• Would You Give Her Anal?

    Would You Give Her Anal?

    Kinda funny how she's griping about the instability of her implant. I'd be more concerned with the fact that even when it's correctly in place... it still looks like something out of an episode of Masters of Horror.

    Date: 12/14/12 Views: 124,990 Category: Prolapse

  • Most Talented Camwhore Ever

    Most Talented Camwhore Ever

    This is Hot Kinky Jo, a two-time appearer on, best known for her innate ability to fit entire human beings inside her asshole. Today though, it's mostly just fists and ginormous dildos.

    Date: 10/25/11 Views: 120,097 Category: Prolapse

  • The Elusive Assgina

    The Elusive Assgina

    A turd cutter with pussy lips. Carl Sagan called it metaphysically impossible. David Attenborough wrote it off as an urban legend. Well fags, today I stand before you with proof. The labia majora de poopchute is REAL.

    Date: 09/01/11 Views: 102,369 Category: Prolapse

  • Overly Excited About Prolapse

    Overly Excited About Prolapse

    This chicks asshole is completely inside out like a hamburger patty and her lesbo partner just cant stop raving about it. Stupid bitch acts like she just won the lottery or some shit.

    Date: 06/03/10 Views: 145,640 Category: Prolapse

  • All Holes: Out Of Order

    All Holes: Out Of Order

    Damn... her cunt looks just as busted as the o-ring on her asshole. This bitch is gonna need industrial strength stitches or she's gonna be walking around with 2 craters between her legs.

    Date: 05/13/10 Views: 130,338 Category: Prolapse



    Canned meat and a busted cornhole. The essential components of every eFukter's jackoff material.

    Date: 01/10/10 Views: 113,711 Category: Prolapse

  • Victim Of The Prolapse Machine

    Victim Of The Prolapse Machine

    That device and it's creator must be destroyed. Weapons of mass anal destruction are a threat to us all. Do something god damn you.

    Date: 02/11/09 Views: 123,978 Category: Prolapse

  • Your Asshole Needs A Band-Aid

    Your Asshole Needs A Band-Aid

    Either she just took the worlds fattest shit or someone ass fucked her with a wooden baseball bat. I'm leaning towards option number one.

    Date: 12/31/08 Views: 114,849 Category: Prolapse

  • The Worst Prolapse Ever

    The Worst Prolapse Ever

    LOL, he tries to stick his dick back in but can't find the entrance. It's just a giant glob of meat, like fucking a rib roast. And now I'm hungry, laterz!

    Date: 11/20/08 Views: 138,097 Category: Prolapse