• Disappointment of the Day

    Disappointment of the Day

    I'm thinking it might be best you just stay behind that wall and never reveal your identity. That thing you're sticking through the wall has a hair trigger.

    Date: 09/25/17 Views: 158,642 Category: Premature

  • "that was it?"

    "that was it?"

    Scroll to 2:46 for her official statement. A sad moment indeed. Not really as depressing as Amy Schumer getting theatrical movie releases . I'd say more along the lines of depressing like when Adam West died. ya feel me dawg?

    Date: 07/09/17 Views: 163,140 Category: Premature

  • Too Tight, Can't Fight

    Too Tight, Can't Fight

    0:50: "keep going!"
    0:51: fffffghaarrrrgghh
    1:01: "did u really ju-?"

    Date: 05/13/17 Views: 255,606 Category: Premature



    Her i drive a Dodge Caravan & use coupons on Vagisil look is on-point. She's also in need of an orgasm from something not-battery powered. The 'early' chestnut evacuation at :44 is fake. Her IRL desperation is not.

    Date: 07/05/16 Views: 155,107 Category: Premature

  • 10 Seconds = Instant Cum

    10 Seconds = Instant Cum

    Monumental MILF makes her man blow his groin gravy faster than Al Roker in an unsupervised bakery. All by merely moistening his bratwurst for less time than it takes to prepare a bowl of nutritional Quaker Oats.

    Date: 03/31/16 Views: 231,310 Category: Premature

  • The 57 Second Man

    The 57 Second Man

    Technically 64 seconds but whos counting? The novelty of having a girlfriend with the waist-to-hip ratio of an underfed Kardashian must fade pretty quick when you can't last longer than a bag of Uncle Ben's instant rice.

    Date: 02/26/16 Views: 251,588 Category: Premature

  • 9 Inches, 20 Seconds

    9 Inches, 20 Seconds

    The excitement of having to tuck your cock into a sock must fade quick when your average run time is less than a Pizza Hut commercial. Unless that thing can lip sync, I'd say his time in front of a camera is done son.

    Date: 08/09/15 Views: 182,390 Category: Premature

  • Annnnnd, He's Done

    Annnnnd, He's Done

    Juanita makes her man eject his muscle milk faster than middle-aged women at a Chris Pratt movie, all by simply lowering her Levis & counting to 60. A critical mistake, but one you will masturbate to first and then criticize.

    Date: 06/18/15 Views: 153,407 Category: Premature



    Eight seconds of stroking and dude pops his cork faster than Kanye West looking at himself in a mirror. Skip on ahead to 0:51 seconds for British shaming at it's finest.

    Date: 04/06/15 Views: 181,136 Category: Premature



    Don't let his above-average penis size and Jonathan Taylor Thomas moptop fool you. Even cool kids make mistakes in the eternal quest for female jism. She lets him off easy with a warning. and an STD.

    Date: 07/03/14 Views: 267,282 Category: Premature

  • DONT STOP! IM CUMMING! (he stops lol)

    DONT STOP! IM CUMMING! (he stops lol)

    She's 6 months preggo and has an ass-2-waist ratio that'd make Kim Kardashian soil her Gucci g-string in jealousy. She's also in need of an orgasm. Badly. Skip to the .40 mark for sexual failure at it's finest.

    Date: 06/10/14 Views: 416,636 Category: Premature

  • Greasy Cameltoe = Instant Ejaculation

    Greasy Cameltoe = Instant Ejaculation

    Mega milf makes her man blow his nut-butter faster than Richard Gere in an unsupervised petting zoo, all by simply straddling his Jimmy Dean breakfast sausage with her fat lips. Strangely hot. More here.

    Date: 05/21/14 Views: 311,134 Category: Premature

  • Adventurous Sex FAIL

    Adventurous Sex FAIL

    Rule #23 of spicing up your sex life: if you're gonna trek 7 miles out into the middle of nowhere for some outdoor sex - be sure to pack your numbing cream so you dont bust your nut in 8 seconds flat like this dumb asshole.

    Date: 04/21/11 Views: 145,264 Category: Premature

  • 25 Seconds Of Cornhole Heaven

    25 Seconds Of Cornhole Heaven

    He's got a 3 inch penis and looks like the fat fuck from Full Metal Jacket. Premature ejaculation is to be expected.

    Date: 12/28/10 Views: 180,267 Category: Premature

  • The Career Ender

    The Career Ender

    like BP Oil failing trying to cap plume of oil, this guy tried to put a cork on his cock when an eruption came without warning. You sir have failed... don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out. note: No stupid dolphin tattoos were harmed in the filming of this fail.

    Date: 06/10/10 Views: 267,513 Category: Premature

  • Girl LOL's At Premature Ejaculator

    Girl LOL's At Premature Ejaculator

    Insert a "HUMILIATING DEFEAT" sound bite at the 33 second mark and this clip would be golden.

    Date: 08/10/09 Views: 230,290 Category: Premature