• Perfection RUINED

    Perfection RUINED

    That tit-to-tattoo ratio: Never in my life have I been so impressed and disgusted at the same time. Actually... that's not true. Walking into a Walmart bathroom unannounced during Black Friday still holds that trophy. But this is a strong silver.

    Date: 05/12/19 Views: 110,622 Category: Tattoos

  • From SWEET to WTF @ the 0:28  mark

    From SWEET to WTF @ the 0:28 mark

    I'll bet 30 Pesos & all 3 self-taped VHS copies of House Party 2 that she spent more time teaching her tits to twerk than studying for that GED. A moral decision that will most definitely pay off at the next ICP concert.

    Date: 10/20/14 Views: 140,086 Category: Tattoos

  • Proud Of Her Ruined Butthole

    Proud Of Her Ruined Butthole

    This is her 3rd anal tattoo. First 2 featured the names of her ex-lovers. Hey lady, men come and go. How about for this 3rd one you get something that won't be changing anytime soon - "stupid pug-faced whore".

    Date: 08/16/12 Views: 220,474 Category: Tattoos

  • Nice Tattoo

    Nice Tattoo

    He's got a fat gut, a huge Arnie tattoo and any time his wife chows down on too many Twinkys, he fucks her throat till she pukes em all up. This dude has class.

    Date: 05/29/10 Views: 99,206 Category: Tattoos