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  • Sexual Assault... FOR JUSTICE!

    Sexual Assault... FOR JUSTICE!


    Date: 05/26/17 Views: 223,247 Category: Shocking

  • Caught by the Neighbor

    Caught by the Neighbor

    So, fuck whoever said having vested interest in your community is for fags. This lady's 11:00AM stakeout just netted her enough Tier-1 mental imagery to fuel her faps all the way to next year's Labor Day. Way to score Stacy!

    Date: 04/04/17 Views: 124,404 Category: Busted

  • The Most Stunning Girl of 2017

    The Most Stunning Girl of 2017

    Athena Faris. [full version]

    Date: 05/24/17 Views: 176,180 Category: Hot

  • This is a Fucking Masterpiece

    This is a Fucking Masterpiece

    Listen homie, I've seen some pretty deplorable shit in my day: Guadalajarian safari porn, erotic photos of Dennis Rodman, Birdemic. But THIS? This shit had my complete attention for all 40.5 damn minutes. #MAKEASEQUEL

    Date: 06/11/17 Views: 214,226 Category: Hot

  • There's no reason for this

    There's no reason for this

    Some goofy fuck pulled a Spielberg and remastered his entire discography of dick flicks ala Windows Movie Maker. One clip is relatively harmless... but a 30+ combo exhibition video? Nice, but try that on my Magneto function.

    Date: 07/09/17 Views: 137,863 Category: Derp

  • Shit Just Got Real!

    Shit Just Got Real!

    Camgirl? Pro? More like Jennifer Lawrence 27 trips to Burning Man later. Whoever she is, I hope sacrificing complete control over her rectal muscles was worth the 50 tokens. Interesting approach to spearfishing seen @8:58.

    Date: 08/10/17 Views: 135,056 Category: Anal

  • Tighter than Tight

    Tighter than Tight

    It's wild. On the outside all vaginas look different. But if you were to head east, you'd quickly find out that much like the the buttplugs in Ellen Page's collection, they only come in one size: MICRO. 10+ years of running porn sites, and that's really all I've learned.

    Date: 09/22/17 Views: 778 Category: Asians



    I don't know what's worse: #1's future as a dolphin whisperer, or #4's daddy issues being the hottest thing about her. One more kodak moment HERE.

    Date: 05/20/17 Views: 141,414 Category: LMAO

  • Violated in Front of 3,400 Strangers

    Violated in Front of 3,400 Strangers

    This is what happens when you let nerds interact with women in a live environment. Safe spaces are destroyed, genitals exposed - all cause some marvelous bastard found a way to add gangrape DLC to GTA5. HILARIOUS.

    Date: 09/12/17 Views: 100,088 Category: LMAO

  • BAD Place to Fuck Your Girlfriend

    BAD Place to Fuck Your Girlfriend

    Great taste in women, poor taste in location. Two words homie: Chipotle Bathroom. At least in there indeterminable body fluids are a common sight, and it doesn't ruin the ending of Moby Dick you abhorrent, free-balling fuck.

    Date: 08/06/17 Views: 152,612 Category: Busted

  • "I've only had sex with 1 boy"

    "I've only had sex with 1 boy"

    44 fucking minutes of footage, and I still don't know if this girl is a dwarf or I'm getting hoodwinked my creative camera angles again. Luckily, my family-sized jug of coconut oil has run dry and I've already stopped caring.

    Date: 06/05/17 Views: 189,781 Category: Rekt

  • Unexpected Delivery (ROFL)

    Unexpected Delivery (ROFL)

    I'll wager 5 rupees that this hooch had no clue she'd be in the danger zone today. You can literally pinpoint the moment of regret in her eyes. CLASSIC.

    Date: 07/31/17 Views: 169,486 Category: Amateur

  • How is she still alive? (1:46 mark)

    How is she still alive? (1:46 mark)

    Starts off as a BJ vid, but like me during The Mummy remake, it lasts about 27 seconds. From then on it's all pleasure. And by 'pleasure' I mean whiplash so violent u'll be amazed she can feed herself without FEMA gettin involved.

    Date: 06/27/17 Views: 152,650 Category: Impressive

  • Almost Scarred a Tourist for Life

    Almost Scarred a Tourist for Life

    A penis that needs it's own life boat, and an insanely high tolerance for pain. If there ever was an instructional video on why to lock the fucking door in public places, I'd declare these two just laid the groundwork for a sequel.

