• Marry Her

    Marry Her

    Great face. Nice body. But what really got me on board was the complete lack of logic. Look closely. No brains, no thoughts. So cute you'd almost forget this happens when they get more than half a can into their mouths.

    Date: 09/02/17 Views: 178,326 Category: Fail

  • Still a Virgin

    Still a Virgin

    Bobbie Sue-Lynn sure is eager to witness the poppage of her BFF's Pringle can, but her cheerleading isn't enough to get the job done. FREE TIP: Try greasing with spicy mayonnaise first. It's called 'The Fire Drill'. I invented it.

    Date: 08/30/17 Views: 134,028 Category: Fail

  • Still Would

    Still Would

    Nothing says 'bust my nut' like teeth broken off at the gum line. She's less than grateful for that flattery, but it's ok. Girls are hotter when they're mad.

    Date: 05/03/17 Views: 197,320 Category: Fail

  • They Lasted 10 Seconds

    They Lasted 10 Seconds


    Date: 04/19/17 Views: 192,605 Category: Fail

  • TBT: Creepy Fuck Can't Get it Up

    TBT: Creepy Fuck Can't Get it Up

    If all members of The Backstreet Boys took a collective shit in a bathtub.. this sex offender is what would rise up out of it. But the real tragedy here? His sexual performance is just almost as bad as his haircut. almost

    Date: 03/08/17 Views: 129,361 Category: Fail

  • Never Trust Dollar Store Condoms

    Never Trust Dollar Store Condoms

    Not the first vid I've seen with rubbers getting pushed to their limits, but it may be the most interesting. The average reaction is relationship-ending, MIDOL-needing fury. Her? She just lols her way to Planned Parenthood.

    Date: 01/30/17 Views: 166,167 Category: Fail

  • Don't Even Try

    Don't Even Try

    Only 28% in, & his cock folds like Esmeralda on laundry day. Can someone .GIF the 3 secs when his penis is at a full 90 degrees? Its time I made a PSA on the dangers having sex with more limp than Hulk Hogan's rap solo.

    Date: 12/28/16 Views: 153,276 Category: Fail

  • 30 Seconds of Joy

    30 Seconds of Joy

    Intercourse: It's pretty simple stuff. But for Goober McBallbag, it might as well be mission impossible. Not even after 5 consecutive attempts at penetration does he get close to vaginal satisfaction. Lawd have mercy.

    Date: 12/09/16 Views: 319,451 Category: Fail

  • Mom Approves

    Mom Approves

    This ones special. Her face says i only date guys named Lemarcus and i lost my virginity to a vending machine. But from the neck down she has the body of a pornstar. A blind pornstar. From Guatamala. #marryme

    Date: 10/30/16 Views: 308,206 Category: Fail

  • "That's never happened before"

    "That's never happened before"

    This is 2 parts thriller, 12 parts comedy gold. Confusion begins halfway in, when chumpo yanks his penis out and delivers a C&D to her squash box. Said dipshit then facepalms and legitimately cries. Y? My thesis: HE GAY.

    Date: 10/02/16 Views: 188,316 Category: Fail

  • Humiliated After Robbing the WRONG Girl

    Humiliated After Robbing the WRONG Girl

    Straight outta Tijuana and new to the pickpocket scene, this untrained shit stain stuck his hand on the wrong culo and paid for it big time. His punishment? Humiliation involving all 1.7 inches of his tator tot HAHA

    Date: 05/31/16 Views: 120,682 Category: Fail

  • Worst. Butt Implants. EVER.

    Worst. Butt Implants. EVER.

    A lot of cosmetic surgery, a little money spent & hiring a guy on Craigslist that works out of his garage... what could go wrong? I'll give you a hint: It's shaped like an NFL goal post and more repulsive than Trump's stump.

    Date: 02/25/16 Views: 176,393 Category: Fail

  • It's just a prank bro

    It's just a prank bro

    Nothing says 'i luv you' quite like 1 fluid ounce of unannounced fapple juice straight to the tonsils. Let's just say the wifey is less than appreciative, but that's cool. Brunettes are hotter when they're angry anyway.

    Date: 02/17/16 Views: 328,971 Category: Fail



    Jessica Robbin. A 4-year veteran with the upper body of a silicon-wielding surgeon from Ecuador... but has 1 weakness: FACIALS. Dude lobs one right onto her lips anyway. You can literally feel the feminism from here.

    Date: 01/23/16 Views: 175,941 Category: Fail

  • How NOT to Have a Threesome

    How NOT to Have a Threesome

    Chumpo thinks the worst time on Earth to go limper than wet toilet paper is worth filming. Sorry pal, brag about teh sluts all you want: If you can't fuck 'em, ur about as useful as Charlie Sheen at a blood drive.

    Date: 11/20/15 Views: 172,829 Category: Fail

  • Experienced MILF vs. Nervous Newbie

    Experienced MILF vs. Nervous Newbie

    Interesting combination. Did she agree to do this scene solely for the challenging of overcoming an 18-year-old already cursed with ED? Or is Aspergers a fetish now?

