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  • 6 Minutes, 4 Cumshots (WTF)

    6 Minutes, 4 Cumshots (WTF)

    To label him a 'minute man' would be the compliment of the decade. Betty Lou Lynn can't even shift into 4th gear before getting splattered. 1 Mexican avalanche after another, and he's spazzing out like a white girl at Coachella.

    Date: 04/22/17 Views: 92,789 Category: Impressive

  • Tagged and Teabagged

    Tagged and Teabagged

    Her bad-girl charm just wasn't enough to persuade fellow beach tramp into leaving her conscious. That's okay though. From the ashes of her failure, rises a new opportunity for greatness. I won't spoil it for you...

    Date: 03/22/17 Views: 173,903 Category: Bitches

  • 6 Cocks vs. 1 Ass

    6 Cocks vs. 1 Ass

    6:32: Some poor S.O.B. with the girth of a Twizzler got casted into an orgy scene with an array of horse cocks by comparison. The workings of a troll? or did Joseppi think lying on his application would go unnoticed? LOL

    Date: 04/02/17 Views: 124,245 Category: Groups

  • Mr. Nice Guy

    Mr. Nice Guy

    How to make ur silly fetish porn better? Feature a guy over 5' tall & get some closeups. Thats what we really want: sexual assault vicariously through the Internet. Not watch Johnny Shortdick stumble through puberty.

    Date: 01/14/17 Views: 151,762 Category: Drunk

  • First Date Disaster

    First Date Disaster

    I would suggest captioning this video, but half the shit that came out of her mouth makes less sense than the Russian dating scene. aka: wife material.

    Date: 04/15/17 Views: 64,707 Category: Drunk

  • First BBC, LAST BBC

    First BBC, LAST BBC

    She literally can't stick to a consistent emotion for more than 2 seconds before turning 180° and going the opposite way. It's a serious condition. Us folks in the pharmaceutical industry call it Hyper Bipolar Cuntiosis.

    Date: 03/10/17 Views: 164,398 Category: Big Dicks

  • Pissing on Natalie Portman

    Pissing on Natalie Portman


    Date: 02/11/17 Views: 130,813 Category: Celebrities

  • Yup, that's illegal

    Yup, that's illegal

    What can I say? She's a slut with time to kill and he has a membership card to the local clinic. How could this not end in a fistful of Alabama Hotpocket?

    Date: 04/02/17 Views: 99,993 Category: Public

  • She almost lasted 48 seconds

    She almost lasted 48 seconds

    Crystal-Lynn Danni Shania Duggan takes one in the eye after making an all-too common mistake: Going down the N-road with a black woman. Sorry pal, but the result is always the fucking same. #RONDAROUSEY'D

    Date: 01/07/17 Views: 160,882 Category: Rekt

  • Wingman Ruins Threesome

    Wingman Ruins Threesome

    i gotchu fam

    Date: 02/24/17 Views: 126,412 Category: LMAO



    If only she put as much effort into real porn as she did into the Full House of scripted prank TV, maybe I'd feel proud about filling up that 6 pack of tube socks with homemade ranch dressing. But I don't. FULL VERSION

    Date: 12/27/16 Views: 205,000 Category: Public

  • Legend in 60 Seconds

    Legend in 60 Seconds

    How this guy lasted even a minute with her is beyond me. The watermelons are in season, the face is youthful, and gravity hasn't even started turning them into throw rugs yet. Is this what true love feels like?

    Date: 04/18/17 Views: 111,311 Category: Hot

  • WUT? They DO EXIST!

    WUT? They DO EXIST!

    Talk about bait and switch. Listen Riku, when it comes time to blow my hanukkah nickles on, the last thing I want my mouth on is more udders than pregnant Jack Russel Terrier. Nip/Tuck that shit, kthx.

    Date: 12/10/16 Views: 182,481 Category: Asians

  • Real Incest?

    Real Incest?


    Date: 02/09/17 Views: 440,005 Category: Incest



    Incestial overtones, moose-like oral sex and a webcam pre-dating the 1st season of Power Rangers. This has it all, and Miss Giggles earned bonus points @ 3:25. Not even D & B swag can swing her out of this family tree.

    Date: 02/06/17 Views: 203,326 Category: Incest



    Pigs flying, A Manson Family Hanukkah special and clean underwear after all-you-can-eat Chinese food. These are all things I expected to see long before an authentic Texas Chili Bowl. I stand fucking corrected.

    Date: 12/19/16 Views: 247,821 Category: Fights

  • Welcome to the Internet!

    Welcome to the Internet!

