm titties? Vagina like a Redbox return slot? Identifies as a female more than 63% of the time? She already hit all 3 checkboxes on my wedding ring list. Step aside gentleman - me and the $11 left on this Chili's gift card will take it from here.

    Date: 10/14/18 Views: 86,991 Category: Hot

  • The TAP-OUT Compilation

    The TAP-OUT Compilation

    "y dont u want anymoe dick?!" HAHA

    Date: 10/13/18 Views: 128,520 Category: Compilations

  • First Time and Last Time

    First Time and Last Time

    Flattery is not exactly my strong point, but I gotta say: chick is bangin' yo. I'd gladly chew Kraft Macaroni and Cheese Ninja Turtles Edition out of Usain Bolts post-200 meter relay asshole just for a chance to hold her hand at KFC.

    Date: 10/12/18 Views: 130,191 Category: Amateur

  • You Stuck Your Dick in Crazy

    You Stuck Your Dick in Crazy

    But check out dem titties tho. Looks like she was gifted with both size and resistance to gravity. Fake melons of a similar caliber would set the average girl back about 10k. Translated into whoreconomics, that's nearly 273 rimjobs. #yikes

    Date: 10/11/18 Views: 93,219 Category: Webcams

  • Star in the Making

    Star in the Making

    My stance on knob-bobbing videos goes from 'fuck you' to 'i'll pay for her content a year from now' as this weiner protoge shows more potential than KANYE 2020.

    Date: 10/10/18 Views: 83,621 Category: Amateur

  • The Pussy Assassin

    The Pussy Assassin

    To say she's "in over her head this time" would be a bit of an understatement. Becky can't even get horizontal for more than 18 seconds before homeboy has her clitoris begging for mercy like me halfway into Venom last night.

    Date: 10/09/18 Views: 133,624 Category: Rekt



    Contrary to belief, there really is no limit to what a cam hooker will do to spike her token count. Example: This specimen. She stages family members, convulses like a feminist watching Fox news and challenges gravity - all under 60 seconds.

    Date: 10/08/18 Views: 100,581 Category: Webcams

  • 17 Shameless Girls

    17 Shameless Girls

    There's 2 things I try my best no to do: 1.) masturbate in Burger King's drive-thru. And 2.) bullshit my viewers. That said, this video is pretty basic. But hey - the genitals are youthful & the humiliation is non-existent. Good enough for me.

    Date: 10/07/18 Views: 186,853 Category: Voyeur



    Missalice18. 10 years of blueballing has come to an end my friends. May our tube socks never see a dry day again and our erections put Viagra out of business.

    Date: 10/06/18 Views: 160,736 Category: Hot

  • Boyfriend of the Month?

    Boyfriend of the Month?


    Date: 10/06/18 Views: 103,873 Category: Alphas

  • REAL? Teacher Gives NO FUCKS

    REAL? Teacher Gives NO FUCKS

    Aspiring English professor by day, Chaturbate trainee by... mid-day. Apparently this is legit, but I have skepticism like Tom Cruise has homosexuality. Despite the location and her reasonably-priced cardigan attire... I'm still calling bullshit.

    Date: 10/05/18 Views: 150,462 Category: Teachers

  • 4 Stages of Incest

    4 Stages of Incest

    Level 1: Fear
    Level 2: Fear
    Level 3: Fear
    Level 4: Cereal

    Date: 10/04/18 Views: 125,963 Category: Incest

  • I Regret Everything

    I Regret Everything

    Pretty slick combination of fuckery and remorse going on here. side note: This site makes this kind of compilation video for every update they post (among all their other efukt-inspired edits) and that's not just cool... it's COOL AS ICE

    Date: 10/03/18 Views: 146,251 Category: LMAO

  • "lol im fucking your girlfriend"

    "lol im fucking your girlfriend"

    Looking like Chris Bale from The Machinist, while your S/O gets a mouthful of bonerschnitzil. Exactly how you shouldn't spend the night after visiting grandma.

    Date: 10/02/18 Views: 165,803 Category: Cuck

  • Ruining an Escort's Day

    Ruining an Escort's Day

    From the clearance section of BackPage.com comes an escort sporting bed bugs, a wonky titty, and a heart of gold. Her entire scene is just one cluster fuck of fail.

    Date: 09/29/18 Views: 163,108 Category: LMAO

  • "haha we put this on Instagram"

    "haha we put this on Instagram"


    Date: 09/28/18 Views: 160,656 Category: Assholes

  • The Legend Himself

    The Legend Himself

    That's it. As far as I'm concerned the line between memes and real life officially doesn't exist anymore. Bring on the moth gangbangs and bowsette ejaculations.

    Date: 09/27/18 Views: 143,616 Category: Hookers

  • Suckin Strangers

    Suckin Strangers

    Is that the look of disgust? Jealousy? Figuring out which tent she left her organic tampons in? I don't even care. Just let me know where the line starts to get my own personal case of gonorrhea, and let my people eat. #whitegirlwednesdays

    Date: 09/26/18 Views: 131,523 Category: Public

  • Rent's Overdue

    Rent's Overdue

    Turns out those 'female respondents only 'ads on Craigslist yield interesting results. Specifically in the "bobbing for Alabama crab apples" department.

    Date: 09/25/18 Views: 157,208 Category: Anal

  • The "SURPRISE!" Compilation

    The "SURPRISE!" Compilation

    I can forgive the potato-grade video quality. I understand the lack of names to prevent Instagram stalking. But cutting off the girls @3:39 before they ran to use honey dijon as lubricant? ZERO/5 stars you simple-minded, incredulous fuck.

    Date: 09/24/18 Views: 153,823 Category: Assholes



    oh boi oh boi

    Date: 09/23/18 Views: 233,103 Category: Teen

  • "was that sexual assault? IDK!"

    "was that sexual assault? IDK!"

    Oodles of college br0s gather for a simulated lynching. Shit gets kooky when Qualeek and Co. expose her C-cups, erecting all mongoose dicks in a 20 mile radius. Oddly enough, she leaves with a smile. Unlike this unfortunate specimen

    Date: 09/22/18 Views: 147,112 Category: Voyeur

  • DAMN! Mom is PACKIN'

    DAMN! Mom is PACKIN'

    Jacked Mac from IASIP navigates his way through the kind of vagina rappers always lie to you about. In other words: make this one a Netflix kinda night.

    Date: 09/21/18 Views: 142,162 Category: MILF

  • How to Traumatize a Teenager

    How to Traumatize a Teenager

    Not since the Olsen twin eating disorders have I seen such misuse of a white girl. The niche for being beaten unconscious is a limited one, but you better fucking believe it's gatekeeped by Odette Delacroix. More abnormal erections HERE

    Date: 09/20/18 Views: 333,529 Category: Rekt

  • Unexpected Visitor

    Unexpected Visitor

    Molly Ringwald is about 3.5 seconds away from blooming her onion when daddy comes-a-knockin. Fake? Yes. Do I play the Breakfast Club soundtrack and spill hand mayonnaise on the floor like the McDonald's night-shift anyway? Yes.

    Date: 09/19/18 Views: 151,374 Category: Busted