• 5 Stellar Acts of Public Indecency

    5 Stellar Acts of Public Indecency

    girl #4 tho...

    Date: 01/22/19 Views: 206,654 Category: Slutty

  • The Real Face of Regret

    The Real Face of Regret

    Behold, the full version of this edit

    Date: 01/19/19 Views: 188,063 Category: Slutty

  • Meanwhile, at the Marriot Hotel...

    Meanwhile, at the Marriot Hotel...

    Never underestimate the benefits of a 3-star YELP hotel that recycles toilet paper. You may leave with a more diseased crotch than all 97-years of Madonna's world tours combined... but the stories you'll be able to tell will be legendary. #facts

    Date: 12/28/18 Views: 203,188 Category: Slutty

  • Deranged Daughter

    Deranged Daughter

    This is what happens when your competition pushes you too far. Bloodlines are contaminated, confused boners are erected - all because some kooky bitch couldn't keep her hands on her own tits. Watch the full show HERE

    Date: 09/10/18 Views: 221,071 Category: Slutty

  • Fearless Teen Mom

    Fearless Teen Mom

    I'm all for refusing to spend the extra $7.00 on a 3 pack of Magnums, but for real: if she doesn't start scouting better company eventually she'll end up on Maury Povich... and then it's "MISSION FAILED" a la Metal Gear Solid.

    Date: 08/11/18 Views: 235,520 Category: Slutty

  • Strip Club Peer Pressure

    Strip Club Peer Pressure

    it happens

    Date: 04/07/18 Views: 286,885 Category: Slutty

  • Stranger Grabbed by the Pussy

    Stranger Grabbed by the Pussy

    Not since the days of blindly acquiring porn ala 5600 baud Limewire have I come across a female with such seminal fortitude. She's got standards brah. Know who doesn't have standards? THIS WIND TUNNEL. #sendhelp

    Date: 02/12/18 Views: 195,729 Category: Slutty

  • Repair Man Has No Idea

    Repair Man Has No Idea

    Degenerate hoebag works feverishly to get sexually assaulted by a guy with more V's in his name than a Russian dictionary... and doesn't come close to succeeding. Enjoy your 0-star YELP review Victor Vahdeem Vyachvyeslahv!

    Date: 01/28/18 Views: 227,578 Category: Slutty

  • Paralyzed by His Erection

    Paralyzed by His Erection

    HIM: Dressed like a level 65 COD Lieutenant
    HER: Dressed like Corey Feldman during an audition
    Some love stories just aren't written with happy endings.

    Date: 01/19/18 Views: 201,060 Category: Slutty

  • The Allison Parker Files

    The Allison Parker Files

    More Videos: 1 - 2 - 3 [INSTA] [REDDIT]

    Date: 12/05/17 Views: 262,342 Category: Slutty

  • Young and Shameless

    Young and Shameless

    Round 2 here

    Date: 08/16/17 Views: 208,821 Category: Slutty

  • 15 Minutes into Coachella

    15 Minutes into Coachella

    Overt drug use, public squabblenecking, 60FPS cameras... this video is more well-rounded than the list of STDS on her Tinder profile. No kicker, but wat it lacks in surprises... it makes up for in the worst dirty talk you'll hear ever.

    Date: 07/05/17 Views: 307,597 Category: Slutty

  • 19 Guys in ONE Day?

    19 Guys in ONE Day?

    Only 2 people should never be caught doing the forbidden fox trot: Lindsay Lohan in her 'i'll snort Clorox' phase, and this girl. She's 19, anti-semen and dumber than a mailbox on Sunday. In other words: she was BORN for Efukt.

    Date: 06/30/17 Views: 568,075 Category: Slutty

  • "My friend is a whore"

    "My friend is a whore"

    Easy on the eyes, but her attention whoring puts a Kardashian to shame. 1 dick? k. 2 I get after a round of wine spritzers - but in front of 1,200 people? Bitch, if I wanted to see livestock, I'd get my ban lifted from The Bronx Zoo.

    Date: 06/24/17 Views: 277,859 Category: Slutty

  • TBT: She PREFERS ass-to-mouth?

    TBT: She PREFERS ass-to-mouth?

    There's only two people willing to both sexually assault a comedy legend and chow down on their own dutch oven fumes. And they're both this girl.

