• Don't do this IRL. Seriously

    Don't do this IRL. Seriously

    What happens when you mix modern technology, with East Asia's most desperate? THIS hippopotamus. AND the world's first virtual double-bagger. This needs a theatrical release like Bill O'Reilly needs a hairline.

    Date: 04/21/17 Views: 75,942 Category: Asians

  • "Hey, I found your G-spot!"

    "Hey, I found your G-spot!"


    Date: 04/14/17 Views: 89,987 Category: Asians

  • Help! My roommate's a whore!

    Help! My roommate's a whore!

    I like how the non-naked one cleans up the apartment, keeping things professional and ladylike, rather than jumping in and rimming the brown gazelle from behind. In her mind, she's only half a whore. CUTE ^=^

    Date: 03/12/17 Views: 135,891 Category: Asians



    For fuck sakes Japan. Not even a South Vietnamese psychiatrist could Ctrl+Alt+Del the mental imagery of this situation. Insane body though. I dub you craziest MILF I'd drag my dick through glass for. Run with dat.

    Date: 02/08/17 Views: 145,600 Category: Asians

  • You'll Never Guess

    You'll Never Guess

    Got trust issues? Mine stem from being dick tricked 392 consecutive times by the Eastern Hemisphere. Fall for that many trouser barnacles in a row and you best believe I'm 2nd guessing your TINDER profile, TIFFANY.

    Date: 01/17/17 Views: 189,304 Category: Asians

  • WUT? They DO EXIST!

    WUT? They DO EXIST!

    Talk about bait and switch. Listen Riku, when it comes time to blow my hanukkah nickles on, the last thing I want my mouth on is more udders than pregnant Jack Russel Terrier. Nip/Tuck that shit, kthx.

    Date: 12/10/16 Views: 182,481 Category: Asians

  • But... why? WHY!?

    But... why? WHY!?

    Akira stuck her ching in the wrong chang, and now this giggly goldfish monger won't be able to get the smell of tuna puree out of her codpiece for months. There goes her budding future as a hostess at T.G.I McFuck Yous.

    Date: 11/18/16 Views: 175,834 Category: Asians



    Wait for it...

    Date: 10/18/16 Views: 200,772 Category: Asians

  • "My First Hooker"

    "My First Hooker"

    Riku gets a black dong to the dome after committing to a Craigslist ad titled 'need a queen cuz we wuz KANGS'. This is actually the favorable outcome for a girl that solicits her pho-bowl on the Internet. GL w/ the crabs.

    Date: 08/14/16 Views: 201,976 Category: Asians

  • Video #273 you shouldn't jerk off to

    Video #273 you shouldn't jerk off to

    "Japan's very interesting. Some people think it copies things. I don't think that anymore. I think what they do is reinvent things. In some cases, they understand it better than the original inventor." - Steve Jobs 1985

    Date: 06/04/16 Views: 138,676 Category: Asians

  • King of the Jungle

    King of the Jungle

    Another azn girl, spreading her bento box in the most dangerous way possible. Apparently having sex next to Mufasa gives a competitive edge. Almost as perplexing as the permanent shit-eating grin on her costar's face.

    Date: 03/07/16 Views: 177,640 Category: Asians

  • I Miss Sporechan

    I Miss Sporechan

    a.k.a Deira Hanzawa. Known for skin flicks with a man carrying more meat than a deli butcher. That was 10 years ago & the weeabo community's been jacking off to the same 3 clips ever since. A comeback is overdue.

    Date: 01/26/16 Views: 343,792 Category: Asians

  • He Can't Break Her

    He Can't Break Her

    This turd saw 1 too many Efukt vids & thought he was equipped to emotionally dismember local prostis. Didn't anticipate a girl too mindless to fall for it. It's a sexual defeat, one that goes from ALPHA to BETA pretty fast.

    Date: 01/24/16 Views: 229,329 Category: Asians

  • That Time I Got Gonorrhea

    That Time I Got Gonorrhea

    Fred Durst made all the right moves at Pottery Barn & takes home their most prestigious cashier. Good call on going bareback too. You'll want this Netflix and chill moment to be forever burned in memory and genitalia.

    Date: 10/16/15 Views: 207,121 Category: Asians

  • Would You Still Hit it? (YOU WOULD)

    Would You Still Hit it? (YOU WOULD)

    How many times have I said "sweet mother of Hulk fucking Hogan, this Asian girl just turned me off to the entire female gender"? Ninety seven. How many times did I actually mean it? ZERO. Until today. #TRIGGERED

    Date: 08/02/15 Views: 193,276 Category: Asians

  • Drive-Thru Guy Almost Ejaculates

    Drive-Thru Guy Almost Ejaculates

    Another MFC slag airing out the flaps for guys cruising on the poverty line. She thinks raising erections at the Krusty Krab gives a competitive edge, but it's just an act of desperation even Dustin Diamond would laugh at.

