• I Ejaculated to This 7 Times

    I Ejaculated to This 7 Times

    I don't know shit about 3D other than it being default jerk-off material for people that consider Lunchables an essential part of the food pyramid. But trust me homeboi, this is the coolest 120 secs you'll see all hour.

    Date: 04/11/17 Views: 141,379 Category: Gamers

  • Wrong Place to Bust a Nut

    Wrong Place to Bust a Nut

    Was that a schoolbus @ 10:00? [mariah leonne]

    Date: 04/11/17 Views: 103,083 Category: Public

  • Teacher of the Day

    Teacher of the Day

    A blonde in the education field that ends up servicing the bagpipes on a shitty cellphone vid? That sentence alone is so predictable it might as well be part of the tenure. But she'll need practice to reach this level.

    Date: 04/10/17 Views: 130,689 Category: Busted

  • When Moms Use TINDER

    When Moms Use TINDER

    Contrary to appearance, she didn't ask to speak to his manager after serving the Booty-O's. But her tolerance is spent faster than an Asian man's pension in a casino, so dont fret: theres plenty to keep ur corn doggy hard.

    Date: 04/10/17 Views: 119,533 Category: Anal

  • BBC vs. Honor Student

    BBC vs. Honor Student

    Ever seen a girl simultaneously question the elasticity of her vagina, and future as a NASA engineer at the same time? Good. Now we got 2 things in common.

    Date: 04/09/17 Views: 271,204 Category: Big Dicks

  • He Don't Care. SHE DOES, HAHA!

    He Don't Care. SHE DOES, HAHA!

    I like how the dude is more interested in not projectile vomiting all 12 Jagerbombs, rather than questioning y a Peeping Thomas is archiving footage of his latest STD acquisition. Fuckin' priorities man, shit just got real.

    Date: 04/09/17 Views: 176,791 Category: Busted

  • "My 1st Orgasm"

    "My 1st Orgasm"

    Does anybody want to tell me the purpose of editing in the soundtrack of a Full House episode? Either her climax was legendary, or Uncle Jesse is out of frame with a handful of yogurt and a smile. Think about it.

    Date: 04/08/17 Views: 109,863 Category: Teen

  • A Lesson Learned

    A Lesson Learned


    Date: 04/08/17 Views: 164,607 Category: Bitches

  • Banned on YouTube

    Banned on YouTube

    She's relatively attractive, and lives in a country that considers Alcoholism a college major. Most YouTubers would shit their diaper for this kind of opportunity. But her? Failure to pop a single boner speaks for itself: FAIL

    Date: 04/07/17 Views: 97,847 Category: Public

  • Cuckold Can't Hold it

    Cuckold Can't Hold it

    So... who do we blame here? The virgin who lied about his DiX4Hire services, or the supreme betafuck that paid him 4.5 cans of Pabst to disappoint the wife?

    Date: 04/07/17 Views: 154,618 Category: Cuck

  • Life Savings Well Spent

    Life Savings Well Spent

    She seems like a cool chick. The type that'd carve her name into the hood of your car if you missed a text, or volunteer a rimjob if your Reddit post gets 0 upvotes. But her taste in the opposite sex species? Fucking hell.

    Date: 04/06/17 Views: 117,223 Category: Webcams

  • Prostitute Not Ready For Anal

    Prostitute Not Ready For Anal

    Slick Rickles rushes, she leaps away in fear: a move this pro anticipated. He returns fire at full power, and dives deeper in her mud goblet. Reality at 11:24 when it's realized she won the battle, but lost the war HAHA.

    Date: 04/06/17 Views: 113,874 Category: Hookers

  • RARE: 9-Incher Actually Makes Girl Cum

    RARE: 9-Incher Actually Makes Girl Cum

    Don't be fooled, this T.J. Maxx shopper has the rectal capacity of a cargo plane. As proven after doing the unthinkable: Reaching legitimate climax with nearly a foot-long's worth of Traverious Jones crammed up her chocolate hotpocket.

    Date: 04/05/17 Views: 161,708 Category: Big Dicks

  • Banned in America, Legal in Brazil

    Banned in America, Legal in Brazil

    Well, that's unfortunate.

    Date: 04/05/17 Views: 195,530 Category: Shocking

  • Caught by the Neighbor

    Caught by the Neighbor

    So, fuck whoever said having vested interest in your community is for fags. This lady's 11:00AM stakeout just netted her enough Tier-1 mental imagery to fuel her faps all the way to next year's Labor Day. Way to score Stacy!

    Date: 04/04/17 Views: 96,202 Category: Busted

  • First Porn, LAST PORN

    First Porn, LAST PORN

    She kinda looks like Kevin Hart, crossbred with a mule. Bodily fluids work great on a woman like this... draws attention AWAY from the face. But not when you paint 2 coats of Miracle whip directly on it. That's just counterproductive.

