• Overwhelmed by Anal

    Overwhelmed by Anal

    You can't actually tell what orifice is being breached from this angle, but I'm gonna go ahead and confirm rectal infiltration. Only 2 things make a girl scowl like THAT, and I didn't see Mel Gibson anywhere. So... #CONFIRMED

    Date: 08/02/17 Views: 102,463 Category: Ouch

  • Your Uncle is a Pervert

    Your Uncle is a Pervert

    Reality check for a 20-year-old that thinks Uncle Jasper's jiggle juice is liken to a family picnic. Preeeeety messed up when the tears almost start flowin.

    Date: 07/29/17 Views: 100,458 Category: Ouch

  • Challenge Accepted

    Challenge Accepted

    If you're expecting to see this front loader send another victim screaming to the E.R... prepare for disappointment. The attraction today is not organ rearrangement. Its how easy she houses the Sears Tower of synthetic dicks.

    Date: 07/03/17 Views: 116,297 Category: Ouch

  • Mistakes Were Definitely Made

    Mistakes Were Definitely Made

    Wow. Being an attention whore really came back to bite this one in the labia minora? How about next time you stick to handing out your patented herpes lollipops, and save the 2nd degree burns for likeigiveafuck.com.

    Date: 02/01/17 Views: 174,236 Category: Ouch

  • In it to WIN it

    In it to WIN it

    All intimate activities usually come to an end the moment you try dancing the chocolate cha-cha... but not when you're dating this bulletproof butthole. I think FORD TOUGH just unearthed its new spokeswoman.

    Date: 01/04/17 Views: 292,354 Category: Ouch

  • Lungs-Deep


    Sorry aspiring gynecologists of America, his animosity for the cervix > your safety warnings. Could someone please email me when they get real adventurous & she ends up impaled by a pool noodle? I'd appreciate dat.

    Date: 10/06/16 Views: 181,739 Category: Ouch

  • She Has Standards

    She Has Standards

    Kinda looks like Amy Schumer bred with an antelope. Full-sized liquor bottles work great on women like this, draws attention away from the face... when you drink it. Going Jackie Chan on the uterus is not recommended

    Date: 09/01/16 Views: 153,293 Category: Ouch

  • Safe Words are for Pussies

    Safe Words are for Pussies

    An up-close look at the genitalia of Gumby's little sister directly before and after an encounter with TEH CLAW. The resemblance to Big League Chew is top shelf, but unfortunately it only comes in one flavor: Gr8pe H8

    Date: 04/06/16 Views: 176,969 Category: Ouch

  • New Path to the G-Spot

    New Path to the G-Spot

    How this wide receiver was aroused enough to jizz like Mentos in a Coke bottle is beyond me. The anal is dry, the object is titanic and what's left behind looks like already-chewed Bubble Tape Gum. Strawberry flavor.

    Date: 10/08/15 Views: 121,676 Category: Ouch

  • She'll Make You Hate Anal

    She'll Make You Hate Anal

    A romp in the ol rusty bullet hole goes sour once this underachiever realizes she just accepted a check her starfish can't cash. But blinded by fame and $47, she forges on. Result? Porn that demands a mute button.

    Date: 06/15/15 Views: 136,818 Category: Ouch

  • His Dick Breaks @ 16:09

    His Dick Breaks @ 16:09

    7 minutes of practicing selfies, 5 minutes of penetration and 2 regretful seconds of his hamdog getting folded like a beach towel. Yep, I think it's safe to say this is the greatest fuck flick scene k1ds have ever produced.

    Date: 04/19/15 Views: 135,567 Category: Ouch

  • 36 Inches - WILL IT FIT?

    36 Inches - WILL IT FIT?

    Who the fuck does this attention whore think she is? The Ronda Rousey of tyrannical sex toys? Needless to say her struggle starts off promising but like people serving me at IHOP, this bitch doesn't even get the tip.

    Date: 04/03/15 Views: 186,359 Category: Ouch

  • How NOT to Make a Guy Cum

    How NOT to Make a Guy Cum

    Raquel Balboa turns this guy's egg sac into her own personal speed bag. I mean straight up going Mr. Miyagi on his hangers without breaking a sweat. A video hasn't made me clench so tightly since this classic.

    Date: 12/05/14 Views: 149,137 Category: Ouch

  • Naked Teen Snaps Neck!

    Naked Teen Snaps Neck!

    Woah. Being an attention whore really came back to bite this one in the clitoris. How about next year you just stick to watching the bands you wasted $275 to see and save the titty-flashing for igiveafuck.com

    Date: 05/03/12 Views: 212,912 Category: Ouch

  • I Wouldve Cried

    I Wouldve Cried

    Check the last 5 seconds of this video. His penis looks like something off the menu of Wetzel's Pretzel. And yet he fucks on, completely unphased by the penile fracture. I crown thee Techno Viking of sexual intercourse.

    Date: 04/26/11 Views: 141,803 Category: Ouch

  • Attention Whore Fail

    Attention Whore Fail

    There's an easier way to impress a squadron of bros than jumping over a fucking cliff and nearly killing yourself. It's called spreading your legs ya dumb bitch.

    Date: 04/19/10 Views: 84,471 Category: Ouch

  • Pencil Dick

    Pencil Dick

    Daddy school starts soon. Where's my lucky pencil? Haha eat lead motherfucker.

    Date: 02/18/09 Views: 102,727 Category: Ouch

  • Mexican Ambulance Fail

    Mexican Ambulance Fail

    Mr. Lopez, you have now been upgraded from a broken leg to full paraplegia. Would you like a churro?

    Date: 01/30/09 Views: 106,092 Category: Ouch