• The 65lb Girlfriend

    The 65lb Girlfriend

    Bitch looks like she shouldn't be messing with guys hung longer than a chinchilla. Most folks with such handicaps shy away from the limelight... but not this skeletor, she loves to socialize. More bone on boner videos HERE.

    Date: 08/01/17 Views: 120,944 Category: Teen

  • Cute Face, Unexplainable Tits

    Cute Face, Unexplainable Tits

    Those deflated pigskins look pretty bad for a 22-year-old. 0:30 secs in she says her goal is to 'make it in the adult industry'. Lady, unless you're talking about fluffing, your journey ends today. Points for bringing Moesha tho.

    Date: 07/15/17 Views: 188,411 Category: Teen

  • Dad's Gonna Love Her

    Dad's Gonna Love Her

    If you listen closely, you can hear wedding bells in the background.

    Date: 07/08/17 Views: 179,178 Category: Teen

  • Daddy Issues. BIGLY.

    Daddy Issues. BIGLY.

    If there's 1 thing short-haired white wimmen are really good at, aside from demanding special treatment at discount clothing stores, it's living out depraved sexual fantasies. And this one just boggles my fucking mind.

    Date: 06/06/17 Views: 173,819 Category: Teen

  • No-Contact Orgasms? COOL!

    No-Contact Orgasms? COOL!

    My gut instincts tell me this is about as probable as Shia LaBeouf being properly medicated during business hours.. but I do find her full body dry-heaving, and fluid distribution kind of compelling. Thoughts?

    Date: 05/10/17 Views: 164,053 Category: Teen

  • 18. Stacked. PERFECT.

    18. Stacked. PERFECT.

    If one thing never fails to get a metric fuckton of clicks, it's five-day legal squeeze bags. So here's 42 secs of the best ones you'll see all week. That's right, 42. As in the number of times I gotta wipe after Little Caesars 5 for $5.

    Date: 04/25/17 Views: 155,089 Category: Teen

  • "My 1st Orgasm"

    "My 1st Orgasm"

    Does anybody want to tell me the purpose of editing in the soundtrack of a Full House episode? Either her climax was legendary, or Uncle Jesse is out of frame with a handful of yogurt and a smile. Think about it.

    Date: 04/08/17 Views: 136,705 Category: Teen

  • "guess what's in my pussy"

    "guess what's in my pussy"

    Total skank. Challenge her with any magic act, and you'll be rewarded with the Penn & Teller of sausage holsters. Let the conspiracy theories begin.

    Date: 03/31/17 Views: 165,814 Category: Teen

  • How to Find the G-Spot

    How to Find the G-Spot

    Ever seen a girl go from :) to :o to >:O in 2 seconds flat? Lemme tell ya... it's all fun and games until you make contact with the fallopian tubes at 27 MPH.

    Date: 03/04/17 Views: 286,576 Category: Teen

  • "Touch my pussy. TOUCH IT!"

    "Touch my pussy. TOUCH IT!"

    This tart is a total tramp, but her talents aren't limited to crossing sexual preferences. Get a solid view of that anus and you'll be treated to the all you can eat brown buffet: 2 words Samantha: BUTT BLEACH. Run wit that.

    Date: 11/27/16 Views: 226,222 Category: Teen

  • The Dare

    The Dare

    This girl is the Napoleon Dynamite of public indecency (read: perfection). She probably doesn't even need to show any skin. Just watching here nerd out to the sniff test in stairwell 2B was enough to soggy my pantloons.

    Date: 10/28/16 Views: 240,770 Category: Teen

  • The Sex Life of a Nerd

    The Sex Life of a Nerd

    Yes, she's 18... and slightly defective. Really not sure what else to say about her. It's just another one of those geeky broads that's taken their obsession with Harry Potter spells a little bit too fucking far for me.

    Date: 08/27/16 Views: 313,521 Category: Teen

  • Let me help you with that

    Let me help you with that


    Date: 07/10/16 Views: 361,461 Category: Teen

  • Well... that was awkward

    Well... that was awkward

    Have you ever seen a man so desperate to bust a nut, he'll sign a release form promising the payload will be delivered to a Ziplock sandwich bag, to be used later as chewing gum for TV legend Bob Saget? Me too.

    Date: 06/21/16 Views: 181,907 Category: Teen

  • Almost a Blumpkin

    Almost a Blumpkin

    Confession Time: There's nothing poo-related about this video, save for maybe the remarkable dumper this girls attached to. Real talk: I'd sit through 7 seasons of Gilmore Girls just to hear it fart into my voicemail box.

    Date: 06/12/16 Views: 187,134 Category: Teen

  • CLASSIC: The Amber Blank Chronicles

    CLASSIC: The Amber Blank Chronicles

    After boning a good 70% of the pacific northwest's African population, our poster girl for interracial swing porn quit the game for good. EDIT: Looks like she is back in the chocolate biz after all. Official profile HERE.

    Date: 02/03/16 Views: 182,866 Category: Teen



    Meet deum0s. She has a look that could score mucho dollerinos in the corporate side of Instagram but she passed on that to persue the better things in life... like getting fucked to the soundtrack of Saw II. NAWICE.

    Date: 12/17/15 Views: 382,668 Category: Teen

  • Yes, she's really 18

    Yes, she's really 18

    Teen suffering from the combo of anorexia and Fresh Prince of Bel Air fashion sense seeks out the easiest way to make tree fiddy: The leading role in a skin flick that Richard Gere wouldn't be caught jacking off to.

    Date: 12/08/15 Views: 342,728 Category: Teen

  • Small Girl, Big Attitude

    Small Girl, Big Attitude

    She literally can't go 7 consecutive seconds without having to stop and scrunch her face like Michael Cera being bent over by an NFL linebacker. It's a condition. Us folks in the pronographic community call it cuntitis.

    Date: 11/05/15 Views: 154,538 Category: Teen



    I like how he goes for the cheek kiss after straight up sexually assaulting them pro bono, effectively changing their 'gurls nite out' from a ✔- to a ✔+. Polite, civilized and the genitals of an aging cocker spaniel all-in-one.

    Date: 08/07/15 Views: 273,581 Category: Teen

  • 18-year-old Reality Check

    18-year-old Reality Check

    I like how porn has evolved from sex, into a demanding business of who's more willing to use their vagina as a garbage can. Dare penetrate this one's genitalia and you'll be balls deep in sexual fossils of yesteryear. 10/10

    Date: 06/22/15 Views: 222,386 Category: Teen

  • 1st Oral-gasm: FEELZ GOOD MAN

    1st Oral-gasm: FEELZ GOOD MAN

    She may not talk much, but those facial expressions certainly have a story to tell. Specifically "well this is new", "keep going" and the clear winner: "my brother's Playstation 4 controller on vibrate never felt like that!".

    Date: 04/20/15 Views: 293,826 Category: Teen



    This is what happens when you allow females to go unsupervised for more than 3.5 minutes. They think this is funny. Sparky on the other hand, is sick of their shit.

    Date: 12/17/14 Views: 195,669 Category: Teen