• WTF Sex Tape of the Year

    WTF Sex Tape of the Year

    Proof you've hit rock bottom: Heroin not being the worst thing you stick in your body. Fuckin' guy looks like 1999 Drew Carey, and has the sexual execution of a blind kangaroo. But the real question is: think she's single?

    Date: 06/27/17 Views: 121,989 Category: Drugs

  • I want a refund.

    I want a refund.

    Perhaps "refund" is the wrong word here, as it suggests someone would actually give this pre-op hard earned shillings for sexual favors. They don't. Trust me. I've been to the Walmart parking lot on a Saturday night.

    Date: 08/30/16 Views: 147,281 Category: Drugs



    Tired of jacking off to the same old fantasies of Nicki Minaj rolling around in a double-wide bowl of cream cheese and want the next best thing? How about a socially-inept, Brazilian drug addict UFC fan? Enjoy it:

    Date: 02/05/16 Views: 122,635 Category: Drugs