• Don't be Proud of This

    Don't be Proud of This


    Date: 10/02/17 Views: 93,337 Category: Impressive

  • She Almost Cried (LOL)

    She Almost Cried (LOL)

    A quick romp in the ole' spaghetti house goes south once this derpo realizes she needs to reevaluate her choice in birth control. But blinded by peer pressure & $1.75, she goes on. The result? A Tampax commercial.

    Date: 10/02/17 Views: 96,248 Category: Surprise

  • Epic Butterface is Epic II

    Epic Butterface is Epic II

    She looks fine from the waist down, DAMN fine for that matter. But head north and it becomes pretty obvious who had to breed to produce that chin. Mother: Sarah Jessica Parker. Father: Kal-El from the planet Krypton.

    Date: 10/01/17 Views: 90,867 Category: Derp

  • Meanwhile, in Japan...

    Meanwhile, in Japan...

    Date: 10/01/17 Views: 119,529 Category: Compilations

  • Unwanted Spectator!

    Unwanted Spectator!

    Before today I was absolutely certain of two critical things: 1: Blondes are inherently on the spectrum for autism. And 2: Cats are born assholes. Looks like my opinions have officially been reinforced. See her live HERE

    Date: 09/30/17 Views: 120,833 Category: Amateur

  • Sent into Early Retirement

    Sent into Early Retirement

    Desperate for fame and isn't afraid of lying on her resume. If these aren't the quintessential ingredients to be Nacho Vidal's next penis ornament, I don't know what is. Now save up those Pesos and fly the U.S and A. kthx.

    Date: 09/29/17 Views: 163,076 Category: Anal

  • They got banned from Chaturbate for this

    They got banned from Chaturbate for this

    proof HERE Apparently it was temporary. But how this girl remains sexually aroused is beyond me. 8 hour days of being molested by a Menudo cover band seems like it would dry out the sandbox pretty fucking quick.

    Date: 09/29/17 Views: 167,615 Category: Webcams

  • The HORRORS of Cuckolding

    The HORRORS of Cuckolding

    If you've been gifted the genitalia of a hamster, it's best to break the ice through other means. Such as a political anecdote, or shitting ur pants for example. Both yield better odds of gettin laid than what this turd did HAHA

    Date: 09/28/17 Views: 159,774 Category: WTF

  • "sorry I broke your wife"

    "sorry I broke your wife"

    I'm linking to her entire gallery of videos, but if your interest is in the fallopian tube rearrangement I've selected for the thumbnail: FRET NOT. Your chlamydia-flavored soccer mom awaits you at the end of this link.

    Date: 09/28/17 Views: 143,019 Category: Rekt

  • Beautiful Disaster

    Beautiful Disaster

    No context, no story. Just a gaggle of solid 7's doing their best impression of the morning after a night spent in Tiger Woods' hotel room. I've never seen such disrespect for bearded Brazilian beef beavers in all my damn life.

    Date: 09/27/17 Views: 100,164 Category: Ouch

  • that time my uncle showed me how to have sex

    that time my uncle showed me how to have sex

    You know times are tough when you accept Hubert "i have warrants" Molesterol's offer to take his wrinkly banana for meager pay. Fun Fact: This dirty fuck got 5 girls pregnant before closing down Geriatric Studios. MORE

    Date: 09/26/17 Views: 122,611 Category: Teen

  • Imposter of the Decade

    Imposter of the Decade


    Date: 09/25/17 Views: 126,721 Category: Gallery

  • Deplorables


    Fresh off a Walmonster shift and new to the porn scene, this hillbilly combo carve themselves right into the animal kingdom. An unfortunately accurate title for what's (probably) the biggest gag-inducer you'll witness all day.

    Date: 09/25/17 Views: 112,093 Category: Surprise

  • Disappointment of the Day

    Disappointment of the Day

    I'm thinking it might be best you just stay behind that wall and never reveal your identity. That thing you're sticking through the wall has a hair trigger.

    Date: 09/24/17 Views: 141,128 Category: Premature

  • The Unicorn

    The Unicorn

    What's life's greatest mystery? Aliens? The Bermuda Triangle? Tyler Perry movies? How about who the fuck this Grade-AA prime rib piece of ass is, & why she doesn't have a library of videos that compromise her sphincter?