    Date: 06/15/17 Views: 192,758 Category: Slutty

  • Life of the Party

    Life of the Party

    Okay I lied. Shes neither popular, nor is this a party. Shes Josefina, master of attention whoring & STD aficionado. Moral of the story: Test first, Lick later.

    Date: 06/07/17 Views: 171,014 Category: Slutty

  • "I can take 10 guys at once"

    "I can take 10 guys at once"

    Ya just got done telling the world your crotch sees more activity than the YMCA... is it really a time for giggles? Sit in a tub of peroxide & think it over.

    Date: 05/22/17 Views: 197,301 Category: Slutty

  • Attention Whore of the Year

    Attention Whore of the Year

    I like how social media has rapidly evolved from cat memes, into a cut throat industry of who can get Chlamydia fastest. 10/10, would vaccinate.

    Date: 05/05/17 Views: 204,317 Category: Slutty

  • 3 Guys, 1 Gram (LOL)

    3 Guys, 1 Gram (LOL)

    Statistically speaking, this is the least likely way to acquire an STD on public transportation. Trust me, I've seen 3 episodes of House M.D. FULL SCENE

    Date: 04/13/17 Views: 217,337 Category: Slutty

  • YouTuber's Sex Tape Leaks Early

    YouTuber's Sex Tape Leaks Early

    For a moment, I was starting to lose faith in a fat ass white girl's ability to control the male population. Then I was introduced to a pair of hips with the kind of width Boeing has failed to produce in 100 years. story here

    Date: 04/01/17 Views: 293,134 Category: Slutty



    This bitch is the Nelson Mandela of hooking up, but her BFF ain't having it. I thought I was a charitable dude after donating 2 1/2 bags of Hot Cheetos to my local soup kitchen. Thats diddly fuckin dick compared to this.

    Date: 03/15/17 Views: 200,151 Category: Slutty

  • 1 Night in Oklahoma

    1 Night in Oklahoma

    Skank gives her best hootenanny to a guy that gets more enthusiastic about colonoscopies than pussy. Sorry Briellalynn, Ordinance 175-D41 strictly prohibits citizens from acquiring chlamydia twice in one month.

    Date: 01/12/17 Views: 259,283 Category: Slutty

  • REAL? Housewife Seduces Repairman

    REAL? Housewife Seduces Repairman

    Downside of marrying prostitutes from Every dick in a three-mile radius is using your 9-5 to unload some nut sac gazpacho on your S/O. And don't even get me started on those ridiculous storage fees.

    Date: 01/05/17 Views: 307,639 Category: Slutty



    6:53: The thing u see on this douche-a-roonie's cock is called beading. Defined as: Body modification to boost sexual stimulation, and increase right-swipes on GRINDR. Dude straight up bedazzled his pork sword.

    Date: 12/06/16 Views: 251,322 Category: Slutty

  • Attention Whore of 2016

    Attention Whore of 2016

    Two mugs worth of Germany's finest lagers, and this ladies mouth turns into a portable glory hole. I'm talking blowjobs, community service style. So disgraceful you'd think she was running for president of the US and A.

    Date: 09/04/16 Views: 191,596 Category: Slutty

  • Epic TINDER Moment

    Epic TINDER Moment

    Gotta like how amateur sex taping has rapidly evolved from basic vaginal perforation, into WHO CAN GIVE MY GIRLFRIEND AN STD 1ST. I can't even consider it porn. This is a stranger danger public service announcement.

    Date: 07/07/16 Views: 340,417 Category: Slutty

  • 7 Creampies... IN A ROW

    7 Creampies... IN A ROW

    Nothing spells W-H-O-R-E like a half dozen servings of Bavarian creme. FACTS: She has not, and will not say no to any dick, contraceptive is restricted, and shame? Well... that's as alien to her as deodorant in Mumbai.

    Date: 04/19/16 Views: 304,197 Category: Slutty

  • ALWAYS Tip Your Hotel Maids

    ALWAYS Tip Your Hotel Maids

    FACT: Men prefer a petite Hispanic with an anus full of fabric softener in their EconoLodge fantasies. Meet the exception: shes 30+, has tits like Deebo has lazy eyes and her policy on race-relation is top notch. More here

    Date: 04/13/16 Views: 318,085 Category: Slutty