    The paramount collection (read: 8 JPGS) of a girl oblivious to gentleman around the world soiling their bicycle shorts to her Facebook account. Maybe I'm alone here, but I'm seeing tough love across the board.

    Date: 11/19/16 Views: 161,364 Category: LMAO

  • Scarred For Life (HAHA)

    Scarred For Life (HAHA)

    Tokens donated, new toy tested and deciding to work 2 hours removed from Chipotle's free guacamole day... what can go wrong? Hint: it's shaped like a bratwurst, has no speed limit & smells like a girl that listens to ICP.

    Date: 03/27/17 Views: 107,389 Category: Surprise

  • He was warned...

    He was warned...

    What's that old saying? Never stick your dick in crazy, unless you want to end up balls-deep in the fucking undead? Because I think that's what happened here...

    Date: 11/02/16 Views: 140,273 Category: WTF

  • "it's too big"

    "it's too big"

    Everybody is born with a talent. His is the ability to persuade stubborn females into offering up the dribbling dangus with nothing more than a pocket full of Abe Lincolns, and a cordial "fuck you". Original video HERE.

    Date: 12/18/16 Views: 192,846 Category: Anal

  • Getting the Last Laugh

    Getting the Last Laugh

    Easily the most deplorable attempt at sexual assault to ever grace my 13" Amiga computer monitor. And that's coming from a man who's seen more than 18 straight minutes of an Adam Sandler movie. My opinion counts.

    Date: 04/24/17 Views: 61,049 Category: Small Cocks

  • Don't Even Try

    Don't Even Try

    Only 28% in, & his cock folds like Esmeralda on laundry day. Can someone .GIF the 3 secs when his penis is at a full 90 degrees? Its time I made a PSA on the dangers having sex with more limp than Hulk Hogan's rap solo.

    Date: 12/28/16 Views: 144,802 Category: Fail



    Shit lady, as much as I liked you in the finale of Quarantine, I think you can do better than getting called out on your personal life (0:46) by discount Harry Potter. Where's ANTIFA when it really hits the fan? #everydaysexism

    Date: 04/16/17 Views: 70,429 Category: LMAO

  • WOT? She DEMANDS Anal?

    WOT? She DEMANDS Anal?

    There's a pretty darn good reason why she prefers the season pass on the mahogany mud slide. A darn good reason indeed. 3 dollarinos and my slightly used Xena: Warrior princess sex doll await if you guess what it is.

    Date: 01/29/17 Views: 186,584 Category: Surprise

  • How to Find the G-Spot II

    How to Find the G-Spot II

    WARNING: This banshee makes more unidentifiable sounds than Iggy Azalea a cappella . But zone out them screams, and you'll be gifted with a step-by-step guide to climaxal nirvana. Some positions are priceless.

    Date: 03/23/17 Views: 176,809 Category: Alphas

  • Remember Your 1st Time?

    Remember Your 1st Time?

    2 tokes of synthetics turn this skalliwag into the Gary Busey of hookups First she bare-asses the pavement. Then she speaks in tongues, in what I can only guess is confessing her sexual attraction to a mailbox. Hit it?

    Date: 04/03/17 Views: 104,810 Category: WTF

  • When Moms Use TINDER

    When Moms Use TINDER

    Contrary to appearance, she didn't ask to speak to his manager after serving the Booty-O's. But her tolerance is spent faster than an Asian man's pension in a casino, so dont fret: theres plenty to keep ur corn doggy hard.

    Date: 04/10/17 Views: 119,643 Category: Anal

  • Monster in My Pocket

    Monster in My Pocket

    Meet your new idol. Probably seen more STD's than a Sudanese prostitute, and still manages to slay pussy with ease. Don't be fooled by the bend in his waffle dolphin: That's The Tickler, and the hired help LOVE it.

    Date: 04/14/17 Views: 121,458 Category: Big Dicks

  • Outwitting a Hooker: SURPRISE CREAMPIE

    Outwitting a Hooker: SURPRISE CREAMPIE

    Increasing the protein count of a prosti's hot pocket without warning, and getting the response to it: These are the best things you can live vicariously through the Internet. Today, 2 birds get killed with 1 Russian boner.

    Date: 12/16/16 Views: 175,189 Category: Bitches

  • Always Check Your Surroundings

    Always Check Your Surroundings

    The geyser has reached max pressure and not 1 heck is given. She jams, she crams, she marks that bench like her bloodline has cocker spaniel in it. It's going good until Captain DickSchwinn makes an appearance. (3:03)

    Date: 12/21/16 Views: 194,266 Category: Busted