• The 65lb Girlfriend

    The 65lb Girlfriend

    Bitch looks like she shouldn't be messing with guys hung longer than a chinchilla. Most folks with such handicaps shy away from the limelight... but not this skeletor, she loves to socialize. More bone on boner videos HERE.

    Date: 08/01/17 Views: 120,592 Category: Teen



    Some girls need girth to get off. Others, a $50 shopping spree at Sephora. And then there's Veronica Veganpuss, who takes no less than two semen satchels to reach her o-face. That's a fucking deal breaker for sure.

    Date: 08/01/17 Views: 100,373 Category: Cuck

  • A Girl With Standards

    A Girl With Standards

    This is classic. She literally goes from chowing down her own buttmud like a malnourished Nigerian, to straight up protesting a facial. Apparently the Woodman School of Rectology isn't as diverse as originally thought, HAHA.

    Date: 07/31/17 Views: 141,460 Category: Anal

  • It's -NOT- Just a Prank

    It's -NOT- Just a Prank

    lol, looks like something crawled out of a hamster farm and learned Sony Vegas. Thanks dude, you turned my cock into a radio tower by comparison.

    Date: 07/31/17 Views: 106,598 Category: Small Cocks

  • "Who's next?!"

    "Who's next?!"

    1 spirited evening of Malibu Bay Breezes, unadulterated back-alley blowjobs and dumbass hair colors comes to it's apex when brodude #2 shows up with high fives, harsh language and a camera from the Seinfeld era. You da man.

    Date: 07/30/17 Views: 106,326 Category: Slutty

  • The Desperate Fan Girl

    The Desperate Fan Girl

    ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    Date: 07/30/17 Views: 128,240 Category: WTF

  • Your Uncle is a Pervert

    Your Uncle is a Pervert

    Reality check for a 20-year-old that thinks Uncle Jasper's jiggle juice is liken to a family picnic. Preeeeety messed up when the tears almost start flowin.

    Date: 07/29/17 Views: 100,458 Category: Ouch

  • "Hey, wanna touch my penis?"

    "Hey, wanna touch my penis?"

    'memember HIM? Looks like he's back for round 2. Not sure why he longs for the approval of random black chicks. His dick is a drizzle compared to the tsunamis these bitches are addicted to. Time for a new hobby, Bernard.

    Date: 07/29/17 Views: 129,269 Category: Freaks

  • Mom Doesn't Give a Fuck?

    Mom Doesn't Give a Fuck?

    3:25 mark. Immediately. More HERE and HERE

    Date: 07/28/17 Views: 152,423 Category: Busted

  • Unexpected Delivery (ROFL)

    Unexpected Delivery (ROFL)

    I'll wager 5 rupees that this hooch had no clue she'd be in the danger zone today. You can literally pinpoint the moment of regret in her eyes. CLASSIC.

    Date: 07/28/17 Views: 154,580 Category: Amateur

  • 30 Guys in 30 Minutes

    30 Guys in 30 Minutes

    Sleazy Blonde gets injected with enough farm-fresh penis pudding to short circuit Bill Cosby. Followed by a shit-eating grin across her face. Some seriously thrilling ways to lose your Fruit Loops in this one folks. Promise.

    Date: 07/27/17 Views: 113,629 Category: Slutty

  • "Can I touch your wife?"

    "Can I touch your wife?"

    Want proof that humans are all about charity? Look no further friendo. This charitable fuck offers a nervous local the ultimate handout - a free play on his wife's arcade box. It's generosity like this that really warms my heart.

    Date: 07/26/17 Views: 142,607 Category: WTF

  • Cuckold Turns for the Worse

    Cuckold Turns for the Worse

    This bench warmer saw 1 too many efukt videos and thought he was ready to play 2nd string. Probably didn't anticipate his dialogue to be more confusing than Nicholas Cage's summer vacation though. Color me baffled.

    Date: 07/26/17 Views: 150,375 Category: Cuck

  • We've all been there...

    We've all been there...

    For fuck sakes. If you're gonna spend your hard earned pesos on the village petri dish, you might as well stay awake for it. Then again... when she's built like Charles Barkley, afternoon naps make a whole lotta sense. My bad.

    Date: 07/25/17 Views: 96,664 Category: Drunk

  • The Result of 1,742 Sexual Partners

    The Result of 1,742 Sexual Partners

    One of the rare times an Asian girl goes uncensored, and they have to pick one with a deflated weather balloon for a twat. I've been to 67 baseball games, and never once saw this much chewing gum in the dugout. FUCK.

