• The Giving Girlfriend

    The Giving Girlfriend

    Nothing gets the peanut gallery talking quite like simultaneous acts of public indecency - so here's 3 girls doing just that. That's right, three as in the number of times I jack off to each episode of Ally McBeal. #skeletonsneedlovetoo #noh8

    Date: 11/09/18 Views: 171,166 Category: Groups

  • "sorry for ruining your wife"

    "sorry for ruining your wife"

    Swinging: A behavior generally reserved for degenerate adults that need something to do in between collecting food stamps and using Redbox. The girl are always a mess. Proof: Skeletor's deflated balloon knot @ 8:11 mark.

    Date: 07/06/18 Views: 271,650 Category: Groups

  • Too Many Dicks!

    Too Many Dicks!

    The facial expressions while getting her hotdog oven overstocked are priceless. Worthy of their own Twitch emojis. Same goes for some of the meat vendors giving the handout. Every 15 seconds is a Kodak moment.

    Date: 10/20/17 Views: 195,292 Category: Groups

  • 14 DICKS? IN A ROW?

    14 DICKS? IN A ROW?

    [Full Version]

    Date: 05/05/17 Views: 167,299 Category: Groups

  • Party Trick

    Party Trick

    She's drunk and/or retarded... both of which explain why she's fornicating in front of Hollister's day shift. My only question: Who's balls did she have to gargle to get those killer 'almost on the clitoris' tats? I dig 'em

    Date: 04/30/17 Views: 201,211 Category: Groups

  • 6 Cocks vs. 1 Ass

    6 Cocks vs. 1 Ass

    6:32: Some poor S.O.B. with the girth of a Twizzler got casted into an orgy scene with an array of horse cocks by comparison. The workings of a troll? or did Joseppi think lying on his application would go unnoticed? LOL

    Date: 04/02/17 Views: 163,293 Category: Groups

  • REAL: "Your girlfriend sucked 12 dicks"

    REAL: "Your girlfriend sucked 12 dicks"

    Self-proclaimed "BBC whisperer" does the impossible: taste tests a baker's dozen worth of chocolate wieners AND get taken back by her boyfriend after footage leaks. Lavar & co. laugh. The BF cries. You bookmark.

    Date: 11/10/15 Views: 248,561 Category: Groups

  • Endurance WIN

    Endurance WIN

    Los Hermanos de Butt Sex have been assigned a mission: Leave no hole unfilled. Any first-year college girl can pull off a DP, but it takes a special kind of slut McNugget to endure this assault & live nightmare-free.

    Date: 12/31/14 Views: 182,770 Category: Groups