• First Date Disaster

    First Date Disaster

    I would suggest captioning this video, but half the shit that came out of her mouth makes less sense than the Russian dating scene. aka: wife material.

    Date: 04/15/17 Views: 64,025 Category: Drunk

  • Billy's First STD

    Billy's First STD

    the 'ole charlie sheen technique

    Date: 03/03/17 Views: 158,312 Category: Drunk

  • Boned, Stoned and Sent Home

    Boned, Stoned and Sent Home

    Impressive tolerance on her part TBH. She's got that my uncle and dad are the same person, so I listen to System of a Down on vinyl look down pat. Just curious: Does chlamydia cancel itself out if you get it twice or?

    Date: 01/31/17 Views: 211,515 Category: Drunk

  • Mr. Nice Guy

    Mr. Nice Guy

    How to make ur silly fetish porn better? Feature a guy over 5' tall & get some closeups. Thats what we really want: sexual assault vicariously through the Internet. Not watch Johnny Shortdick stumble through puberty.

    Date: 01/14/17 Views: 151,682 Category: Drunk

  • Definitely Her First Time

    Definitely Her First Time

    2 beers turn this rookie into the Jim Lahey of live-in girlfriends. First, she attempts to mark the futon, then she moves to the kitchen to deposit her wonderpuss. I think Budweiser just found itself it's new spokeswoman.

    Date: 10/04/16 Views: 214,968 Category: Drunk

  • 37 Seconds of Penetration

    37 Seconds of Penetration

    Same thing every time: Your TINDER date finally agrees to ride the rawhide, but "only after I talk to Captain Morgan". Listen up you kooky cunt: Booze + sex isn't the celestial combination R. Kelly makes it out to be.

    Date: 08/10/16 Views: 145,802 Category: Drunk

  • Flirting Gone Wrong. VERY WRONG

    Flirting Gone Wrong. VERY WRONG

    Cute girl has an unpredictable FML moment after realizing her love interest has worse social skills then a fucking potato. Lesson learned: Never mess with a homosexual in flip flops. Dignity left a long time ago.

    Date: 06/14/16 Views: 181,058 Category: Drunk

  • "This never happened before, I promise"

    "This never happened before, I promise"

    Amy Schumer Jr. went overboard on the daiquiris, and now she stands about as much chance at penetration as Stephen Hawking. There goes her future as 'chubby girl #2' in the popular "Porn I Can't Jack off to" series.

    Date: 05/20/16 Views: 204,847 Category: Drunk



    The unwritten rules of the practicing polygamist: #1 Hygiene, #2 Laying off Sonic's hand-mixed milkshake menu prior to engagement (trust me) and #3 fucking hygiene. Looks like Oliver Twist back there is 1 for 3.

    Date: 01/11/16 Views: 178,414 Category: Drunk

  • Vodka B4 Sex? BAD IDEA!

    Vodka B4 Sex? BAD IDEA!

    Behind-the-scenes of a Ruski skin flick, where a camera man tries regulating two skankaroonies with a blood alcohol level of ∞%. Optimum humiliation is achieved when culprit #1 kamikazes Vladimir's 27" flat screen.

    Date: 07/16/15 Views: 125,817 Category: Drunk

  • Hey Bitch, OD Somewhere Else!

    Hey Bitch, OD Somewhere Else!

    Carlos "pussy slayer" Garcia got himself one of those deluxe Nokia phones that shoots video and he's gonna show us just how cool life is... by turning the hose on a femi-beaner that downed about 9 too many Four Lokos.

    Date: 04/09/15 Views: 157,617 Category: Drunk

  • Well, That Escalated Quickly

    Well, That Escalated Quickly

    In 2 minutes flat this self-entitled shit stain goes from having fun to newest member of the talk shit - get hit club. Some people may call this domestic assault. But teh bro throwing right crosses calls it equal opportunity.

    Date: 01/10/15 Views: 255,308 Category: Drunk

  • Wasted Girl vs. Public Toilet

    Wasted Girl vs. Public Toilet

    Veronika underestimated both her tolerance for Skinny Girl Margaritas, and vertical gravity. Marvel in her glorious attempt to make it into the toilet before her underpants. More regrettable drunk girl antics HERE.

