• It's an Emotional Subject

    It's an Emotional Subject

    Certainly no Scarlett Johnanson. But what she lacks in beauty and natural born talent, she makes up for in... well... jack shit. Girl is useless. Bitch acts like she's being forced to watch Amy Schumer do standup at gunpoint.

    Date: 04/26/17 Views: 33,731 Category: Amateur

  • "You're not done yet!"

    "You're not done yet!"

    LIFE LESSON #182: If branches of your family tree intersect, keep your sex at home & off camera. Instagram friends are temporary. A war-torn face is 4eva.

    Date: 04/22/17 Views: 77,747 Category: Amateur

  • Watch this one until the end

    Watch this one until the end

    After 12+ mins of stuffing the muffin, she starts crying about the finale. Equally as entertaining are her facial expressions and choice of vocabulary... with hits likes "do i have to taste it?" and my personal favorite: "ghrghaahghbokadad".

    Date: 04/17/17 Views: 78,878 Category: Amateur

  • Intro to Double Penetration

    Intro to Double Penetration

    Damn, she's bangin. So bangin I'd give up my limited edition Taylor Swift coffee enema system just to have a lick of her waistline after a 5K. Feel free to redden those cheeks bitch, it's the compliment of a lifetime.

    Date: 03/13/17 Views: 225,610 Category: Amateur

  • 18-years-old and Gifted

    18-years-old and Gifted

    Flattery may not be my strong point, but I gotta say: chick is bangin yo. I'd gladly chew Kraft Macaroni and Cheese Ninja Turtles Edition out of Usain Bolts post-200 meter relay asshole just for a chance to hold her hand.

    Date: 02/22/17 Views: 173,014 Category: Amateur

  • Hollow Man Strikes Again

    Hollow Man Strikes Again

    Infuckincredible. I bet youd slurp the corned beef hash from her Irish shithole, just to be in the same room as those vitamin-loaded honeydews. I'd even offer a swipe of my coveted Subway loyalty card just for a peek.

    Date: 02/13/17 Views: 170,653 Category: Amateur

  • Ecuadorian Teen Gangbang

    Ecuadorian Teen Gangbang

    And by gangbang I mean 1 sexually inept man losing his virginity while Oscar De Lahoya's 2 cousins spectate. Only thing missing is a Mariachi band and one token black guy repeatedly screaming "wurlstar". (RIP Q)

    Date: 01/28/17 Views: 220,385 Category: Amateur

  • 2 Drunk 2 Fuck

    2 Drunk 2 Fuck

    ...and by 'drunk' I mean one socially-deficient girl losing all vertical ability after hammering down 1.5 Coronas. The only thing missing is the token fat friend trying to drag her out, and someone screaming 'Y0 WURLSTAR'.

    Date: 12/02/16 Views: 213,242 Category: Amateur



    Translation for the visually and hearing impaired:
    HER: is dis gonna hurt?
    HIM: epictrollface.jpg (1:28)

    Date: 11/10/16 Views: 256,948 Category: Amateur

  • World's Realest Sex Tape

    World's Realest Sex Tape

    Self-proclaimed thick whisperer and hustler of da hood, Tyrone Brown goes to pound-town on a token BBW-in training with commentary the likes you've never heard outside of an episode of Maury Povich. Just listen.

    Date: 11/03/16 Views: 191,374 Category: Amateur

  • but dats illegal

    but dats illegal

    Ever wonder how these overachiever college students take 73 credits while pulling double shifts at Cracker Barrel? Spoiler: They all do drugs. Usually followed by casual humping. Cocaine + TINDER = this 4.0 GPA'r.

    Date: 10/21/16 Views: 178,881 Category: Amateur

  • Housekeeping Surprise

    Housekeeping Surprise

    Stalk her HERE
    Buy her videos HERE
    Get a restraining order HERE

    Date: 09/03/16 Views: 207,693 Category: Amateur

  • The HARD Way

    The HARD Way

    This girl's resilience is certifiably insane. Submissive, low-maintenance personality too. I want to hug her. I want to punch her. I want to spoon all 74 zesty flavors of Ben & Jerry's out of her asshole. In that order.

    Date: 08/21/16 Views: 211,290 Category: Amateur

  • "Oops! Sorry I fucked your girlfriend"

    "Oops! Sorry I fucked your girlfriend"

    Who does this prick think he is? The Batman of social justice? This is y I make an effort not to wipe prior to sexual contact. Surprise me with a camera and all you'll get is 2 cheeks full of gramma's ole fashioned custard.

    Date: 08/02/16 Views: 263,689 Category: Amateur

  • He Has No Idea What He's Doing

    He Has No Idea What He's Doing

    He's got a unique look. Could almost pass for a greeter at an Aspergers-only Hollister. But the compliments end there, cause this being online only sunk his stock faster than Brexit. I can smell the suicide note from here.

