• Just scroll to 17:28 (WUT)

    Just scroll to 17:28 (WUT)

    Vaginal hypnosis?

    Date: 04/16/17 Views: 78,661 Category: Squirting



    Critics are gonna have a barmitzvah with this one, but imma go with faker than Chris Brown's heterosexuality. BUT: nobody got hurt, that discharge wasn't CGI and someone added a cool IMDB credit: Physics Whore #2.

    Date: 09/12/16 Views: 237,579 Category: Squirting

  • "Help! I can't stop cumming!"

    "Help! I can't stop cumming!"

    Sorry to all competing camwhores trying to cover this month's Vagisil bill: This chick's stealing all your tokens. The glory days of getting paid without acting like you hooked a car battery to your uterus are fucking over.

    Date: 05/14/16 Views: 198,923 Category: Squirting

  • Employees Must Wash their Hands

    Employees Must Wash their Hands

    8:15. Dude uses his palm as a makeshift target as his lead performer starts covering more distance than an Olympian shot putter. Cue theme song from Baywatch.

    Date: 10/03/15 Views: 163,783 Category: Squirting

  • Home Depot Makes Her Cum

    Home Depot Makes Her Cum

    The most important things my time on the Internet has taught me you ask? Stay the fuck out of South America, and women love it when you get creative. Now crank that DEWALT 20-Volt and Bob Vila that hoe.

    Date: 02/04/15 Views: 145,445 Category: Squirting

  • Is this Hot or Repulsive?

    Is this Hot or Repulsive?

    Her v-hole is capable of filling a solo cup quicker than a bar tap but when she goes maximum spread @ 9:27 it looks like the Predator on picture day. Do I fap or flee?

    Date: 11/25/14 Views: 178,405 Category: Squirting

  • You'll Shoot Your Eye Out!

    You'll Shoot Your Eye Out!

    There's only one thing more frustrating than trying to bust a nut to reruns of The Golden Girls - and that's having Old Faithful as a vagina. Head gear is a must.

    Date: 11/21/14 Views: 118,318 Category: Squirting

  • Crippling Orgasms WOOOO

    Crippling Orgasms WOOOO

    They call her Cytherea. I prefer the moniker 1 Trick Pony. Her only claim to fame is her ability to urinate while impersonating Michael J. Fox, aka a 'squirting orgasm'. Shit's faker than Carlos Mencia's green card.

    Date: 01/08/12 Views: 162,275 Category: Squirting

  • How To Hit The G-Spot

    How To Hit The G-Spot

    This dude is the Gandalf of making women cum and today his knowledge is all open source. Just practice some of his teachings and I promise... your 'girlfriend' will never scream rape again.

    Date: 11/30/11 Views: 285,733 Category: Squirting

  • Leaky Faucet

    Leaky Faucet

    She gushes out cum like a broken sprinkler. And by cum I mean urine... cause female ejaculation is a fuckin lie - unlike the rumor that all black people are deathly afraid of cats. That was actually scientifically proven in 1987.

    Date: 09/09/10 Views: 162,576 Category: Squirting

  • The Super Soaker

    The Super Soaker

    They want you to believe that she can ejaculate like a garden hose without even touching herself. But really... that's just piss. And now her bathroom is gonna smell like a porta potty in skid row. You lose.

    Date: 04/07/10 Views: 170,217 Category: Squirting

  • Eat My Squirt

    Eat My Squirt

    Cute, but I think it's best I stick with the Listerine though. Pussy juice wouldn't do much for my gingivitis.

    Date: 04/08/09 Views: 156,765 Category: Squirting