    Date: 07/25/17 Views: 126,408 Category: Beefy

  • Proud Mom

    Proud Mom

    It's too bad she didn't take this one step further and use the Mini Cooper in that adjacent lot as an industrial-sized rectal thermometer. Then I could've actually beat off and had a productive afternoon. #missedopportunities

    Date: 07/24/17 Views: 221,134 Category: MILF

  • Delivery Boy Wants More

    Delivery Boy Wants More

    1 mans quest to be cucked by a guy who gets paid in Wendy's coupons ends w/ a lustrous rub n' grub in a type of video I thought we've seen the last of. It's hard to turn a blind eye to the cellulite factor... but hey, at least it's real.

    Date: 07/22/17 Views: 128,591 Category: Pizza

  • Expectation vs. Reality

    Expectation vs. Reality

    It's always a little depressing to disgust a girl that considers grasshoppers a staple food group. Consider it a toll for having the cock of an antelope.

    Date: 07/22/17 Views: 122,294 Category: GIF



    Dang, check out the dimensions on this one. You may have a wet dream or 5 about eating her out. Emphasis on 'eating'. I'm willing to bet 50 shekels she's got enough bush down there to start up her own botanical gardens.

    Date: 07/21/17 Views: 132,037 Category: Alphas

  • Giving Her Ass to Strangers

    Giving Her Ass to Strangers

    California's finest group of vagrants get a whiff of something they haven't seen since MySpace was cool: Disease-free butthole. Some laugh, some cry, but all get thrown head-first into the faggot pile for not carpe diem'ing.

    Date: 07/21/17 Views: 140,084 Category: Slutty

  • "I'm ready for ana...oh FUKKKK"

    "I'm ready for ana...oh FUKKKK"

    New Jersey: Some go to acquire a competitive STD. Others, to pound the Staten Island outta locals. He prefers to do both... probably. First he canes the brown growler, then he full-on parks it in her poop port. DELIGHTFUL

    Date: 07/20/17 Views: 162,660 Category: Anal

  • This is Why I Have Trust Issues

    This is Why I Have Trust Issues

    There's a good reason why this one prefers stepping inside the squished muffin over traditional sex. A damn good reason indeed. $7 dollars, and my vintage Regis Philbin (signed) penis pump to anyone that can guess why.

    Date: 07/20/17 Views: 134,902 Category: Beefy

  • #RARE


    Infuckincredible. Unfortunately every Cheeto Rat in the country scared her away from porn for good and these are the scraps left behind. More HERE

    Date: 07/19/17 Views: 149,481 Category: Hot



    Her hip-to-waist ratio is insane. But mother of fuckin' Iggy Pop... not even a Chinese plastic surgeon could Ctrl+Alt+Del the Stalone from that face. Impressive body tho.... I dub thee '#1 girl I'd be sodomized in the dark by'.

    Date: 07/19/17 Views: 233,519 Category: Amateur

  • Rejected by a Horse

    Rejected by a Horse

    I'll be surprised if this post doesn't get a lot of clicks. Suggestive beastality (aka speed dating in Arkansas) works wonders if the girl is decent enough.

    Date: 07/18/17 Views: 191,173 Category: WTF

  • Is that legal in Russia? (FUCKED UP)

    Is that legal in Russia? (FUCKED UP)


    Date: 07/17/17 Views: 156,592 Category: Drunk




    Date: 07/17/17 Views: 140,833 Category: Hot

  • Wait for it....

    Wait for it....

    Today's Learnings: Cute face ≠ Cute vagina.

    Date: 07/16/17 Views: 135,310 Category: Webcams

  • We've Got a KEEPER!

    We've Got a KEEPER!

    Fact: Everybody is born with a gift. Hers is the ability to convince complete strangers, through the Internet, that marriage is the best option. Now where do I, and the $7.50 left on this McDonald's gift card go to propose?

    Date: 07/16/17 Views: 124,753 Category: Impressive

  • Cute Face, Unexplainable Tits

    Cute Face, Unexplainable Tits

    Those deflated pigskins look pretty bad for a 22-year-old. 0:30 secs in she says her goal is to 'make it in the adult industry'. Lady, unless you're talking about fluffing, your journey ends today. Points for bringing Moesha tho.

    Date: 07/15/17 Views: 188,146 Category: Teen