• from ROMANTIC to WTF @ 1.05 mark

    from ROMANTIC to WTF @ 1.05 mark

    Sociopath games a soft 6 with a night of miniature golf & Olive Garden, only to slip 27,000 mg's of Ex-Lax into her coveted Tour of Italy. The end result? A record defining, first ever "Auto-Spacedock".

    Date: 05/23/14 Views: 307,249 Category: Anal

  • She Dont Like 15 Inch Penises

    She Dont Like 15 Inch Penises

    Much like Adele after mistakenly ingesting a reduced fat potato chip, you can quite literally see fear in this girl's eyes. Emphasis @ 10.40 mark with the commencement of non-lubricated, deer-in-headlights anal. More HERE.

    Date: 05/02/14 Views: 587,760 Category: Anal

  • The Most Stunning 18 Y/O in Porn

    The Most Stunning 18 Y/O in Porn

    This girl's physique is absolutely insane. Subservient, low-functioning personality too. I want to hug her. I want to kiss her. I want to eat seasonal fruit and vanilla bean Pinkberry out her asshole. In that order.

    Date: 04/16/14 Views: 392,849 Category: Anal

  • Double Penetration = Devastating Orgasm

    Double Penetration = Devastating Orgasm

    Chuck & Buck combine penile forces and quite literally fuck the basic motor function out of this washed up skank biscuit. The mere suggestion of resuming intercourse frightens her (2.50 mark). #GrabTheJergens

    Date: 04/07/14 Views: 303,254 Category: Anal

  • This guy is pretty good at sex

    This guy is pretty good at sex

    Throat fucking, fish hooking, oxygen depriving, dirty A2M... don't be fooled by the Bilbo Baggins hairdo. This man's a certified destroyer of vagina, and consequently my new idol. Goodbye Mark-Paul Gosselaar.

    Date: 03/13/13 Views: 430,973 Category: Anal

  • Snug as a Bug

    Snug as a Bug

    There's 2 things I simply will not do: 1.) eat Pistachio flavored ice cream 2.) bullshit my users. That said, this video is pretty uneventful. But hey, the genitals are youthful & the anal is dry. Good enough for me.

    Date: 01/09/13 Views: 480,490 Category: Anal

  • The Worst Anal Of All Time

    The Worst Anal Of All Time

    Holy fuckin inverted shiitake mushroom. There's only 2 things capable of making a man's asshole look like that. One involves Wesley Snipes and a dimly lit room, the other is called Wienerschnitzel. May god have mercy.

    Date: 07/29/12 Views: 244,912 Category: Anal

  • That's My Asshole, ASSHOLE!

    That's My Asshole, ASSHOLE!

    There's a very thin line between making love and balls-deep cornholio slaughterage. Where that line lies, I do no know, but I can sure as fuck tell you this greasy Estonian faggot sure as fuck crossed it.

    Date: 05/31/12 Views: 605,558 Category: Anal

  • Geez Mister, Ur Winky Is BIG

    Geez Mister, Ur Winky Is BIG

    63 minutes of painal. This shit is so faptastic I actually canceled my dinner date @ Del Taco just so I could watch the whole fuckin thing. PROTIP: I cancel Del Taco for no one. THAT'S how good this video is.

    Date: 05/26/12 Views: 384,893 Category: Anal

  • Wrong Hole? My Bad!

    Wrong Hole? My Bad!

    The girl in video #1 is actually Jenna Jameson. It's pretty refreshing to know that not even the highest paid crackwhore in porn isn't immune from the delights of accidental sodomy. PROTIP: wasn't an accident.

    Date: 03/16/12 Views: 371,739 Category: Anal

  • 1st Anal = Bad Times

    1st Anal = Bad Times

    My Hispanic acquaintance at Baja Fresh has long told me blacks and Latinos simply dont get along. Upon my 16th time stroking my egg roll to this video, I finally began to understand why.

    Date: 01/08/12 Views: 415,612 Category: Anal

  • RARE: Mexican With Horse Cock

    RARE: Mexican With Horse Cock

    Horse cock? Anal penetration? The majority of you will have already clicked at this point, without even bothering to notice the ballsack dangling between the recipients thighs. You only have yourself to blame.

    Date: 11/22/11 Views: 341,035 Category: Anal

  • 1st Anal - FEELS BAD MAN

    1st Anal - FEELS BAD MAN

    If there's anything that pornography has taught me - it's that all women absolutely LOVE a.) Nordstroms Rack and b.) having their rectums split open by elephant sized cocks. Minus this girl. Clearly she's a feminist.

    Date: 11/01/11 Views: 271,070 Category: Anal

  • 1st Anal - FEELS GOOD MAN

    1st Anal - FEELS GOOD MAN

    Exorcist-style eye movements @ the 3:30 mark. Manual stimulation overload @ 4:20, girl nearly collapses. Epileptic seizure finale begins at 5:00. Probably fake, but this one's not: Priceless O-Face.

    Date: 11/01/11 Views: 372,611 Category: Anal

  • Running Away From Anal Sex

    Running Away From Anal Sex

    Cute chick has second thoughts about butthole boogie right as her man's about to blow his load. After confirming that the seed will soon spill, she hops off his cock and makes a run for it. Heartless bitch.

    Date: 05/27/11 Views: 397,719 Category: Anal

  • The Face Of Painal

    The Face Of Painal

    Remember that black bitch from one of the select few episodes of Maury that didnt involve teeangers having sex in exchange for cheeseburgers? She had this crazy ability to pop her eyes out of their sockets, Total Recall style. Well, it appears she reproduced.

    Date: 05/02/11 Views: 214,066 Category: Anal

  • Too Big?

    Too Big?

    Would someone kindly GIF that first 5 seconds and loop it? Her facial expression during the initial penetration is enough to fuel my beat-off sessions all through Winter. PROTIP: scroll down to see the video.

    Date: 02/18/11 Views: 341,755 Category: Anal

  • ATM = Bad Idea

    ATM = Bad Idea

    Cute Russian girl sucks a cock fresh outta the rectal oven and gets a little more than she bargained for. I'm talking fecal residue, right on the tongue. Good times.

    Date: 12/09/10 Views: 234,417 Category: Anal

  • Hello? Anyone In There?

    Hello? Anyone In There?

    Talking into gaping assholes, hearing your echo... sure looks like fun but I'm betting the smile fades once catch a whiff of the cheese enchilada and frijoless that's on it's way out. Know what I mean dawg?

    Date: 11/14/10 Views: 98,238 Category: Anal

  • Her First Anal

    Her First Anal

    Big tittied slutty gets introduced to the pains of anal sex. Miraculously, she seems to enjoy it. Those are some killer knockers lady... please ditch the Ellen Degeneres hairdo though.

    Date: 08/17/10 Views: 227,283 Category: Anal

  • There's No Running Away

    There's No Running Away

    This position only works if you have a big cock to serve as an anchor. I tried it last year on the night of my birthday and fractured my cock straight down the middle. A warning would've been cool.

    Date: 05/19/10 Views: 228,011 Category: Anal

  • Always Wear A Rubber During Anal

    Always Wear A Rubber During Anal

    Even if she tells you she's clean don't believe her. Defecation is unpredictable. Even basic anal penetration alone is capable of triggering a hot splooge of diarrhea. Put the safety of your urethra first and always wear a condom.

    Date: 12/23/08 Views: 151,642 Category: Anal