• Teacher of the Day

    Teacher of the Day

    A blonde in the education field that ends up servicing the bagpipes on a shitty cellphone vid? That sentence alone is so predictable it might as well be part of the tenure. But she'll need practice to reach this level.

    Date: 04/10/17 Views: 130,821 Category: Busted

  • He Don't Care. SHE DOES, HAHA!

    He Don't Care. SHE DOES, HAHA!

    lmao @ dude being more interested in not puking up all 12 Jagerbombs, instead than questioning why a Peeping Thomas is archiving footage of his newest STD acquisition. F'n priorities man, shit just got real in New Jersey.

    Date: 04/09/17 Views: 176,912 Category: Busted

  • Caught by the Neighbor

    Caught by the Neighbor

    So, fuck whoever said having vested interest in your community is for fags. This lady's 11:00AM stakeout just netted her enough Tier-1 mental imagery to fuel her faps all the way to next year's Labor Day. Way to score Stacy!

    Date: 04/04/17 Views: 96,257 Category: Busted

  • Soldier's Girlfriend Ruins Relationship

    Soldier's Girlfriend Ruins Relationship

    [full story] [1st video ]

    Date: 03/05/17 Views: 313,357 Category: Busted

  • Sexy Time Surprise

    Sexy Time Surprise


    Date: 02/04/17 Views: 202,575 Category: Busted

  • Bad Timing

    Bad Timing

    ha ha ha

    Date: 01/08/17 Views: 302,141 Category: Busted

  • Always Check Your Surroundings

    Always Check Your Surroundings

    The geyser has reached max pressure and not 1 heck is given. She jams, she crams, she marks that bench like her bloodline has cocker spaniel in it. It's going good until Captain DickSchwinn makes an appearance. (3:03)

    Date: 12/21/16 Views: 194,267 Category: Busted

  • The 1000-Yard Stare

    The 1000-Yard Stare

    Unforgivable. More unforgivable than the time I urinated 2 pints of Mr. Pibb into a Burger King drive-thru window after a spirited night of Chinese prostitutes and xanex tabs. Actually no... that was awesome. This guy sucks.

    Date: 11/17/16 Views: 125,694 Category: Busted

  • Girls Do it Too?

    Girls Do it Too?

    This is harder to see than Bill Cosby after a martini. So you need to pay attention... and if you figure out why a female decided the Pump House indoor waterpark shithouse was the place to do this, holla atchya boi.

    Date: 08/17/16 Views: 210,438 Category: Busted

  • Caught in public, UNEXPECTED ending

    Caught in public, UNEXPECTED ending

    MFC alumni's safe space gets invaded by some dude hunting a Pikachu, but found a couple of Jigglypuff's instead. Does she: a) 911 b) trade casserole recipes or c) invite him to be part of the felony. This ones easy.

    Date: 07/24/16 Views: 360,662 Category: Busted

  • No it's cool, just keep going

    No it's cool, just keep going

    5 secs. That's how long it takes for 1 order of mango shrimp to cannonball it's way out of my body, and back to the ocean. It's also the amount of time it takes the poster girl for "LOLIDGAF" to give her seal of approval.

    Date: 07/18/16 Views: 191,203 Category: Busted

  • Caught in the Act

    Caught in the Act


    Date: 05/27/16 Views: 262,693 Category: Busted

  • Public intercouse... interrupted!

    Public intercouse... interrupted!

    LIFE LESSON #273: If your idea of a good time involves Infinity, Toyota or Fiat, keep your snatch out of retail parking lots. The guy who gave you type 2 genital herpes is temporary. Videos like this one are forever.

    Date: 05/21/16 Views: 145,885 Category: Busted

  • First Impressions are Hard

    First Impressions are Hard

    Spend $99 on camera equipment and suddenly you're the new face of humiliation porn. Do I believe this is real? No. Would I promise her my mini freezer full of Gorton's fishsticks to make a sequel? It's a solid maybe.

    Date: 04/16/16 Views: 295,173 Category: Busted



    Maybe 'denied' is the wrong word, as it implies this shit faced Casanova was actually going to make contact before Deputy Dickbag appeared. It wasn't happening. Trust me. I've been to Burger King on a Friday night.

    Date: 02/18/16 Views: 123,359 Category: Busted

  • "Hey, stop fucking my daughter!"

    "Hey, stop fucking my daughter!"

    Intrusion @ 10:05. And whats our guys reaction? Going Wayne & Garth on his ashamed costar. Don't feel too bad lady. Seeing as I just beat off to the 8 seconds of your howler monkey mother, you're still in the limelight.