    Date: 10/17/14 Views: 128,117 Category: Drunk

  • drinking before anal? BAD IDEA

    drinking before anal? BAD IDEA

    It's the same shit every time. Your side piece finally agrees to do anal, but "only if I git drunk first". Listen up you cockamamie hoe. Bacardi Breezers + buttlove don't mix. This bitch didn't even make it past the door.

    Date: 07/17/14 Views: 316,382 Category: Drunk



    At first I was like "wow, she's unconscious, she's totally gonna get raped". I was actually worried, up until the camerabro did me the disservice of zooming in on her genitals. 6 words: protective layer of atomic wet-fart.

    Date: 06/22/14 Views: 275,608 Category: Drunk

  • Bad Place To Make Love

    Bad Place To Make Love

    Two trashy fucks get caught fooling around on camera by an inarguably even trashier fuck - who generously provides play-by-play narration and some heartfelt commentary like "give him some head bitch".

    Date: 07/06/12 Views: 182,199 Category: Drunk

  • Mr. Nice Guy Rejects Free Pussy

    Mr. Nice Guy Rejects Free Pussy

    2 appletinis turn this skag into the Free Willy of all whores. 1st she hops in the SUV of a total stranger, then she accosts a man for declining her wonderpuss. I think Vagisil just found itself a new spokesmodel.

    Date: 12/15/11 Views: 209,893 Category: Drunk

  • Hey Lady, OD Elsewhere

    Hey Lady, OD Elsewhere

    Have you ever seen a woman overdose on jaegerbombs + Vagisil @ the Luxor casino, joyride the elevator to the 245th floor and ultimately stumble upon a private sex party hosted by TV legend John Stamos? Me too.

    Date: 11/08/11 Views: 111,251 Category: Drunk

  • Pornstar OD's Before Shoot

    Pornstar OD's Before Shoot

    You ever wonder how the fuck some of these women take 14 inch cocks up their ass without even so much as wincing? Spoiler: they all pop pills, usually followed by alcohol. Oxycontin + MD 20/20 = this dumb bitch.

    Date: 09/06/11 Views: 182,046 Category: Drunk

  • Insecure Girl Does Smell Check

    Insecure Girl Does Smell Check

    Skip to the 1.10 mark. Even when she's piss drunk, blondie still has her concerns about possible stank seeping out of Twat Town. Cant fault her for being a considerate lover. If half the women I've ate out cared this much about hygiene, I'd still have taste buds.

    Date: 05/29/11 Views: 197,471 Category: Drunk

  • Attention Whore Fail

    Attention Whore Fail

    To compensate for her lack of dance skills (sorry, hopping around like a retard doesn't count), this little slut busts out her ass and titties. Hordes of douchebags quickly gather for the free show.

    Date: 05/29/10 Views: 156,354 Category: Drunk

  • Assholes Fuck With Drunk Girl

    Assholes Fuck With Drunk Girl

    Beaner boy got himself one of them fancy digital camcorders and is out on a mission to show the world just how cool his life truly is... by filming his Friday night at Mickey D's and talking like a fuckin douchebag.

    Date: 05/12/10 Views: 270,968 Category: Drunk

  • I Can Has Alcomohol???

    I Can Has Alcomohol???

    She voluntarily renders herself unconscious with a $3.00 liter of Vodka. Thanks lady... you just saved us a whole packet of Rohypnol!

    Date: 10/26/09 Views: 165,151 Category: Drunk

  • I Think Her Vagina Got Fucked Up

    I Think Her Vagina Got Fucked Up

    Bette Midler here thought a glass table could sustain her weight. Needless to say she calculated wrong. But what's really funny are her departing words - "it went into my...". She's referring to the glass she just shattered. You fill in the blank.

    Date: 08/27/09 Views: 140,869 Category: Drunk

  • Drunk Girl Goes Apeshit

    Drunk Girl Goes Apeshit

    Check out the effects of a shitload of alcohol on a young naive slut. The urges to remove her clothing and spread her legs have completely taken over her. It's science at its finest.

    Date: 07/22/08 Views: 139,086 Category: Drunk

  • Birthday Boy Pukes On Stripper

    Birthday Boy Pukes On Stripper

    This is old as fuck but it never gets old. Five bucks says it was her stank pussy that made him puke, not the alcohol!

    Date: 06/05/08 Views: 113,870 Category: Drunk