• i came.

    i came.

    Not since 1982's The Thing have I seen a remake outdo the original in every way. She's stacked like a Denny's Grand Slam, fucks all over the place and makes Jessica Alba look/smell like Sarah Jessica Parker. #oscarworthy

    Date: 05/26/17 Views: 23,815 Category: Gamers

  • Annnnd there goes my childhood

    Annnnd there goes my childhood

    34 straight years of wholesome entertainment, completely obliterated by the next generation of ejaculation. Next up: Automata. We both know why.

    Date: 05/09/17 Views: 120,156 Category: Gamers

  • I Ejaculated to This 7 Times

    I Ejaculated to This 7 Times

    I don't know shit about 3D other than it being default jerk-off material for people that consider Lunchables an essential part of the food pyramid. But trust me homeboi, this is the coolest 120 secs you'll see all hour.

    Date: 04/11/17 Views: 165,179 Category: Gamers

  • Plan B for Banned Girls

    Plan B for Banned Girls


    Date: 11/22/16 Views: 167,741 Category: Gamers

  • You can't do that on Twitch

    You can't do that on Twitch

    Pedro Sanchez dropped 20lbs, grew the hair out and traded in his bicycle for a GTX 980. Now that you've mastered Look-Like-a-Gardener-101, how about taking a course on laying pipe? Your girl looks pretty bored bro

    Date: 08/15/16 Views: 150,984 Category: Gamers

  • It Finally Happened

    It Finally Happened

    Today's society literally can't walk more than 10 feet without having to pull the phone out, and feverishly hunt Pokemon. It's a condition us folks in the medical community call cuntosis. But 1 girl just made it livable.

    Date: 08/01/16 Views: 186,986 Category: Gamers

  • Gamer Gets Cucked

    Gamer Gets Cucked


    Date: 07/02/16 Views: 176,940 Category: Gamers