• "please dont kill me"

    "please dont kill me"

    After bulldozing 50% of Detroit's prostis, our man finally broke unfamiliar ground: A woman in it for the BBC, not crackrock... and a dedicated one at that. That butthole took more abuse than a fully charged EBT card at KFC.

    Date: 12/31/17 Views: 255,949 Category: Cuck

  • Stranger Dangers

    Stranger Dangers

    This is Mariah Leonne. She's already been on here a few times doing the exact same shit... but this circus act is more dangerous than the others. 2 words lady: SUPER AIDS. Start vetting the guys, or get the GoFundMe ready.

    Date: 12/06/17 Views: 217,445 Category: Cuck



    Dude's got balls allowing Arnold Schwarzenegro to go Conan the Barbarian on his S/O. Speaking of balls... where the fuck is his nutsack? The only thing suggesting he's a man at this point are the camo shorts and bald head LOL

    Date: 10/08/17 Views: 167,801 Category: Cuck



    Some girls need girth to get off. Others, a $50 shopping spree at Sephora. And then there's Veronica Veganpuss, who takes no less than two semen satchels to reach her o-face. That's a fucking deal breaker for sure.

    Date: 08/01/17 Views: 173,720 Category: Cuck

  • Cuckold Turns for the Worse

    Cuckold Turns for the Worse

    This bench warmer saw 1 too many efukt videos and thought he was ready to play 2nd string. Probably didn't anticipate his dialogue to be more confusing than Nicholas Cage's summer vacation though. Color me baffled.

    Date: 07/26/17 Views: 206,025 Category: Cuck

  • Relationships in 2017

    Relationships in 2017

    At first I was like wow, this guy is an asshole for letting a roommate go crab appling in his girlfriend's butthole, unprotected. I was actually worried until I realized what year it is. Five words y'all: still better than fidget spinning.

    Date: 05/31/17 Views: 169,596 Category: Cuck

  • Cuckold Can't Hold it

    Cuckold Can't Hold it

    So who do we blame here? The virgin who lied about his DiX4Hire service, or the mega betacukfuck that paid him 4.5 cans of Pabst to tap out early?

    Date: 04/07/17 Views: 215,282 Category: Cuck

  • Bull Dozer

    Bull Dozer

    See the epic eye roll @6:03? I know that look. It's the fuck, i shouldn't have married a guy that voted Bernie look. No kidding lady. A) Free college is a myth. 2) Your uterus wouldnt have turned into a chapter of the YMCA

    Date: 01/16/17 Views: 342,315 Category: Cuck

  • Cuckold Ends a Marriage

    Cuckold Ends a Marriage

    She's trying to enjoy every inch of Mutunza's sperm worm, but teh S/O won't shut up. It's supposed to be his fetish, but she just pulled the Montreal Screwjob Part II. Kinda hot. Kinda see alimony in her future.

    Date: 12/17/16 Views: 318,847 Category: Cuck

  • "My wife is your wife"

    "My wife is your wife"

    Good taste in women (sluzzas). Poor taste in marriage material. 2 words homie: Martial Arts. Join the rest of the evolved population and pick up a hobby that won't end in a burning urethra, you repugnant, betamale fuck

    Date: 11/23/16 Views: 197,357 Category: Cuck

  • "Don't fuck my wife... BREAK HER!"

    "Don't fuck my wife... BREAK HER!"

    He gets the 'ok' to go Sonic Hedgehogo on prime MILF after being PAID by her husband. A legit pussy slayer for hire. Another 1 of those college courses that should be offered right next to underwater basket weaving.

    Date: 10/22/16 Views: 220,907 Category: Cuck

  • Cuckold Does the Unthinkable

    Cuckold Does the Unthinkable

    Skip to the 7:25 mark and pay close to attention to the artifacts of yestercock. Calling him BETA MALE OF THE CENTURY is the compliment of a lifetime. To all dairy connoisseurs of Inhumanity: You've been warned.

    Date: 10/10/16 Views: 301,432 Category: Cuck



    The borderline down syndrome during the day, token slut at night combo I can tolerate. Hell, I encourage it. But blood flow to my yankee doodle stops when this derp is forced to interact with another human. ugh.

    Date: 09/07/16 Views: 307,533 Category: Cuck

  • 1st BBC = MIND BLOWN

    1st BBC = MIND BLOWN

    LIFE LESSON #193: If you're significant other considers butter a food group, keep her the fuck away from streets named after Martin Luther King Jr. The last time she bucked this hard, a rodeo clown lost his life.

    Date: 08/18/16 Views: 288,701 Category: Cuck

  • How to End a Marriage

    How to End a Marriage

    Meet the Iggy Azalea of wife sharing. She honestly doesn't even need video. Just the audio of this life lesson is enough to moisten my Bugle Boy cut-offs.

    Date: 06/29/16 Views: 280,249 Category: Cuck

  • Upstaged By a Senior Citizen

    Upstaged By a Senior Citizen

    Being 'open-minded' really came back to bite this guy in the taint. Maybe next time inspect the bulge on the pensioner you contracted to fuck your wife, and save the regret for a guy not configured like Arnold Palmer?

    Date: 06/02/16 Views: 262,771 Category: Cuck

  • Yes, that's her husband

    Yes, that's her husband

    Beta bro husband makes like a Chinese tourist and documents every thrust of his chocolate accomplice's muffbuster. This is his chance to show all those faggits on okcupid how open-minded he is. PROTIP: He gay.

    Date: 04/07/16 Views: 284,689 Category: Cuck

  • "Sorry we broke your wife"

    "Sorry we broke your wife"

    Bitch looks like Velma Dinkly crossbred with a piece of asparagus and has deflated whoopie cushions for tits - how can life get any worse? By becomming a communal sex toy for the YMCA. That's how. More of her here.

    Date: 03/11/16 Views: 311,561 Category: Cuck