    Date: 02/09/16 Views: 286,955 Category: Busted

  • Kicked Out for Eating Pussy

    Kicked Out for Eating Pussy

    Sorry ladies. His sworn duty to uphold the integrity of Scuttlebutt's Twat Tavern > your breadbox munchies. TBH it's refreshing to know that women too can be cockblocked. It's all about equality on Inhumanity.com

    Date: 01/17/16 Views: 169,707 Category: Busted

  • Teachers Gone Bad

    Teachers Gone Bad

    Here it is. The Citizen Kane of why did I get stuck with Mr. Feeny and not 1 of these desperate sex offenders for algebra. Actually, I'm not sure The Feen taught math, but I trust the mental image is all the same.

    Date: 01/01/16 Views: 335,327 Category: Busted

  • Mall Cop of the Year

    Mall Cop of the Year

    Let's hope dude is better at guarding the food court than he is at laying pipe. Because after 38 seconds of vaginal contact, the show is over. No embarrassment, no questions. Just 1 federali multitasking like the boss.

    Date: 11/29/15 Views: 157,357 Category: Busted

  • Teacher Don't Give a Fuck

    Teacher Don't Give a Fuck

    Aspiring English professor by day, MFC trainee by... mid-day. Apparently this is legit, but I have skepticism like Tom Cruise has homosexuality. Despite the location and her reasonably-priced cardigan I still call bullshit.

    Date: 05/18/15 Views: 312,948 Category: Busted

  • Your Roommate is an Asshole

    Your Roommate is an Asshole

    Becky shits herself upon realizing her next appearance on Instagram won't be pretty. I haven't seen such an intense look of confusion and despair since that time I got caught beta testing display toilets at Home Depot.

    Date: 04/16/15 Views: 357,686 Category: Busted

  • Caught Red-Handed

    Caught Red-Handed

    Rule #1 of camwhoring in the library: Always check your six. Have yourself a hearty LOL when this girl's dreams of buying an iPad go straight down the shitter.

    Date: 01/13/15 Views: 167,862 Category: Busted

  • Mommy Ruins Sex Tape II

    Mommy Ruins Sex Tape II

    He's got a 7.5 inch ham slammer and she dances like Jennifer Lopez after an afternoon at the gynecologist. Some people out there might say this cut off before the best part. I say mom did them a fucking favor.

    Date: 12/30/14 Views: 330,604 Category: Busted

  • Mommy Ruins Sex Tape

    Mommy Ruins Sex Tape

    The downside of being 24 and still living at home? Besides the 7:00AM line for toaster strudel, every time you're about to evacuate some homemade alfredo sauce onto your GF's back, momma comes a' knockin.

    Date: 12/24/14 Views: 158,637 Category: Busted

  • HAHA - Dad Doesnt Give A Fuck

    HAHA - Dad Doesnt Give A Fuck

    I like how he's more interested in his 50% off Mimi's Cafe coupon rather than questioning why the fuck his 18 year old daughter is dancing naked in front of the family webcam. Fuckin 50% off dude, shit just got real.

    Date: 01/08/12 Views: 339,601 Category: Busted

  • 1st Impression Fail

    1st Impression Fail

    Hefty Hank gets caught fappin to animal porn by his wife's new BFF. Always a gentleman, Hank is quick to excuse his behavior & greet the young lady - by shaking her hand with the same hand he just jizzed in.

    Date: 06/25/11 Views: 198,933 Category: Busted

  • Fuck Off, I'm Losing My Virginity

    Fuck Off, I'm Losing My Virginity

    Peeping Thomas invades another mans stall in hopes of seeing some defecation. Instead he discovers a goober + bar slut having a romantic moment on a the shit stained toilet seat. Happy Valentines Day.

    Date: 02/14/11 Views: 181,575 Category: Busted

  • Hey I Caught You Motherfucker

    Hey I Caught You Motherfucker

    Homo caught red handed in public doesnt give a fuck. He simply extends his middle finger and resumes indulging in blowjobisson delight. Feels goooooood man.

    Date: 01/15/11 Views: 106,605 Category: Busted

  • HAHA You're A Douchebag

    HAHA You're A Douchebag

    Dude gets called over to a changing room to assist a random slutty with her bikini. After she briefly leaves, he relishes the moment and starts beating off while the smell of her cunt is still in the air. You da man.

    Date: 04/28/10 Views: 196,247 Category: Busted

  • Go Away, We're Fucking LOL

    Go Away, We're Fucking LOL

    That's some pretty dull sex for an Asian couple. Where the fuck are the eels and high powered vibrators of death? Sell outs.

    Date: 04/13/10 Views: 211,132 Category: Busted