• OFFICIAL: 2016's Most Questionable Video

    OFFICIAL: 2016's Most Questionable Video

    Reposting from earlier this year, and for good reason. It's been 9 months and we still have unanswered questions. Like: Why? How? And is that a black label copy of Final Fantasy 7 sitting underneath the camera?

    Date: 12/29/16 Views: 508,086 Category: Beefy

  • "I must break you"

    "I must break you"

    I could've titled this Atilla the hun conquers another Italian! & you wouldn't have suspected jack shit. That's how barbarian-like this Amazon is. He however, has the masculinity of a pop tart. The role reversal is REAL.

    Date: 03/02/16 Views: 210,660 Category: Beefy