    Date: 07/24/15 Views: 222,193 Category: Asians

  • Bangkok's Most Talented Vagina

    Bangkok's Most Talented Vagina

    Stripping: aka the quintessential stepping stone to full blown porno. Most trailer park residents cross over ASAP - but chances are they weren't gifted the Carrot Top prop-bag of genitalia. This ones gonna be just fine.

    Date: 06/25/15 Views: 158,287 Category: Asians

  • Helping the Homeless

    Helping the Homeless

    Today we learn 3 crucial things, so grab ur protractor and pay attention: #1: Charity is still alive and well. #2: Language barriers can always be broken. And #3: Unwashed hobo cock tastes better than Pepsi Max.

    Date: 05/07/15 Views: 156,445 Category: Asians

  • Prostitute Destroyer

    Prostitute Destroyer

    Poor prosti. Freshly brainwashed by a 24 hour marathon of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, she thought gettin hollowed out by a gentleman named Omar could be fun.

    Date: 04/23/15 Views: 237,843 Category: Asians

  • The Asian Girl with Double-H Tits

    The Asian Girl with Double-H Tits

    Meet FarangDingDong. 4 secs on her website tells me her chest is faker than my Tinder profile, but congrats are still in order. When The Avengers become a reality she'll be the only one capable of tit fucking The Hulk.

    Date: 12/21/14 Views: 169,159 Category: Asians



    Wang and Co. have one task: Lick the correct anus or face the consequences ala a trap made by Jigsaw himself. If these aren't the quintessential for truly entertaining game shows, I don't want to know what is.

    Date: 11/28/14 Views: 156,844 Category: Asians



    Japanese girl destroys both physics & my expectations of all sub-97 lb females at the same time. I officially want to be the first American to lend our "Home of the Brave" slogan out to East Asia. Azumi just earned it.

    Date: 11/03/14 Views: 280,881 Category: Asians

  • Prostitute Cries Out For Mommy

    Prostitute Cries Out For Mommy

    Reckless asshole crams every centimeter of his 15 inch megalodon into a Thai hooker that's quite literally a 4th his size. Some call it abuse. Jim Cramer calls it getting your moneysworth.

    Date: 04/03/14 Views: 316,854 Category: Asians

  • Paintball Gun Vs. Vagina!

    Paintball Gun Vs. Vagina!

    This is actually standard Japanese 'i cant satisfy you with my cock, might as well kill you' syndrome. Fortunately revolutionary science has blessed us with Extenze penis pills. Save up your fortune cookies bro.

    Date: 03/29/12 Views: 238,364 Category: Asians

  • Anorexic Girls Give Better BJ's

    Anorexic Girls Give Better BJ's

    Not really, but technically they should. There's 43 grams of protein chillin at the other end of that meat-stick, and she needs the nutrition like Lindsey Lohan needs cancer. So where's the enthusiasm?

    Date: 02/18/12 Views: 232,173 Category: Asians



    Tojo stuck his ching up the wrong chang, and now this poor Asian broad aint gonna shit tofu right for another decade. There goes her budding career as scat girl #8 in the hugely popular "Oops I Defecated On You" series.

    Date: 01/28/12 Views: 222,649 Category: Asians

  • Real Life Anime Slut

    Real Life Anime Slut

    Granted some of the pics are a bit shopped but scroll down a little and check the 2 youtube vids near the bottom. Crazy bitch straight ching-chonged her face into Sailor Moon status.

    Date: 10/18/11 Views: 135,620 Category: Asians

  • Most Awkward Happy Ending

    Most Awkward Happy Ending

    I like how the girl at the end does some fancy hand movements on his cock, keeping things professional and massage-like, rather than giving him a straight up handjob. In her mind, she's only 1/2 a whore. Cute.

    Date: 08/24/11 Views: 374,548 Category: Asians

  • Mother & Son XXX Gameshow

    Mother & Son XXX Gameshow

    Four milfs stand naked behind a cardboard wall that reveals nothing more than their twats n' knockers. Objective? Sniff the vaginas, locate mom. Prize? Getting to sniff mom's vagina. Sign me the fuck up.

    Date: 08/04/11 Views: 234,602 Category: Asians

  • Cant Even Afford Underwear

    Cant Even Afford Underwear

    Well shit. I got some Fruit of the Loom briefs left over from last years Hanukkah. I'd Fedex that shit but im not too sure how you'd feel about the designer skidmarks.

    Date: 03/06/11 Views: 141,035 Category: Asians