    Date: 07/10/17 Views: 218,429 Category: Busted



    Here it is: The greatest attempt at eroticism to ever grace western culture. The struggles are relatable, his investigative skills are second to none, and the vagina... Well, the vagina taste like soap. Get the Oscar nomination.

    Date: 05/25/17 Views: 115,222 Category: Asians

  • How I Lost my Virginity in 2017

    How I Lost my Virginity in 2017

    This site taught me two important things today. a) discounted prostitutes with physical deformities are a relic of the past. and 2) Human contact will not be necessary for future ejaculations. VR's got me & my wallet covered.

    Date: 07/13/17 Views: 135,791 Category: Hot



    Intimate look at what's happening on LGBTQIAXL2^POOPEMOJI-friendly college campuses across planet. No filters, just the top of a cheerleader and bottom of Warren Buffet comin for dem tendies. The human race is dead.

    Date: 09/12/17 Views: 100,477 Category: WTF

  • That one time...

    That one time... band camp

    Date: 08/28/17 Views: 144,337 Category: Amateur

  • She's a Fighter

    She's a Fighter

    @avoidingthepuddle, breakdown these just-frames for me.

    Date: 08/13/17 Views: 126,701 Category: Cosplay

  • "My 1st Orgasm"

    "My 1st Orgasm"

    Does anybody want to tell me the purpose of editing in the soundtrack of a Full House episode? Either her climax was legendary, or Uncle Jesse is out of frame with a handful of yogurt and a smile. Think about it.

    Date: 04/08/17 Views: 138,436 Category: Teen

  • I'm guilty of masturbating to this

    I'm guilty of masturbating to this

    If physical pain at all plays a role in the enjoyment a person feels, I would estimate Rocketta Balboa here is hovering in between 'Level 10 Orgasm' and "I got an extra McNugget in my value meal". Ejaculate with caution.

    Date: 05/07/17 Views: 217,950 Category: WTF

  • i came.

    i came.

    Not since 1982's The Thing have I seen a remake outdo the original in every way. She's stacked like a Denny's Grand Slam, fucks all over the place and makes Jessica Alba look/smell like Sarah Jessica Parker. #oscarworthy

    Date: 05/27/17 Views: 178,167 Category: Porn

  • 1 MILF, 7 Strangers

    1 MILF, 7 Strangers

    I can't say it's the first time I've seen a middle-aged woman use her meat stocking as a communal pinata, but she IS one of the hotter ones. Perhaps she's preparing for a trip to a certain animal shelter?

    Date: 04/01/17 Views: 164,614 Category: MILF

  • The Queen of 'I fucked my mom' Porn

    The Queen of 'I fucked my mom' Porn

    2 things I value more than Arby's 5 for $5: One involves quilted toilet paper & pressure assisted toilets. The other is women so into their fantasies, they don't even need a costar to bring da squeeze. Today, 1 wish gets granted.

    Date: 06/22/17 Views: 188,459 Category: MILF

  • 400 Pound Man Destroys Teen

    400 Pound Man Destroys Teen

    Anyone recognize this human avalanche? Kinda looks like that cheese walrus from the movie Gamer to me. Shit man, how about sharing your secret with us? 17,000 McNuggets later & you still smash like the G.O.A.T.

    Date: 09/21/17 Views: 34,465 Category: Fatties

  • The White Gurls Compilation

    The White Gurls Compilation

    I don't mean hiding dad's Mastercard and cutting off all pumpkin-flavored drinks. I'm talking cervical damage, BBC style. It don't matter what entrance Dajeerius and friends enter: NOBODY goes home without crutches.

    Date: 04/16/17 Views: 191,699 Category: Compilations



    Her hip-to-waist ratio is insane. But mother of fuckin' Iggy Pop... not even a Chinese plastic surgeon could Ctrl+Alt+Del the Stalone from that face. Impressive body tho.... I dub thee '#1 girl I'd be sodomized in the dark by'.

    Date: 07/19/17 Views: 250,552 Category: Amateur

  • Cucked on Craigslist

    Cucked on Craigslist

    pam beesly lasts 60 seconds

    Date: 09/08/17 Views: 108,385 Category: Cuck

  • The Video that Got 'lilsecret' Arrested

    The Video that Got 'lilsecret' Arrested

    News Story

    Date: 09/11/17 Views: 99,510 Category: Public

  • "guess what's in my pussy"

    "guess what's in my pussy"

    Total skank. Challenge her with any magic act, and you'll be rewarded with the Penn & Teller of sausage holsters. Let the conspiracy theories begin.

    Date: 03/31/17 Views: 167,445 Category: Teen