Newbie tries to escape the wrath of an erect black man by slowly inching away... but the beast refuses to relent. A suicide dive is her only salvation.

    Date: 03/02/18 Views: 169,285 Category: Bloopers

  • Plan B  After Cumshot Fail

    Plan B After Cumshot Fail

    See that ripped-as-fuck bromaster over there? All those roids shrunk his testicles into pistachio nuts... so he's not exactly fit for a Peter North-esque facial. Time for Plan B - Jergens. Lots and lots of Jergens.

    Date: 07/14/11 Views: 108,049 Category: Bloopers

  • Camwhore Has Funny Accident

    Camwhore Has Funny Accident

    Her cornhole is the size of that Guatemalan sinkhole and she just scarfed down a #5 at Taco Bell. You know that ride "Free Fall" at Magic Mountain? Lets just say it bares a few striking similarities to this chick's colon.

    Date: 06/20/11 Views: 181,058 Category: Bloopers

  • Hollowed Out By 15 Incher

    Hollowed Out By 15 Incher

    There's no coming back from something like this. Her twat will be forever agape. The chronic queefing has already set in. She's essentially a walking, talking whoopie cusion and yet she remains in good spirits. I like that in a whore.

    Date: 05/17/11 Views: 181,509 Category: Bloopers

  • Too Deep

    Too Deep

    Cute teen with gothic undertones and a mean set of dicksucking skills goes to town on her BF's 7 incher. Unfortunately her enthusiastic blowjob comes to a halt after a minor instance of projectile vomit. That'll do it!

    Date: 05/09/11 Views: 154,146 Category: Bloopers

  • She Hates Douching

    She Hates Douching

    Have you ever seen a naked blonde go from smiling to crying in 2 seconds flat? Lemme tell ya.. it's all fun and games till you get hit in the face with used douche water.

    Date: 02/13/11 Views: 148,325 Category: Bloopers

  • Bitch! You Spat On Me!

    Bitch! You Spat On Me!

    White chick hocks a loogie to lube up a cock but misses her target, nails her negroid lady friend in the face instead. Accident? or gods will?

    Date: 10/12/10 Views: 105,305 Category: Bloopers

  • Deep Throat From Hell

    Deep Throat From Hell

    How someone could maintain an erection after their cock had been vomited on is beyond me. If that was me my cock would shrink even beyond its current tootsie roll status, become inverted and vow to never come outside again.

    Date: 05/28/10 Views: 207,330 Category: Bloopers

  • Uhhh That's Not Cum

    Uhhh That's Not Cum

    Pay close attention and you'll notice that that's not jizz being unloaded on to her face. It's lotion. Some dumb fuck standing aside the cameraman is flinging it at her lol. Porno magic baby.

    Date: 05/17/10 Views: 121,892 Category: Bloopers

  • A Bugs Life

    A Bugs Life

    A housefly erroneously travels into the gaping ass cave of a 2 bit whore. I've actually seen this happen on more than one occasion. The novelty never fades.

    Date: 04/05/10 Views: 130,189 Category: Bloopers

  • An Unwanted Taste Of Poo

    An Unwanted Taste Of Poo

    HAHA fucking pwned. I love how she gets all camera shy after realizing that she's just ingested her own turd residue. Yep, your life is over bitch. Crumble in shame.

    Date: 02/27/10 Views: 159,574 Category: Bloopers

  • Injured While Sucking Dick

    Injured While Sucking Dick

    Similar blooper HERE.

    Date: 11/12/09 Views: 146,447 Category: Bloopers