• Expectation vs. Reality

    Expectation vs. Reality

    It's always a little depressing to disgust a girl that considers grasshoppers a staple food group. Consider it a toll for having the cock of an antelope.

    Date: 07/24/17 Views: 134,451 Category: GIF

  • Beyond Baked

    Beyond Baked

    Her boyfriend's the kinda dude that gets so high, he tries to vacuum his own shadow. Clearly this is a girl that's no stranger to surprise trips to the gynecologist.

    Date: 06/16/16 Views: 214,953 Category: GIF

  • OH SHIT! MOMENT #512

    OH SHIT! MOMENT #512

    Sexual exploration goes sour fast after our intern here underestimates the power of lubrication - effectively becoming hide and seek champion of the day. I lol'd.

    Date: 03/29/16 Views: 189,642 Category: GIF

  • You're Busted

    You're Busted

    Some professional law enforcement right here. Too bad the only thing officer Cock Knuckles and Dick Lock stopped was the finger bang free-for-all that was .8 seconds away from deployment. In other words this.

    Date: 01/05/16 Views: 152,836 Category: GIF

  • She isn't Human

    She isn't Human

    I bet you $8 and the remainder of my orange julius that this shit is faker (dem pixels) than a YouTube social experiment. But here at Inhumanity we like to offer hope. And today, xmas comes early for this stallion.

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    Diana "yes i'll have cheese on that" Dumpington's attempt to cover up the stench of her gas cloud backfires hilariously by pulling off a bank shot Kobe Bryant would be proud of. I'm kinda filled with envy.

    Date: 08/19/15 Views: 155,208 Category: GIF

  • Anal FAIL... sorta

    Anal FAIL... sorta

    Her ability to douche prior to a butt muff scene is on par with my ability to tell the difference between The Black Eyed Peas and Aspergers. (READ: Impossible) Fortunately, at least 1 girl in this vid is a-okay with it.

    Date: 02/17/15 Views: 112,173 Category: GIF

  • why would ANYONE do this???

    why would ANYONE do this???

    I've seen some pretty abhorrent shit in my time. Taliban donkey porn, sexually suggestive photos of Carrot Top, 2010's After Earth. But this? This made me fucking gag like a 400lb Latino in a Vegan cafe.

    Date: 07/02/14 Views: 230,695 Category: GIF

  • Well, that escalated quickly...

    Well, that escalated quickly...

    I like how camwhoring has rapidly evolved from basic flirting/flashing into a cutthroat industry of who can fit a Mini Cooper inside their vagina first. This isn't porn. This is advance preparation for childbirth. 10/10.

    Date: 05/07/14 Views: 176,680 Category: GIF

  • Rough Anal = Horrific Injury

    Rough Anal = Horrific Injury

    You know that thin piece of skin that separates the inside of a vagina from the dookie dungeon? Well, Captain Stabbin here just accidentally thrusted his flesh sword straight fucking through it. #diapers4life

    Date: 04/28/14 Views: 346,296 Category: GIF

  • Snuff Porn is Kinda Funny

    Snuff Porn is Kinda Funny

    Glad to see CGI has finally found a proper purpose in the adult industry. If anyone has the slighest clue as to where this masterpiece originated from, feel free to write:

    Date: 12/21/12 Views: 274,621 Category: GIF

  • Epic Dildo Is Long... and Epic

    Epic Dildo Is Long... and Epic

    I'm all for girls shitting out rubber dicks the size of Gary Coleman but for real, like Jerry's Final Thought kinda real, eventually she's gonna end up with a perforated colon & then it's 'GAME OVER YEEH', a la Sega Rally.

    Date: 01/31/12 Views: 171,320 Category: GIF

  • Hey! Youre Not Finsihed

    Hey! Youre Not Finsihed

    Malaysian hooker foolishly assumes her objective is complete and exerts a sigh of relief... only to be shot point blank with yet another wad of Joseppi's finest. The element of surprise has never been more erotic.

    Date: 03/18/11 Views: 2,411,591 Category: GIF

  • Pull My Winky

    Pull My Winky

    He struts the streets with his cock out and purposely tries to collide with any females passing by. My hero.

    Date: 03/09/10 Views: 159,997 Category: GIF