• Stealth Cumshot of the Year

    Stealth Cumshot of the Year

    wut the fuck

    Date: 04/24/17 Views: 48,465 Category: Fappers

  • United Airlines Damage Control?

    United Airlines Damage Control?

    If ur the kinda dude that can enjoy 10 minutes of nothing but a corporation actually giving back to their customers, this is for you. Don't give a fuck about jigglin C-cup titties? Maybe another video suits your needs better.

    Date: 04/21/17 Views: 89,730 Category: Fappers

  • REAL: Car Salesman Shows Girl His Dick

    REAL: Car Salesman Shows Girl His Dick


    Date: 02/19/17 Views: 142,481 Category: Fappers

  • How NOT to Make a First Impression

    How NOT to Make a First Impression

    Don't laugh at this. I know you have a soul... it may be more wrinkled than Shia Labeouf's asshole after a 24 hour sit-in at Petsmart, but it still has a voice. And today that voice says jackofftime is fucking revoked.

    Date: 11/11/16 Views: 181,584 Category: Fappers

  • Sabotaging the Maid

    Sabotaging the Maid

    Always the same thing with these cretins: They time it just right to be mid-chub when an oblivious girl is en route to dump last night's Whattaburger, but Mahatma Gandhi usually isn't the target. Aim higher Jagdish.

    Date: 09/18/16 Views: 180,620 Category: Fappers

  • That wasn't sun tan lotion...

    That wasn't sun tan lotion...

    Gotta respect how he stands his ground after making it rain. Because skedaddling it into the sunset would be crossing the line, whereas ruthlessly ejaculating on her Victoria Secret bikini bottoms is just an ice breaker.

    Date: 08/08/16 Views: 157,583 Category: Fappers

  • "Is that a penis?"

    "Is that a penis?"

    Not the 1st vid I've seen with a man using all 3 inches of his manager special balogna as an ice breaker, but it may be the worst. Average k/d for these creepy fucks is like 1:50. Him? Can't even get on the scoreboard lol.

    Date: 06/22/16 Views: 157,009 Category: Fappers

  • Public Masturbator Finds True Love

    Public Masturbator Finds True Love

    4:07 is the equalizer. That's the moment you realize cruising around town with a soft 6, in search of a solid 5 gets better results than TINDER can ever promise u.

    Date: 04/30/16 Views: 234,577 Category: Fappers

  • How People End Up in Jail

    How People End Up in Jail

    Poor execution, bro. People want to see a petite Puerto Rican with a size 0 waist become the target of that nut butter hail storm. Not a girl named Annushka and her fuckstick friend. Now apologize to her dollar store linen.

    Date: 09/29/15 Views: 161,589 Category: Fappers

  • I Came

    I Came

    Things I won't do: #1 - Skin-on-skin w/ a public toilet. #2 - Lie to the viewers. Therefore, this is pretty lame. But it is the first time I've ejaculated to a fully clothed girl since Kelly Kapowski circa 1995. So... there's that.

    Date: 08/04/15 Views: 176,983 Category: Fappers

  • Award-Winning Public Masturbation  II

    Award-Winning Public Masturbation II

    Nothing gets clicks quite like scenes of unsuspected sauce tossing. So here's 45 minutes of them. You read that right: FORTY FIVE - as in the number of erections I get during one episode of Sabrina the Teenage Witch.

    Date: 06/29/15 Views: 204,561 Category: Fappers

  • Uber Passenger Leaves a Tip

    Uber Passenger Leaves a Tip

    No context, no sound. Just a guy that likes to beat the living corn bread out of his penis in the backseat of stranger's environmentally-friendly sedans. I've never seen such disrespect for cloth interiors in all my life.

    Date: 02/14/15 Views: 183,254 Category: Fappers

  • Award-Winning Public Masturbation

    Award-Winning Public Masturbation

    Undoubtedly the most daring group of sex offenders this planet has ever seen. I must note though - nobody was hurt, fantasies were fulfilled and these girls got something to tweet about other than being fat. #WIN

    Date: 11/16/14 Views: 215,214 Category: Fappers