• RARE: Mexican With Horse Cock

    RARE: Mexican With Horse Cock

    Horse cock? Anal penetration? The majority of you will have already clicked at this point, without even bothering to notice the ballsack dangling between the recipients thighs. You only have yourself to blame.

    Date: 11/22/11 Views: 331,787 Category: Anal

  • 1st Anal - FEELS BAD MAN

    1st Anal - FEELS BAD MAN

    If there's anything that pornography has taught me - it's that all women absolutely LOVE a.) Nordstroms Rack and b.) having their rectums split open by elephant sized cocks. Minus this girl. Clearly she's a feminist.

    Date: 11/01/11 Views: 266,176 Category: Anal

  • 1st Anal - FEELS GOOD MAN

    1st Anal - FEELS GOOD MAN

    Exorcist-style eye movements @ the 3:30 mark. Manual stimulation overload @ 4:20, girl nearly collapses. Epileptic seizure finale begins at 5:00. Probably fake, but this one's not: Priceless O-Face.

    Date: 11/01/11 Views: 367,356 Category: Anal

  • She's Not Ready For Anal

    She's Not Ready For Anal

    This chunker stirs up quite the fuss while taking it up the ass, at one point comparing anal copulation to childbirth. Meh. She gives her BF's cock too much credit. She likely shits bigger than that chode.

    Date: 09/18/11 Views: 263,797 Category: Anal

  • Running Away From Anal Sex

    Running Away From Anal Sex

    Cute chick has second thoughts about butthole boogie right as her man's about to blow his load. After confirming that the seed will soon spill, she hops off his cock and makes a run for it. Heartless bitch.

    Date: 05/27/11 Views: 390,980 Category: Anal

  • The Face Of Painal

    The Face Of Painal

    Remember that black bitch from one of the select few episodes of Maury that didnt involve teeangers having sex in exchange for cheeseburgers? She had this crazy ability to pop her eyes out of their sockets, Total Recall style. Well, it appears she reproduced.

    Date: 05/02/11 Views: 207,993 Category: Anal

  • Too Big?

    Too Big?

    Would someone kindly GIF that first 5 seconds and loop it? Her facial expression during the initial penetration is enough to fuel my beat-off sessions all through Winter. PROTIP: scroll down to see the video.

    Date: 02/18/11 Views: 336,439 Category: Anal

  • ATM = Bad Idea

    ATM = Bad Idea

    Cute Russian girl sucks a cock fresh outta the rectal oven and gets a little more than she bargained for. I'm talking fecal residue, right on the tongue. Good times.

    Date: 12/09/10 Views: 229,719 Category: Anal

  • Hello? Anyone In There?

    Hello? Anyone In There?

    Talking into gaping assholes, hearing your echo... sure looks like fun but I'm betting the smile fades once catch a whiff of the cheese enchilada and frijoless that's on it's way out. Know what I mean dawg?

    Date: 11/14/10 Views: 96,493 Category: Anal

  • Her First Anal

    Her First Anal

    Big tittied slutty gets introduced to the pains of anal sex. Miraculously, she seems to enjoy it. Those are some killer knockers lady... please ditch the Ellen Degeneres hairdo though.

    Date: 08/17/10 Views: 222,452 Category: Anal

  • There's No Running Away

    There's No Running Away

    This position only works if you have a big cock to serve as an anchor. I tried it last year on the night of my birthday and fractured my cock straight down the middle. A warning would've been cool.

    Date: 05/19/10 Views: 224,420 Category: Anal

  • Allah Akbar Painal

    Allah Akbar Painal

    Fucking going Al-Qaeda on her ass.

    Date: 01/11/10 Views: 314,305 Category: Anal

  • Always Wear A Rubber During Anal

    Always Wear A Rubber During Anal

    Even if she tells you she's clean don't believe her. Defecation is unpredictable. Even basic anal penetration alone is capable of triggering a hot splooge of diarrhea. Put the safety of your urethra first and always wear a condom.

    Date: 12/23/08 Views: 148,873 Category: Anal

  • Gay Man Gives Tips On Anal Sex

    Gay Man Gives Tips On Anal Sex

    It's her first anal and she isn't sure what to do, so she confides in the gay homosexual cameraman for tips on taking cock up the ass. He's had enough experience he could write a book on it.

    Date: 09/28/08 Views: 171,392 Category: Anal

  • Were In This Together

    Were In This Together

    Two cocks in one asshole. Which is more in danger - her rectum or their sexuality?

    Date: 08/21/08 Views: 160,477 Category: Anal

  • Ouch My Ass Hurts

    Ouch My Ass Hurts

    This looks familiar... probably because it came from eFukt, which unarguably is the greatest site in the world and clearly has the greatest videos in the world or else there wouldn't be so many sites that recycle it's content like so. Sigh.

    Date: 06/27/08 Views: 194,577 Category: Anal

  • Asshole Torn Open By Big Cock

    Asshole Torn Open By Big Cock

    Anal tearage can be avoided through the use of lubricant, much like how AIDS can be avoided through the use of a condom. This whore uses neither.

    Date: 04/28/08 Views: 185,341 Category: Anal