• Why/How is this Even Possible?

    Why/How is this Even Possible?

    Most chances of sexual activity flatline after being courted by Mike Myer's stunt double. Not in this guy's world. He refuses to let his disability hold him back and here I am wondering how I can translate all 4 Free Willy films into busting a nut.

    Date: 01/21/19 Views: 231,261 Category: Virgins

  • "i lost my virginity in a ganbang"

    "i lost my virginity in a ganbang"

    Skeptics are gonna have a field day with this one but try to be optimistic. It makes it much, much easier to manhandle the ham candle. Trust me, brah.

    Date: 12/25/17 Views: 183,665 Category: Virgins

  • 19 and CLUELESS

    19 and CLUELESS

    19-years-old and doesn't know what a vagina is. But what they lack in anatomy classes they make up for in... well... nothing. Even combined these two are completely fucking useless & I don't know whether to laugh or cry.

    Date: 09/14/17 Views: 162,316 Category: Virgins

  • REAL: The 84lb Virgin

    REAL: The 84lb Virgin

    After banging a good 85% of the Czech Republic's population, he finally broke unfamiliar ground: A mint condition hymen... and an uneducated one at that. She taps out quicker than me during the Baywatch movie.

    Date: 06/11/17 Views: 956,119 Category: Virgins

  • REAL: Camgirl Takes Virginity. AGAIN

    REAL: Camgirl Takes Virginity. AGAIN

    This is what happens when your e-stock hits the shitter. Cherries popped, jealousies are fueled - all cause some goofy bitch can't quit her Overwatch addiction and just go pro already. Oh and, this isn't her 1st charitable act.

    Date: 04/17/17 Views: 159,629 Category: Virgins

  • Virgin Blows Away Veteran Pornstar

    Virgin Blows Away Veteran Pornstar

    Don't let the lack of sunlight and all-Hot Pocket diet fool you: He's a vagina assassin. We all have a calling in life, and after fucking the basic math skills out of this professional, Stewart knows what his is. FULL SCENE

    Date: 05/28/16 Views: 304,952 Category: Virgins

  • REAL: Dork loses virginity to a camgirl

    REAL: Dork loses virginity to a camgirl

    20-year-old v-card owner suffering from serious Beavis and Butthead of the face breaks his cherry in legendary fashion: with a chick from Pornhub that couldn't keep his lego log hard with a cup of carbonite. HUMILIATION

    Date: 03/04/16 Views: 290,152 Category: Virgins

  • Abdul's First Time

    Abdul's First Time

    So, who's to blame here? The farm that booby-trapped their perimeter to keep him away from the livestock, or the girl that should've known her charitable act would turn out more miserable than a 2 Broke Girls marathon?

    Date: 01/06/16 Views: 209,915 Category: Virgins

  • One Touch = INSTANT QUIT

    One Touch = INSTANT QUIT

    To call this girl a 'virgin' would be the understatement of the year. Guadalupe can't even get her clitoris within 10 centimeters of physical contact before spazzing out like Andy Samberg being denied access to a glory hole.

    Date: 10/28/15 Views: 250,881 Category: Virgins

  • "I lost my virginity to a prostitute"

    "I lost my virginity to a prostitute"

    Luckiest 18-year-old this side of Germania gets a b-day gift for the ages... Silicone-free, rentable-by-the-hour vagina. Look out world, for the next 4.5 action-packed minutes belong to Clovis 'take no prisoners' Hofmann.

    Date: 09/27/15 Views: 207,900 Category: Virgins

  • DEVASTATING Orgasm @ 4:45

    DEVASTATING Orgasm @ 4:45

    Going mach-17 on your clitoris in order to produce your first non-Harry Potter related climax? Cool. Seizing up like you got tazed in the asshole with a car battery? Not so cool. What in the fuck did I just ejaculate to?

    Date: 06/07/15 Views: 120,235 Category: Virgins