    Date: 09/24/17 Views: 109,614 Category: Hot



    She was raised on a strict no-negro diet: 1 lick of the chocolate bagpipe, and it's sayonara to her trust fund. So what happens when her daddy-bro-uncle stumbles upon this classic bait and switch? We may never truly know...

    Date: 09/23/17 Views: 123,225 Category: Rekt

  • The Instagram of Camwhores

    The Instagram of Camwhores

    An up close look at the sensual/depressing lives of e-hookers, where girls are stripped of their dignity & subjected to panhandling, humiliation, semi erotic acts and repeats of Spotify's Top 50. In other words: Shit's top shelf.

    Date: 09/22/17 Views: 182,000 Category: Advertisement



    On the outside all vaginas look different. But head east, and you quickly find that much like the buttplugs in Ellen Page's closet, they only come in one size: MICRO. 10 years of running porn sites, and that's all I've learned.

    Date: 09/22/17 Views: 114,020 Category: Asians

  • Mind Blown by 11 Inch Penis

    Mind Blown by 11 Inch Penis

    This is actually genius. Find the right angle & perspective makes the world think you're hung like rhinoceros. Too bad it's wasted on Omegle, where the only action you can get is from girls with more social anxiety than tits.

    Date: 09/21/17 Views: 145,384 Category: Big Dicks

  • Teen Destroyed by 400lb Man

    Teen Destroyed by 400lb Man

    Anyone recognize this human avalanche? Kinda looks like that cheese walrus from the movie Gamer to me. Shit man, how about sharing your secret with us? 17,000 McNuggets later & you still smash like the G.O.A.T.

    Date: 09/21/17 Views: 118,234 Category: Fatties

  • This Is Bad. Very Very Bad

    This Is Bad. Very Very Bad

    It's all fun and games until you send your side piece screaming into the first trimester. Some call it 'assault'. Javarius prefers the term 'delivering shade'.

    Date: 09/20/17 Views: 124,068 Category: Assholes

  • 73 Minutes of PAINAL

    73 Minutes of PAINAL


    Date: 09/20/17 Views: 139,946 Category: Anal

  • Tiny Girl, HUGE PROBLEMS

    Tiny Girl, HUGE PROBLEMS

    The performing arts degree really came back to bite this one in the taint I'm baffled: Do I jack off, or wait for the transformation into Jim Carrey to finish?

    Date: 09/19/17 Views: 165,351 Category: Derp

  • Facebook Live in 2017

    Facebook Live in 2017

    Some will watch this and see a beautiful free spirit. Others with shower their routers in ammonia and set their monitor on fire. But moi? All I see is a girl that gives 0 fucks about gender neautral bathrooms. Call me Mr. Positivity.

    Date: 09/18/17 Views: 133,964 Category: Public

  • 18-year-old Mother of the Year

    18-year-old Mother of the Year

    ha ha haaa

    Date: 09/18/17 Views: 177,069 Category: Webcams

  • Mistakes were made. BIGLY.

    Mistakes were made. BIGLY.

    She's drunk, high and/or possibly dead... all of which appropriately explain why she's the closest thing to a heterosexual in this video. I have a strong feeling this ended with at least one cellphone getting lost into the abyss.

    Date: 09/17/17 Views: 186,310 Category: Drunk

  • Daughter Rented Out for $70.00

    Daughter Rented Out for $70.00

    Enjoy this one slowly. For this is undoubtedly the first, last and only time you'll ever see a teenage girl drunkenly slam dunk her own gash directly in front of a disapproving parental unit. In another word... FAPFAPFAP.

    Date: 09/16/17 Views: 146,794 Category: Parents

  • Unexpected Vaginas

    Unexpected Vaginas

    11-picture tutorial on how to secure your status as a registered sex offender. Specifically #9, which is miraculously not sporting a single visible skid mark.

    Date: 09/15/17 Views: 132,393 Category: Gallery

  • 19 and CLUELESS

    19 and CLUELESS

    19-years-old and doesn't know what a vagina is. But what they lack in anatomy classes they make up for in... well... nothing. Even combined these two are completely fucking useless & I don't know whether to laugh or cry.

    Date: 09/14/17 Views: 132,002 Category: Virgins

  • Just Scroll to 2:25

    Just Scroll to 2:25

    I'm thinking it might be best if you invested those disability checks into something other than backpage's whore section. Like, a doctor visit. Climaxing should never resemble James Early Jones on a Stair Master.

    Date: 09/14/17 Views: 138,372 Category: Seniors