Newbie tries to escape the wrath of an erect black man by slowly inching away... but the beast refuses to relent. A suicide dive is her only salvation.

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  • You want to keep going? FOR REAL?

    You want to keep going? FOR REAL?

    Impressive poker face at the 0:18 mark. I'm gonna dub this the 'im a human toilet, but i dont give a shit cuz bodily fluids are tax deductible, so fuck you dad look at me now!' look. Alli Rae's got it down to a science yo.

    Date: 09/29/16 Views: 178,806 Category: Bloopers

  • CLASSIC: "Nice aim, ASSHOLE!"

    CLASSIC: "Nice aim, ASSHOLE!"

    What a cock tease. First she signs up for a classic lay n' spray, then gets self-conscious about having said penis in her mouth. Tipping point is when dude soils her eye socket, sending her into instant retirement LOL.

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  • Gangbang Turns Ugly

    Gangbang Turns Ugly

    This video lasts about as long as that fat girl from Precious on a StairMaster, level 1. So you're gonna need to pay close attention, and if you figure out why the fuck this goob decided to rage, lemme know.

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  • Plan B  After Cumshot Fail

    Plan B After Cumshot Fail

    See that ripped-as-fuck bromaster over there? All those roids shrunk his testicles into pistachio nuts... so he's not exactly fit for a Peter North-esque facial. Time for Plan B - Jergens. Lots and lots of Jergens.

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  • Sneak Attack DP

    Sneak Attack DP

    It's all about the element of surprise. Conquer that and nothing shall come between your cock and stinkhole glory, save for a few possible Hershey nuggets.

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  • Camwhore Has Funny Accident

    Camwhore Has Funny Accident

    Her cornhole is the size of that Guatemalan sinkhole and she just scarfed down a #5 at Taco Bell. You know that ride "Free Fall" at Magic Mountain? Lets just say it bares a few striking similarities to this chick's colon.

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  • Hollowed Out By 15 Incher

    Hollowed Out By 15 Incher

    There's no coming back from something like this. Her twat will be forever agape. The chronic queefing has already set in. She's essentially a walking, talking whoopie cusion and yet she remains in good spirits. I like that in a whore.

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  • Too Deep

    Too Deep

    Cute teen with gothic undertones and a mean set of dicksucking skills goes to town on her BF's 7 incher. Unfortunately her enthusiastic blowjob comes to a halt after a minor instance of projectile vomit. That'll do it!

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  • Pornstar Cant Find Butthole

    Pornstar Cant Find Butthole

    This is Dirty Harry. You might remember him from the meathole days. He used to be right up there with Max Hardcore, a certified destroyer of rectums. Now 10 years later and he's more lost than a poop in a perfume factory. I wonder if Medicare foots his viagra bill?

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  • Cock Spinning Trick Fail

    Cock Spinning Trick Fail

    She can pull off the 180 degree turn fairly well. No trouble there. The problem is what lies before you once the bitch has completed her about-face.

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  • She Hates Douching

    She Hates Douching

    Have you ever seen a naked blonde go from smiling to crying in 2 seconds flat? Lemme tell ya.. it's all fun and games till you get hit in the face with used douche water.

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  • Romance Is For Fags

    Romance Is For Fags

    Dude sets the mood right by ripping ass directly into his girlfriends face, mid blowjob. GG brother but next time, best remove your cock from her mouth prior to any funny business. Otherwise it's a fucking bear trap.

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  • Bitch! You Spat On Me!

    Bitch! You Spat On Me!

    White chick hocks a loogie to lube up a cock but misses her target, nails her negroid lady friend in the face instead. Accident? or gods will?

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  • Pornstar Busts A Freestyle

    Pornstar Busts A Freestyle

    This guy used to be on a porn site called The Fart Hammer. He'd fuck girls and then blow ass right in their face. And now this? One seriously talented motherfucker.

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  • Deep Throat From Hell

    Deep Throat From Hell

    How someone could maintain an erection after their cock had been vomited on is beyond me. If that was me my cock would shrink even beyond its current tootsie roll status, become inverted and vow to never come outside again.

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  • I Fart & Cum

    I Fart & Cum

    Dude lets a wet one slip just as he blows his load and then oddly declares "i fart and cum hahaz". Somebody's going far in life!

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  • Uhhh That's Not Cum

    Uhhh That's Not Cum

    Pay close attention and you'll notice that that's not jizz being unloaded on to her face. It's lotion. Some dumb fuck standing aside the cameraman is flinging it at her lol. Porno magic baby.

    Date: 05/17/10 Views: 121,070 Category: Bloopers

  • A Bugs Life

    A Bugs Life

    A housefly erroneously travels into the gaping ass cave of a 2 bit whore. I've actually seen this happen on more than one occasion. The novelty never fades.

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  • His Cum Tastes Like Shit

    His Cum Tastes Like Shit

    So did that parrot from Kellog's Froot Loops take shit in her shampoo or what? The bitch looks like a Puerto Rican tranny on national Gay Day.

    Date: 03/08/10 Views: 136,626 Category: Bloopers

  • An Unwanted Taste Of Poo

    An Unwanted Taste Of Poo

    HAHA fucking pwned. I love how she gets all camera shy after realizing that she's just ingested her own turd residue. Yep, your life is over bitch. Crumble in shame.

    Date: 02/27/10 Views: 158,553 Category: Bloopers

  • Cock Makes Her Burp

    Cock Makes Her Burp

    I wouldn't let that shit slide. Next thing you know she'll be blowing ass as you try to rim her. Not kewl bro.

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  • Dont Fucking Slap Me

    Dont Fucking Slap Me

    Someone shove a KFC original recipe chicken tender in that bitch's mouth and get back to work.

    Date: 02/10/10 Views: 143,967 Category: Bloopers

  • Defeated By Cock

    Defeated By Cock

    She bit off more than she can chew? LOL. There should be a penalty for saying shit that dumb. Someone cock slap the stupid out of her.

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  • Injured While Sucking Dick

    Injured While Sucking Dick

    Similar blooper HERE.

    Date: 11/12/09 Views: 145,405 Category: Bloopers

  • Best Porn Blooper Of 2009

    Best Porn Blooper Of 2009

    It surprisingly doesn't involve any poop. Yeah, I can see the disappointment on your face already. Fret not you shit lover, this outtake will make you LOL all the same.

    Date: 05/25/09 Views: 197,617 Category: Bloopers

  • Not In My Hair

    Not In My Hair

    She doesn't seem to realize than when you accept money in exchange for sexual intercourse, you officially become a semen receptacle. You will accept my sloppy goo nuts wherever I may choose to plant em. It's not multiple choice.

    Date: 01/30/09 Views: 154,969 Category: Bloopers

  • Ahhhh It Burns

    Ahhhh It Burns

    I made the exact same expression when I was baptized. For real, that shit burned.

    Date: 12/16/08 Views: 118,405 Category: Bloopers