    Date: 11/16/15 Views: 264,719 Category: Fail

  • Bangin' on a Budget

    Bangin' on a Budget

    Fueled by mental disability, these heavy-breathing fun seekers construct an excess amount (SEE: 1) of DIY love dolls. Imagine if you could get these things in a Chernobyl sweatshop - that's what they're mating with.

    Date: 10/02/15 Views: 120,434 Category: Fail

  • Noobs Can't Double Penetrate

    Noobs Can't Double Penetrate

    Ever watch Dumb and Dumber To? Me neither... but if they were to make a pornographic spinoff with Megan Fox, it might look something like this. Denied entry times: 12:20, 20:15 and Custer's last stand @ 23:30.

    Date: 09/24/15 Views: 131,959 Category: Fail

  • Mistakes Were Made

    Mistakes Were Made

    She sucks, he shoots, she gags. As a result I'm not really sure who's to blame here: Her nitwitted ass for thinking she could be a p-star and not get put in front of a seminal firing squad, or Bruno's all-asparagus diet.

    Date: 09/09/15 Views: 229,440 Category: Fail



    Our main man Amjad is a master of two things: Taxi cab navigation and cooking up the meanest tikka masala this side of the prime meridian. Unfortunately neither of these abilities aid in correct condom usage. RIP Amjad.

    Date: 07/22/15 Views: 129,967 Category: Fail

  • Can't Stop the Cumshot

    Can't Stop the Cumshot

    1st time D-sucker foolishly assumes her job is over and breathes a sigh of relief... only to be shot in the mouth with another wad of Esposito's gold reserve. A choice is needed: gulp or ruin Macy's finest Egyptian bed sheets.

    Date: 07/10/15 Views: 281,317 Category: Fail

  • Blowjob FAIL (HAHA)

    Blowjob FAIL (HAHA)

    S'n some D only has a few rules: Minimal teeth usage and keep the c-rings away from all other jewelry. Not a hard list but this alumni decides to test fate anyway, resulting in an epic rage quit. GG NO RE

    Date: 07/05/15 Views: 141,687 Category: Fail

  • The Worst Threesome Ever?

    The Worst Threesome Ever?

    She's pushing 200lbs and thinks NASCAR is entertaining. How can life possibly get any worse? If you guessed "getting tag teamed by guys that have less respect for the female body than Bill Cosby" you're a winner.

    Date: 05/06/15 Views: 123,924 Category: Fail

  • Glory Hole FAIL

    Glory Hole FAIL

    First timer has a minor FML moment after realizing her costar bust nuts that could stop forest fires. Luckily she handles it like a pro. And by pro, I mean spitting up enough protein to turn Bill Nye into Brock fuckin' Lesnar.

    Date: 03/30/15 Views: 258,736 Category: Fail

  • He's Pretty Bad at Sex

    He's Pretty Bad at Sex

    Rodrigo, you dimwitted fuck. There are 2 things you simply don't mess with in life: #1. Seth Green during his menstrual cycle and #2. Women who willingly pierce their clitoris multiple times. You asked for this one brah.

    Date: 03/07/15 Views: 113,105 Category: Fail

  • I'm Sorry, I'm A Homosexual 2

    I'm Sorry, I'm A Homosexual 2

    They stroke, they straddle, they string him up like Elton John during one of his gynecology exams. Unfortunately this gaggle of sluts would have a better chance at splitting the fucking atom than busting this guy's nut.

    Date: 02/23/15 Views: 122,950 Category: Fail

  • I Fucking HATE Facials

    I Fucking HATE Facials

    Can't really blame her. Dude's bush looks like the top of Eddie Murphy's head circa de Beverly Hills Cop 1. If you had to go face-to-egg bag with a nut sac that requires a hairnet, you'd be squinting pretty fucking hard too.

    Date: 11/17/14 Views: 166,187 Category: Fail

  • Creep Ruins His First Porn Shoot

    Creep Ruins His First Porn Shoot

    Mortimer's porn career was over before it began. It's really hard to masturbate to a bald/long black haired pale dude trying to hug and kiss a prostitute. He would be better off playing a villains lanky henchman in a horror movie.

    Date: 09/01/14 Views: 127,457 Category: Fail

  • Failed Attempt at a Happy Ending

    Failed Attempt at a Happy Ending

    Faggy McPonytail over here hit a point in his life where his sweet hair and 2003 honda civic just aren't filling the void. So he puts his heart, his erection and his pride on the line for a chance at a happy ending with a middle aged masseuse.

    Date: 08/10/14 Views: 257,853 Category: Fail

  • Dildo Fail

    Dildo Fail

    She's trying to get off with one of those rubber cocks that have suction cups at the base. They're supposed to be good for hands-free fun but this broad's clam is so tight that the dildo wont stay put. Kinda hot.

    Date: 07/30/11 Views: 143,618 Category: Fail