• Anal Virgin vs. THE MACHINE

    Anal Virgin vs. THE MACHINE

    Not since the release of The Human Centipede have I seen a person's genitals put in such a 1-sided battle. She fucks the Predator of ass rippage, cries legit tears & has a rage quit that would make Kanye West jealous.

    Date: 04/12/17 Views: 175,037 Category: Alphas

  • How to Find the G-Spot II

    How to Find the G-Spot II

    WARNING: This banshee makes more unidentifiable sounds than Iggy Azalea a cappella . But zone out them screams, and you'll be gifted with a step-by-step guide to climaxal nirvana. Some positions are priceless.

    Date: 03/23/17 Views: 193,839 Category: Alphas

  • Dude Upstages Friend with ED

    Dude Upstages Friend with ED

    Reckless brodude crams every centimeter into a discount hooker, while his friend is forced to watch his own deflated twinkie lose the war with gravity. The sex lasts 90 secs, but the Cialis prescription? Thats forever

    Date: 08/04/16 Views: 134,774 Category: Alphas

  • This Ended in Jail Time

    This Ended in Jail Time

    He was promised an all-you-can-eat buffet, he got cut off at the appetizer instead. Lesson learned: Always check the refund policy before dining in foreign places.

    Date: 04/28/16 Views: 146,531 Category: Alphas

  • Big Trouble in Little Thailand

    Big Trouble in Little Thailand

    Meet Tim Sharky. Ex-convict, ex-loan shark, current destroyer of all Pomeranian-sized women. Think Dan Bilzerian with more testosterone and lower standards.

    Date: 01/16/16 Views: 274,070 Category: Alphas

  • The ROIDGasm

    The ROIDGasm

    More like Rich Piana 300 injections ago. Whoever he is, I hope ignoring cardio day for ten straight years in lieu of upper body strength was worth the 3 mins of vaginal aggression. Now wipe off & apologize to Poland Spring.

    Date: 12/03/15 Views: 146,325 Category: Alphas

  • 2 Cleaning Ladies, 1 Legend

    2 Cleaning Ladies, 1 Legend

    If only the planet of ham from this classic were here today, we could get his approval. Or h8 since his only documented contact is with Ralph Macchio. Point is: Karate Kid is a good movie and deserves our respect.

    Date: 08/05/15 Views: 295,753 Category: Alphas

  • Epic Fish-Hooking

    Epic Fish-Hooking

    Never have I seen a man do something so disrespectful with such grace. Where there's limits, he knocks down walls. Where there's suffering, he brings comfort. And where there's romance, he provides 50 shades of r4p3.

    Date: 04/17/15 Views: 113,135 Category: Alphas

  • Spring Breakers DON'T GIVE A FUCK

    Spring Breakers DON'T GIVE A FUCK

    I tend to enjoy the finer things in life: Particularly the McGangbang (look it up), director cuts of Nicholas Cage movies and extreme acts of public intimacy. But as far as complimentary blowjobs go, this just won my heart.

    Date: 03/25/15 Views: 188,601 Category: Alphas