    Date: 06/25/16 Views: 184,281 Category: Amateur

  • How to Train Your Girlfriend 101

    How to Train Your Girlfriend 101

    a.k.a small penis compensation. It happens when homebois packing less meat than a vegetarian cafe get discouraged by their girl's lack of excitement. Sounding like the immigrant from That 70's Show is optional.

    Date: 05/19/16 Views: 192,706 Category: Amateur

  • Every. Damn. Time.

    Every. Damn. Time.

    Some will click this and see a beautiful human being. Others will bathe their routers in bleach and set a hard drive on fire. But me? All I see is the only movie star that can give herself 3 thumbs up. Call me Mr. Positive.

    Date: 04/20/16 Views: 176,323 Category: Amateur

  • And you can't teach that

    And you can't teach that

    Maybe you've already seen this. Anything teacher-sex related spreads around the Internet faster than ranch dressing at a feminst rally. Just don't be bamboozled by the reasonably-priced outfit. This educator is DTF4LYF.

    Date: 04/08/16 Views: 273,924 Category: Amateur

  • Tits on a Stick

    Tits on a Stick

    She's no Megan Fox. But what's lacking in popularity & genetics, she makes up for in... well, nothing. This girl is fucking useless. Her hams look like they were bolted on by an intern at LEGOLAND and I don't know why.

    Date: 04/02/16 Views: 199,962 Category: Amateur

  • 5 Minutes in Paradise

    5 Minutes in Paradise

    Edgar turns this sloot's vagina into his own personal CrossFit gym, busting all sorts of unsanctioned power moves that are guaranteed to reconfigure a few labias.

    Date: 02/22/16 Views: 211,679 Category: Amateur

  • Meanwhile, at Hogwarts...

    Meanwhile, at Hogwarts...


    Date: 01/22/16 Views: 167,731 Category: Amateur

  • Anal Sneak Attack BACKFIRES

    Anal Sneak Attack BACKFIRES

    BroDuDe's sexual escapade cut short after breaking an unwritten rule against butthole infiltration. Yup, you can fuck her all you want in front of a friend with a camera, just don't slip into the sludge. Not cool brah.

    Date: 12/31/15 Views: 312,994 Category: Amateur

  • Winter is Cumming

    Winter is Cumming

    Tactical banging in mom's basement and using dragon dick sex toys as fluffer. Not sure what else to say. It's just another one of those nerdy broads that's taken their fascination with Game of Thrones too fucking far.

    Date: 12/13/15 Views: 145,979 Category: Amateur

  • Stewart's Guide to BDSM

    Stewart's Guide to BDSM

    Cute bitch's 15 mins of fame commandeered by the representative for Magic the Gathering's NW chapter. Don't feel too bad girl. Seeing as I just beat off to the 5 frames your meat glove was in, you're still a star.

    Date: 12/06/15 Views: 118,012 Category: Amateur

  • Revenge of the Nerd

    Revenge of the Nerd

    This dude is special. His face says "I collect vintage Atari games and dance to Bill Nye-inspired techno" but from the neck down... he's still batting 0/100. So, how many Klingon swords did it take to get her into bed?

    Date: 11/30/15 Views: 191,777 Category: Amateur

  • Asserting His Dominance

    Asserting His Dominance

    An outtake from the Amanda Bynes sex tape? No, it's another girl's way of staying e-relevant by using her face as a penile punching bag. But hey, sound quality is high, and the disrespect is real. Good enough for me.

    Date: 11/11/15 Views: 165,087 Category: Amateur

  • CLASSIC: The Frog Squat

    CLASSIC: The Frog Squat

    She's been gifted the endurance of Tyler Perry's movie career. Obvious perks: 1) balls-deep sex with any man/animal 2) void of all constipation-related rectal calamities 3) perma bubble butt. #2 is where it's at.

    Date: 10/15/15 Views: 197,519 Category: Amateur

  • From Hunk to Chump

    From Hunk to Chump

    Bear resemblance to a young Hank Hill & lay more pipe than the water company: That was the plan til our boy got to the finish line & fucked it all up. 32:40 he asks permission to facial. 32:41 his alpha status is revoked.

    Date: 10/11/15 Views: 136,316 Category: Amateur

  • Junk in the Trunk

    Junk in the Trunk

    I can't even attempt to describe this proctologist's wet dream. Her dimensions are more hypnotizing than Mark Wahlberg's cock in Boogie Nights. Actually no... that's another dimension of bewilderment, but u get the idea.

    Date: 09/21/15 Views: 185,739 Category: Amateur

  • Tiny Girl = Tiny Vagina Right? WRONG

    Tiny Girl = Tiny Vagina Right? WRONG

    It's always been an unwritten rule and this twat waffle just pulverized it. By the way: nice tattoos, but how about something that actually describes your body for the next one? "eggplant casserole" oughta do it. Yep.

    Date: 09/05/15 Views: 219,017 Category: Amateur