    Date: 04/04/17 Views: 97,762 Category: LMAO

  • Remember Your 1st Time?

    Remember Your 1st Time?

    2 tokes of synthetics turn this skalliwag into the Gary Busey of hookups First she bare-asses the pavement. Then she speaks in tongues, in what I can only guess is confessing her sexual attraction to a mailbox. Hit it?

    Date: 04/03/17 Views: 104,763 Category: WTF

  • Seizing the Moment

    Seizing the Moment

    Photos of a deceased suicide victim, categorized under 'boobs', and accompanied by user comments like "Looks more like a victim of too much swallowing". Who said Inhumanity can't bring a little class? Check, and mate.

    Date: 04/03/17 Views: 119,138 Category: Cops

  • Yup, that's illegal

    Yup, that's illegal

    What can I say? She's a slut with time to kill and he... well, he has a membership card to the local clinic. How could this not end with a fistful of Alabama Hotpocket?

    Date: 04/02/17 Views: 99,862 Category: Public

  • 6 Cocks vs. 1 Ass

    6 Cocks vs. 1 Ass

    6:32: Some poor S.O.B. with the girth of a Twizzler got casted into an orgy scene with an array of horse cocks by comparison. The workings of a troll? or did Joseppi think lying on his application would go unnoticed? LOL

    Date: 04/02/17 Views: 124,182 Category: Groups

  • 1 MILF, 7 Strangers

    1 MILF, 7 Strangers

    I can't say it's the first time I've seen a middle-aged woman use her meat stocking as a communal pinata, but she IS one of the hotter ones. Perhaps she's preparing for a trip to a certain animal shelter?

    Date: 04/01/17 Views: 136,994 Category: MILF

  • "guess what's in my pussy"

    "guess what's in my pussy"

    This girl is a total skank. Challenge her with any magic act, and you'll be rewarded with the Penn & Teller of sausage holsters. Let the conspiracy theories begin.

    Date: 03/31/17 Views: 140,169 Category: Teen

  • Why porn isn't filmed at colleges anymore

    Why porn isn't filmed at colleges anymore

    Pay close attention, and you'll notice these are paid pornstars blending in with real university students. HINT: 2 seconds of labia flashing sending Carlos Garcia and Co. off the fucking deep end kinda gives it away.

    Date: 03/30/17 Views: 157,828 Category: Voyeur

  • "i came three times"

    "i came three times"

    11:30 for something this guy hasnt heard since talking about yesterday's lunch trip to Wendy's. She may have the body of a disfigured cleaning lady, but both holes are tight & the mind is wide open. Good enuff for moi.

    Date: 03/29/17 Views: 150,853 Category: Anal

  • Girls Paid to Swap Boyfriends [Full Version]

    Girls Paid to Swap Boyfriends [Full Version]

    A lottta girls do a lotta desperate shit to keep their accounts overflowing in tokens... but putting a price ($150 lol) on your dignity, just to keep buttsludge69 amused? That's a level of hoe I hope I never meet IRL.

    Date: 03/28/17 Views: 155,199 Category: Webcams

  • Scarred For Life (HAHA)

    Scarred For Life (HAHA)

    Tokens donated, new toy tested and deciding to work 2 hours removed from Chipotle's free guacamole day... what can go wrong? Hint: it's shaped like a bratwurst, has no speed limit & smells like a girl that listens to ICP.

    Date: 03/27/17 Views: 107,372 Category: Surprise

  • Bigger Than She Thought

    Bigger Than She Thought

    Who? Alina West. The only pornstar I remember by name. Why? Cute, low-maintenance, & if you uppercut her cervix just right, she develops a speech impediment like Stan's twat of a sister on South Park. #FAPGASM.

    Date: 03/26/17 Views: 193,129 Category: Big Dicks

  • A Tinder Success Story

    A Tinder Success Story


    Date: 03/25/17 Views: 170,692 Category: Slutty

  • Pornstars Narrowly Avoid Arrest

    Pornstars Narrowly Avoid Arrest

    By narrowly avoid, I mean 1 socially inept clerk coming within inches of J-Sin's gravy spigot, (6:20) and being completely unaware of it. Only thing missing is a public lewdness fine and the Internet callin his dick: racist yo!

    Date: 03/24/17 Views: 114,629 Category: Public

  • How to Find the G-Spot II

    How to Find the G-Spot II

    WARNING: This banshee makes more unidentifiable sounds than Iggy Azalea a cappella . But zone out them screams, and you'll be gifted with a step-by-step guide to climaxal nirvana. Some positions are priceless.

    Date: 03/23/17 Views: 176,764 Category: Alphas