• He's Proud of This?

    He's Proud of This?

    I've heard a lot of guys say a lot of audacious shit just to keep their dick submerged in A-tier whisker biscuit. But to fan-fiction your way through divorce court? That's a level of dedication I never wanted to know.

    Date: 03/16/17 Views: 331,367 Category: Cringe

  • Cuck Gets More than He Bargained For

    Cuck Gets More than He Bargained For

    Today's Lessons: Bottom is never better, queefs are always funny, unleashing seminal tidal waves is socially acceptable in the right application, and everybody that resembles Freddie Mercury is gay. Class dismissed.

    Date: 01/06/17 Views: 210,274 Category: Cringe

  • How NOT to Get Laid

    How NOT to Get Laid

    Don't do what Donny Don't does, or you'll be sending yourself on a 1-way trip to the Sahara Desert of knob jobs. Heed my warning so ur not the only guy without a staff infection at the next Motley Crue concert.

    Date: 12/12/16 Views: 165,630 Category: Cringe

  • The Perfect Girlfriend

    The Perfect Girlfriend

    Good call on the for-her pleasure condoms. Those inanimate, double-D real dolls are notorious for picking up sexually transmitted diseases. You just dodged syphilis, HIV and maybe even irritable bowel syndrome.

    Date: 10/23/16 Views: 206,635 Category: Cringe

  • Your Roommate is an Asshole II

    Your Roommate is an Asshole II

    Carlos, you cringey shitbag. There's 2 things you don't mess with in life: 1) Christian Bale during his menstrual pains and 2) Another man's booty call. Eat a steak and save the 'Live at 5' action news for

    Date: 03/10/16 Views: 199,187 Category: Cringe

  • Meanwhile, on THAT part of the Internet...

    Meanwhile, on THAT part of the Internet...

    This DiCaprio-level actress isn't much for words, but her plight is pretty clear. Likely couldn't cut it as a Starbuck's barista and is now left making 'porn' that only appeals to guys that jack off to WWE. You'll fap.

    Date: 03/01/16 Views: 201,312 Category: Cringe

  • Bad Way to Start Your Porn Career

    Bad Way to Start Your Porn Career

    Noobie gets plundered by French Robert de Niro with an agenda consisting solely of her coal hole and how to pillage it. But apparently this shitter was built by Nokia, cause despite his wrath.. she walks away with a smile.

    Date: 07/28/15 Views: 200,536 Category: Cringe

  • 74 lbs of WTF

    74 lbs of WTF

    Twerking: Mastered by black girls, pure nightmare fuel when Sally gets down. But am I the only one who sees the danger here? 1 wrong move & her skeletal structure will have more breaks than a Mexican landscaper.

    Date: 01/06/15 Views: 270,426 Category: Cringe