• She Thinks it's Funny

    She Thinks it's Funny

    That's the same egotistical bitch who disrespected the legacy of Jumanji. You're probably already asking how do u top ambushing Mrs. Doubtfire's rectal cavity? Answer: You don't. But gnome sodomy is a close 2nd.

    Date: 05/27/15 Views: 177,756 Category: Midgets

  • Dwarf vs. BBC

    Dwarf vs. BBC

    When you weigh as much as the penis you're being penetrated by, having sex is essentially assisted suicide. regret4life. Not even Carl Sagan's Voyage into the Cosmos can explain how this mismatch is possible.

    Date: 01/04/15 Views: 236,851 Category: Midgets

  • Stripper Feels Bad For Midget

    Stripper Feels Bad For Midget

    This bitch is the Mother Teresa of blowjobs. I thought I was a pretty charitable bro after donating 3 Red Bulls to the caravan of female vagrants down my street last week. That's diddly squat compared to this Moesha.

    Date: 02/19/12 Views: 187,792 Category: Midgets

  • Hector Jr. Got Game

    Hector Jr. Got Game

    If proportions at all play a role in the size of a man's cock, I'd guesstimate this little honcho is packing something in between a Jolly Rancher and a dinner mint. And yet he still lays pipe like a stud. RESPECT.

    Date: 09/10/11 Views: 156,078 Category: Midgets

  • Big Dick Midget

    Big Dick Midget

    Okay so he's got be me beat by half an inch. But where I lack in size, I make up for in mobility. Bet you a hundred bucks that dwarf is incapable of doing my signature 'reverse pile driver' sex move. So beat that, motherfucker.

    Date: 01/17/09 Views: 146,403 Category: Midgets

  • His Penis Is Bigger Than Her Arm

    His Penis Is Bigger Than Her Arm

    If I had a penis that big and a girlfriend that small, I'd be kinda concerned about potentially causing internal damage. With my luck, my cock would take a wrong turn and go through her chest like one of those little fuckers in the Alien movies.

    Date: 12/11/08 Views: 178,890 Category: Midgets

  • Worlds Hottest Midget

    Worlds Hottest Midget

    She may look small but there's no cock too big for this little whore. Check out this video of her getting fucked by a 16 incher and then you'll understand.

    Date: 07/02/08 Views: 197,886 Category: Midgets